Andis Envy Review – Professional & Cordless Clipper

Lightweight, stylish, and with a powerful magnetic motor the Andis Envy clipper is a popular alternative to the Wahl Designer. Does it measure up? Today we’ll review the features that you need to know about to see if the Andis is right for you. 

We’ll outline these items in detail and then tell you what we didn’t like and our overall opinion so that you can decide if the Andis Envy is your next trimmer.

What’s Included 

The Andis envy comes with oil, your clipper, and 6 guards. The unit does come with a 1 year limited warranty but we would have liked to see more accessories.

Guide combs

This model includes 6 guide combs for you to use. We felt the combs were a little cheaply made but if you are just giving quick haircuts to yourself or the family at home then they shouldn’t need replacing anytime soon.

They aren’t bad, per say, but made of cheap plastic that will need to replaced after prolonged use.

Different Versions 

We should note that you can get the Andis Envy in many different iterations, depending on your needs, and they certainly have models designed for professional use available. In this article, we have only reviewed the standard, corded clipper but some other popular Andis models include:

Andis Lithium Li – Cordless model which is lighter and comes with a Lithium-ion battery.

Andis Envy Supreme – An upgraded cordless model. Note, it still had the 2-hour battery limitation. 

Limited editions – The ‘Limited edition’ varieties are simply more stylish versions of the standard clippers, in case you are cutting professionally or simply want a ‘flashier’ model. They perform exactly the same as the standards.

Top Features 

7200 SPM motor

The first thing that you know about this model is it comes with a 7200 SPM motor. That means 7200 strokes per minute of power at your disposal. More power means less work for you but there are caveats. 

If you want to switch to the cordless model you will find that the Andis Envy Limited edition release has only a 5500 SPM motor so you’ll be sacrificing a little power for extra maneuverability. With the power cabled model, you’ve got 8 feet of cable which is generally enough for home needs.

Lightweight & Carbon Steel Blades

This unit weighs in at only 1.1 pounds so it’s your standard barbershop weight and the housing is excellent, providing you with a solid grip.

If you want more flexibility then the cordless model can certainly provide this for you but you’ll want to keep it plugged in. This is because the cordless takes about 90 minutes to give you a 2-hour charge.

As far as performance, the fitted blades allow it to cut between #000 and #1 and they are made with carbon steel, though the clipper body itself seems less durable outside of the package. This is the polymer plastic used in its construction and while it looks good it doesn’t feel as solid are many other razors we’ve reviewed. 

Highly Efficient Shaver 

For those employing this trimmer in a professional capacity, the Andis Envy provides a good-looking and efficient alternative to more expensive models like the Wahl Designer (which is almost twice the price).

Barbershops and Beauty salons go through a lot of trimmers over the years and employing only high-end models affects overall profit. The Andis Envy gets the job done and cuts your overhead.

Change Blades Easily With Taper Level

The taper lever for this model makes changing blade sizes easy and it is strong enough to avoid accidental tilting, so if you are experienced with a trimmer then you can exercise the control that you need.  

Where We Didn’t Like

Now that we have outlined the highlights of the product we do have a few caveats to discuss. Some are minor but there are a few that bear consideration. We’ll start with what comes in the box.

Frequent Blade Maintenance Required 

This model displays a known issue with Envy blades and that is you must keep them very clean and sharp as they do not self-sharpen like Norelcos.

Just keep them clean, zero gapped, and replace the blades every 3 to 6 months and they will perform well for a very long time but for some, the time required to do this might discourage the purchase of the product. 

Overheating Issues

This clipper can sometimes get uncomfortably hot after long periods of use so it’s best for quick clips.

This is a known issue but if the clipper is being employed in professional use then keeping an extra one around easily negates this issue while providing a ‘spare’ clipper. For home use, however, constant use may require ‘rest periods’ if the unit starts getting hot. 

Andis Envy Vs. Wahl Designer

Without a doubt the Wahl Designer is a better set of clippers. They come equipped with standard 1005 universal blades and are suited for home or professional use.

Their cordless version also weights in a .63 lbs, making them quite popular with barbers. That said, the Wahl is also considerably more expensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How ‘limited’ is the warranty? 

A use and care pamphlet is included with your purchase but the warranty is for defective material or workmanship. Note, the warranty specifies ‘home use only’ so if you are using the Andis clippers for your business then this may be a concern.

How long do Andis blades last?

Andis blades will last around 3 to 6 months depending on how heavily they are used. It is a good idea, however, to change them every 3 months so that your blades are always nice and sharp (and won’t tug).

How often should I oil my clipper and trimmer blades? 

Clipper blades should be oiled with each use. Trimmers should be oiled approximately once a month for home use trimmers and once daily for professionals. More than this is not generally needed but consult your vendor’s documentation for the best results with your product.

How long does it take if my Andis Envy needs repairs?

Products that are still under warranty may be sent via UPS to any of Andi’s service centers or any Andis factory. Repair time may vary but Andis states the clippers can be repaired or replaced generally within 7 – 10 days of time. Repairs can vary, of course, so be sure to contact your Authorized Andis service station in advance for the best results.  

Can I find Andis clippers at Walmart?

Yes. Andis clippers and trimming combos may be generally found at your local Walmart and may also be purchased through Amazon.

How do I purchase additional guards?

Guards may be purchased through most Barber and Beauty supply shops that will fit your Andis Envy and other Andis models. 

Can I use WD-40 to oil my clippers?

We’ve seen this question online a lot and we do not recommend this. This is because WD-40 is designed for inhibiting rust and displacing water and NOT to be oil. The same goes for heavy oils or motor oil. You will want to stick with your vendor-recommended oils for the best results and avoid accidentally voiding out your warranty.  

Our Conclusion 

While it has some of the features of the Wahl Designer, with the snagging issues and the overheating over time you might want to consider spending extra money for the Wahl or checking out some of Andis’s other offerings if you are in a larger shop and less worried about overhead.

For smaller shops or personal use this is an excellent product that will perform as-advertised as long as you MAINTAIN it. 

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