How to buy the best razor for sensitive skin

razor for sensitive skinSensitive skin needs extra attention and this is one criterion to consider while choosing an electric shaver. There are different types of skin and hair and so are the electric shavers to solve the problem relating with sensitive skin shaving. Men with sensitive skin often face problems with traditional razors and so should be attentive on the lookout for electric shavers as well.
Razor burn and rashes are common problems and is mainly due to pressure and having to shave too close as manual razor slice off the thin layer of your skin. Another problem pertaining to irritation is dry shaving, shaving against the grain and dry skin.

Dry skin is patchy, thin and fine textured due to accumulate dry cell and lacks natural oil to resist the tensions and frictions created by electric shavers.  Such type of skin is very sensitive to skincare products and shaving devices.Areas like the jaw line and the neck are sensitive spots. Skin tends to get looser and softer in the neck. Itchiness, burns, flaking of skin, red rashes and other blemishes are associated with sensitive skin. Little red bumps that appear on the skin are signs of very sensitive skin.

Understanding your skin type and growth behavior of your hair is an integral part of determining the best shaver for sensitive skin

If you experience irritation and burning sensation it definitely is time to start considering buying the right shaver. Having said that switching to a new shaver can cause irritation as your skin is adapted to a particular type of shaving. You need to give some time before you give a verdict with any shaver. Our skin needs some time to adjust.

Most electric shaver users with sensitive skin prefer foil electric shavers rather than rotary models.

Foil shavers consists of blades that behind a thin metal foil. This metal foil prevents the cutter from coming directly in contact with the skin. Whereas rotary shavers have multiple shaving head consisting of cutters that cut off the hair entering the head of the razor at skin level.

To choose an electric razor for sensitive skin we would like to talk about foil shaver in this case.

Braun Electric Shavers is the most popular for men with very sensitive skin. Braun series has the best electric shaver for sensitive skin and among them is the Braun shaver Series 7 790cc.

Braun Series 7 790cc has incorporated 3 personalization modes with extra Sensitive, Normal, and Intensive modes to choose the right modes for your skin and hair. The Innovative pulsonic technology with 10,000 micro vibrations helps capture more hair at ease.

With feature like Activelift, one doesn’t need to run the shaver over and over to capture the flat lying hair eliminating tensions and pressure on the skin.

Attempting to catch the tough stubble is a problem for most shavers. The OptiFoil system has specially designed holes to capture more hair and cuts them very close to the base.

Opinion on closer shave between foil shavers and rotary should not be a problem if you choose the right shaver for your sensitive skin as the difference in the closeness is hardly noticeable. To read more review on other best foil shavers in our lists go through the electric razor review to determine the best electric razors for sensitive skin.