Which After Shave to Choose with Electric Razor

Should you use after shaves or colognes with electric razor? Some people use after shave with electric razor and some don’t. After shave is primarily used to sooth and create moisturizing effect on skin after shave. It is not something only used with manual razor shaving. If you want a soothing skin and a clean dry feel you should opt to use after shave.

There are different types of after shave. It can come in balm or lotion. Many electric shaver users prefer balm or cream after shave. Top rated electric razors causes very less skin irritation or no irritation at all and no skin burn. You don’t feel the alcohol or menthol burn with electric razor shave as much as you do with manual blade shave. This reason is why people prefer balm or cream after shaver with electric shaver.

Rather than alcohol based lotion you can use non alcohol that does a good moisturizing job. This is especially true during the harsh winter season. It will make your face feel good and feels conditioned.

Again, there are people who use alcohol based after shaves with electric razor because they like to wear the scent. Aqua Velva and Old Spice is very famous among the many alcohol based after shaves and smells great. Aramis 900 is another great stuff for face balm, after shaves and bath soap.

If you want a mild fragrance you can try out Nivea after-shave balm. Witch Hazel is one nice product to look out for that comes under the category of mild scented after shaves. Gillette Cool Wave is also a great product to refresh you with great smells.