Will You need Pre Electric Shave for Dry Shaving?

We all understand the importance of pre-shave with manual razor. Pre-shave can enhance the overall shaving experience for a comfortable, smooth and clean shave. But is it the same with electric shaver?

Yes, some people are known to experience a much better shave with pre electric shave prep. Here, we are not talking about wet shaving with electric razor. The focus is on pre-shave prep for dry shaving with electric razor. Keep in mind, dry shave razors are known to work best when your face is totally dry and your hair stiff.

If you use Braun shaver and had taken the trouble to read instructions on their website or manuals, you know they don’t encourage pre electric shave for their shavers with dry shave feature only, although that was before they started Clean and Renew system.

According to some manufacturers the use of various pre-shave lotion and oil could wear-out your shaver before time. Top-notch electric razors are design to last 6 years or more but may become dull earlier with pre-shave prep. The shaver’s head may need to be replaced more often, and so forth.

However, some people won’t worry that much about their shaver. They don’t intent to keep a razor for more than 3 years. It’s not about flaunting as they explained but they’ll be sick if they continue to use the same razor everyday for more than 3 years. So, they don’t really care what the manufacturers had to say. All they care is about a good shaving experience with their razor. All they care is about their skin.

It is not just pre electric shave preparation. Some would even go to the extent of finishing with moisturizers and aftershave balms to smoothen their skin. If you have the time to pamper yourselves, you might enjoy this routine as well.

Pre-shave help you to get your skin and hair soften and hydrate.  Lubricating the skin will eventually protect the skin against irritations and razor burns, particularly for people with sensitive skin or ingrown hair problem.

You can even get a closer shave as gliding the razor is easy on smooth skin and also the hair become softer to cut. Some people claimed to experience faster shaving with pre-shave prep, the razor take less time to complete their shaving.

Does this means we need to undergo the same time consuming preparation for electric razor like the manual razor? Unlike the manual razor top electric razors are design to work very well even with dry shaving. And many of us buy electric razor for the very convenience and efficiency it offers with dry shave. It may be unnecessary to do anything fancy or elaborate on your pre-shave especially for pre electric shaving.

Most men keep their pre electric shave routine simple. They would simply apply shaving oil or lotion on their face and neck and leave it for 30 – 60 seconds to dry before shaving. Some would prefer to use pre-shave powder particularly under high humidity weather conditions.

Again, there are people who would not need any types of pre-shaves. These people can easily get the desired comfort level and close shave on dry skin as on prepped wet skin, or the difference is negligible that they won’t bother for prep.

This may be due to the different types of skin and hair with every individual. You need to really try out yourself before you can decide if pre electric shave is a routine you should follow.