Andis Master Vs Wahl Senior

In the world of men, the choice of hair cutting machines is a big deal for both professional barbers and private users. The Andis Master and the Wahl Senior are among the best barber clippers you can find around. These two brands stand out among other brands, and barbers rely on them to perfectly complete their work.

The significant similarities between these two titans are their powerful motors and their sturdiness. However, the Andis stands out as the best hair clipper for fades. The presentable and stylish extra tough aluminum body makes it virtually indestructible.

Having to choose between Andis Master and Wahl Senior can be challenging as they are both fantastic qualities. You will find either one or both of these professional hair clippers when you get to a barbing salon. Their sturdiness, powerful motors, and efficiency make them home and commercial user’s best choices.

Andis Master And Wahl Senior Which Is Better?

The power and long-lasting quality of the Andis Master and the Wahl Senior are unbeatable by many other brands. These exceptional qualities have kept them on the forefront and top of the radar in the world of clippers. Below is a comparative table highlighting some significant disparities between the two hair cutting machines.

Comparative Table

NameAndis MasterWahl Senior
Body6″, 1.25 lbs. Built with extra tough aluminium6.5″, 1.3 lb. Has a grey plastic top and chrome bottom
MotorElectromagnetic motor- 14,000 cuts per minuteWahl V9000 motor – Wahl’s best
AccessoriesNo guards included3 guards (1/16″ to 3/16″)
BladesAll-purpose blades for fades or bulk cuts. Has an extremely flexible side lever for blade control.Wahl #1005 standard blade for all-purpose cutting. Has a more rigid lever.
Side leverStep-by-step side leverUnintuitive side lever
NoiseA bit quietVibrates and noisier
HeatHeats up after prolonged useHeats up less after prolonged use
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon



The bodies of both professional hair clippers are designed adorably and uniquely. The Andis Master clipper is 6 inches long and weighs about 1.25 lb with beautiful sporting chrome-color elegance. The body is built with extra-rugged aluminum making the machine virtually unbreakable.

The Andis Master is well built and long-lasting due to its metal casing. The body and design of this cutting machine make it a sort after among professional barbers and home users worldwide.

The Wahl Senior professional clipper, on the other hand, has a monotonous look. It’s pretty bulkier than the Andis Master at 6.5 inches long and weighs about 1.3 lb. It has a durable chrome bottom and, the cover on top is made of a high-quality grey color hard plastic.

They are both durable and perform way higher and better than any other cutting machine. Both bodies tend to vibrate when in use and are also relatively heavy. The beauty of the Andis Master is irresistible and tends to attract people who like elegance.

However, those who don’t mind a plane look will go for the Wahl senior. Also, while Andis is slimmer, the Senior has a better grip which some barbers prefer but might be bulky for some.


The high quality of the Andis Master’s electromagnetic motor allows for high performance and makes the cutting machine exceedingly ready for work. The electromagnetic motor has a powerful 14,000 cuts per minute. The Wahl Senior professional clipper comes with the famous and powerful V9000 electromagnetic motor, Wahl’s absolute best.


While the Wahl Senior comes with three attachment guards (from 1/16″ to 3/16″), the Andis Master doesn’t include guards in its kit. This means you will have to buy clipper guards separately when you get the Andis Master.


The Andis Master comes with a carbon-coated steel blade that can cut through different hair types, especially coarse and ethnic hair. You don’t have to worry about your blade easily taking the line out of a fade accurately and finely. The Andis Master is an adjustable clipper; the blade can be adjusted using the side lever to raise or lower from #000 to #1.

For considerably shorter haircuts, the blade zero-gapped for better performance; however, doing it can be pretty difficult. You can rely on the Andis Master cutting machine blade to cut flawlessly, no matter the type of hair.

The Wahl Senior #1005 Wahl blade is made of stainless steel, cutting smoothly through different types of hair with great precision. It is also an adjustable clipper. Zero-gapping the Wahl senior blade is easier compare to the Andis Master.

Side Lever

There is a significant difference between the side levers of these two adjustable clippers. The Andis Master has a more comfortable and step-by-step side lever, while the Wahl senior side lever is a bit more unintuitive. However, the Andis Master lever can be tight; you’ll need to use both hands to adjust it.

On the other hand, the lever of the Wahl senior’s lever is right under your thumb and is easier to adjust using only one hand.


When it comes to noise, the Andis master fair better than the Wahl Senior, one would say the Powerful V9000 motor roars rather than hum, but Andis is a bit quiet. Also, clippers that are not well aligned will rattle when in use. As far as noise is concerned, other clippers are noisier compared to these two cutting machines.


Heating issues are common to all clippers, irrespective of brands, after prolonged use. Nevertheless, they heat up at different scales. Both the Andis Master and the Wahl Senior suffer from overheating after prolonged use.

The Andis Master, unlike the Wahl senior’s mixed chrome and hard plastic, has a full-metal body. While Wahl stays cooler for a longer period before heating up, the Andis tends to heat up way earlier due to its body. Ironically the Andis Master is easier to cool down after heating up compare to the Wahl Senior.

