Best Electric Razor for Neck Hair

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One of the toughest parts of shaving is getting the neck area completely clean without causing razor burns and bumps. This is due to the fact that the hair can grow in different directions, so shaving with either a manual or electric razor can be difficult. This leads to shaving in different directions which can cause irritation because the same area is covered numerous times.

We have researched to find the very best electric razor for neck hair. The best electric razor for neck hair is the Panasonic ES-LV81-K (review link). We have researched user reviews and have personally used this razor and can honestly say it is a top-of-the-line electric razor.

One consideration with this razor is the price. It is one of the more expensive razors. We think that is is worth every penny, but we also understand that everyone may not have this type of purchase in their budget. For this reason, later in the article, we are going to talk about a cheaper option. For now, we will go through some of the features of the best option: the  Panasonic ES-LV81-K


Here are some features of the  Panasonic ES-LV81-K:

  • Flexible head - This razor has a multi-flex pivoting head, which has 25 degree pivoting head back and forth and 20 degrees left and right. This allows for a very close shave around the curves of the neck and around the jaw line. This allows for conformation to the skin, which will prevent the need to cover the same area dozens of times.
  • Multi-fit Arc Blades - There are 5 floating blades that allows for a close shave and allows the razor to cut the hair that grows in different directions. This allows for less irritation.
  • 14,000 cycle/minute Motor Drive – This allows for the blades to cut the hair without pulling the hair, which can cause irritation.

These features allow for you to shave your neck and get a close shave.

Another razor that we recommend for neck hair is the Panasonic ES-LA63 (review link). It has a pivoting head which helps with the neck and jaw line. It also has 14,000 cycles per minute like with the LV81, but only has 4 blades instead of five. It is a wet-dry razor, meaning you can use it with shaving cream and water or just as a dry razor if you are in a hurry and on-the-go. This is a feature of both the razors. The big difference between the two razors is the extra blade, some better and newer technology and the cleaning system that comes with the LV81. It is important to decide which is right for you and purchase it with one of the links below so that you can start getting the close neck shave you want!

1. Panasonic ES-LV81-K – Top rated razor 

2. Panasonic ES-LA63 – More affordable option