Since Andis Master is made of a metal body, you can spray the body with a Kool Lube to bring the heat down. Aluminum is a good conductor, which makes the Andis Master cools down very fast. On the other hand, the Wahl Senior with a thick plastic body will require a lot of sprays to cool down.

Plastics don’t conduct well, so spraying is more like a waste as the clipper stays hotter longer. However, it’s the same reason it takes longer to heat up than the Andis Master.


The price of the Andis Master is a bit higher compared to that of the Wahl Senior. Check on Amazon for the cost of both cutting machines.

The Andis Master

Andis Master

The Andis Master Clipper is a brand from the maker of the popular professional clippers. Its elegance and cutting abilities make Andis the first choice among professional barbers and home users. Below are few highlights on the Andis professional hair clippers and what makes it stand out from others for cutting, clipping, and fading.

Indestructible Body

The lightweight and very sturdy aluminum body with an elegant chrome finish makes the Andis Master practically unbreakableYou don’t have to worry about Andis Master cracking or breaking if it drops when you or the kids groom their hair. The Andis Master is 6 inches long and weighs 1.25lbs. It is very comfortable to grip and fits perfectly in hand; you will have no issues achieving impeccable fading and outlining.

Outstanding Accessories

The outstanding accessories of the Andis Master cannot be over-emphasized in terms of quality. The powerful magnetic motor allows for making 14,000 strokes per minute. Haircutting is faster and hassle-free, making for more clients and more money.

When in use, the Andis makes a buzzing noise due to the high-speed motor power. Among others, the Andis master is still the most reliable and quiet hair clipper and barber’s choice. The carbon-coated stainless steel blades are solid and sharp. The blades are well aligned that they will easily cut through any type of hair without pulling your client’s hair.

Although Andis master doesn’t come with guards, the nano guards are usually sharper and very durable. Zero worries about your combs popping off mid-haircut as they clip on tight with ultra-strong magnets no pulling off by accident. These magnets hold the attachment tight you will have to pull with a bit of force when you want to change them.

The side lever is easily alternated from #000 to #1, making it an excellent hair cutting machine for fades.

Pros of The Andis Master

  1. It has an elegant and indestructible body
  2. Powerful motor that allows for 14000 cuts per minute.
  3. Suitable for any type of hair
  4. Adjustable side lever from #000 to #1
  5. High-quality tight razor is renowned for fades
  6. Less noisy
  7. Not bulky

Cons of The Andis Master

  1. It heats up quickly after a prolonged use
  2. Kit does not come with guards
  3. A bit on the high side when it comes to price

The Wahl Senior

Wahl Senior

The Wahl Senior cannot be found wanting in the world of professional clippers when it comes to efficiency and sturdiness. The Senior competes closely with the Andis Master when it comes to who remains the best choice of barbers and home users. Below are some outstanding features of the Wahl senior, making them one of the best cutting machines in the market.

The High-Quality Plastic Body and Design

The body of the Wahl Senior is composed of quality hard plastic and a durable chrome body, which makes it very sturdy and almost unbreakable. With 6.5 inches long and weighing 1.3 lbs, the Wahl senior is very comfortable to grip and easy to maneuver for smooth haircuts. When you think of a precise and perfect haircut, think the Wahl Senior.

The plastic body of the Wahl senior gives it a good advantage over others in terms of heat. It does not heat up quickly, even after prolonged use compared to clippers with metal bodies. Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to let your clipper slip when grooming your hair to avoid cracks. 

The Powerful V9000 Motor

The Wahl senior features a very powerful V9000 motor which is said to be Wahl’s best. Due to the powerful motor of the Wahl, you can cut and cut through different hair types with ultimate speed and precision. It will also save you a lot of time as you work with no hassle whatsoever.


The Wahl senior kit comes with three clip-on attachment combs (1/16″ to 3/16″), a blade guard, a cleaning brush, and an oil tube. It means no extra cost buying separately. The #1005 sharp blade cut through any type of hair and makes grooming faster and seamless. You can easily switch between the lever just under your thumb as you grip and operate your machine using just one hand.

Pros of The Wahl Senior

  1. Very powerful motor
  2. Suitable for any type of hair
  3. It does not heat up quickly even after a prolonged use
  4. Kits come with attachment combs you don’t have to buy separately
  5. More affordable

Cons of The Andis Master

  1. It has a mundane look
  2. The plastic body can crack after a few slips offs
  3. Fells bulky when you grip
  4. Noisier and Vibrates

Final Verdict

Having to choose between the Andis Master and the Wahl Senior cutting machine can be pretty challenging. If you are on a tight budget with no extra spending or prefer a bulkier hair cutter, you can go for the Wahl Senior. However, the elegant, virtually indestructible body and the adjustable cutting blade’s abilities make the Andis Master stands out. The Andis has proven to be the best hair clipper for fades and remains the best choice between the two haircutters.

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