Andis Slimline Pro Vs Andis Slimline 2

Andis Slimline Pro Vs Slimline 2

The Andis Slimline Pro and the Slimline 2 are two great trimmers from the same maker famous among the male folks. They are efficient trimmers that help you overcome the challenge of getting a clean shave giving your face a smooth feel. They can be trusted to be gentle with those sensitive areas such as your face and neckline.

One significant similarity between the Andis Slimline Pro and Slimline 2 is their Powerful rotary motor. Their motor enables them to function at a very high speed, and they remain quiet as you groom your beard. These two adorable and high-quality beard trimmers will meet your trimming needs and are worthy of being your grooming partner. 

Although they are from the same maker, they both have their unique features personal to them. Their uniqueness makes choosing between the Andis Slimline Pro and the Slimline 2 a very challenging task for anyone looking for a quality trimmer. Keep reading this article to find out about their similarities and differences and their pros and cons.

Andis Slimline Pro Vs Slimline 2

Both trimmers are of very high quality and excellent for touching up your beard or shaping your mustache. However, a detailed look at their similarities and differences will help inform you on which will be best for your grooming time. Below is a comparative table of trimmers, a review of both and their advantages and disadvantages.

Comparative Table

FeaturesAndis slimline ProSlimline 2
BatteryLithium IonNiMH
Weight8 oz4.8 oz
Accessories4 guards8 guards
BladesD8 T-bladeOlder T-blade
Dual VoltageNoYes
Charging durationLess time. About 2 hoursLonger time. About 8 to 24 hours
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon

Review Of The Andis Slimline Pro

Andis Slimline 2

The Andis Slimline Pro trimmer is love at first sight, right from the design, ergonomics, casing, features, and performance. Even the shape of its blade that helps you do touch-ups on your beard and hair and trim the sensitive necklines is impressive. Its sleek and stylish body is made with tough ABS polymer, longer than a standard trimmer but slime making it easy to grip.

Andis Slimline Pro cordless feature makes flexibility and maneuvering of the trimmer very easy when in use. It runs on a high-speed and high-quality motor that makes cutting through tough hair quickly, leaving you a precise and smooth cut. The lightweight feature is a plus as it gives no hand cramp; it’s amazing working with a lightweight tool like the Andis Slimline Pro.

The powerful motor of this trimmer allows the blades to run at 6000 strokes per minute, more powerful than the majority of shaver you find around. The ability to also zero gap the blades of your trimmer allows you to get the perfect and absolute closest cut. However, you have to be very careful to avoid scratches, especially if you are a first-time user, as the blades are incredibly sharp. Wondering what blade this is? It’s the D8 T-blade.

The Andi Slimline Pro’s battery is made with lithium-ion and can run for up to 2 hours. You need not charge your trimmer all day or overnight as it requires only 2 hours and 15 minutes to be fully recharged. One of the quickest charging times out there to get a shaver fully charged, you would say.

And of course, the portability of the trimmer is a great advantage, i.e., your having to use it without a cord. This also means you can use your trimmer wherever and whenever without the challenge of plugging into a power switch. Also, the rotary motor of the trimmer is very durable and very quiet, giving the shaver a more extended lifespan. The Andi Slimline Pro can be relatively cool even after prolonged use.

The Accessories that come with the trimmer’s kit include a charger stand, Blade cleaning Brush, and ″ a tube of blade oil. Also included in the kit are four styles of guards, which are 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8, and of course, a user manual. Check on for the price of The Andi Slimline Pro.

Pros Of The Andis Slimline Pro

  • Lightweight, flexible, and easy to use
  • Cordless with lasting battery life – 2 hours
  • Tough ABS polymer with stylish and adorable finishing
  • Can remain relatively noiseless and cooler even after a prolonged use
  • Highly effective and sharp D8 T-blades
  • Sleek shape and attractive design
  • Accessories are included in the kit – 4 guards

Cons Of The Andis Slimline Pro

  • The D8 T-blades can be extremely sharp
  • Regular maintenance of the blades is needed for top performance

Review Of The Andis Slimline 2

Andis Slimline 2

The Andis Slimline 2 trimmer is renowned for its remarkable ability to trim facial hair with precision, great for edging hairline. Perfect for trimming the beard and for making short hairstyles, giving you that smooth and clean look you desire. The Andis Slimline 2 Stylish and sleek design, durable and high quality, cannot be overemphasized in the world of trimmers.

It features a rechargeable battery that makes it possible for you to plug Slimline 2 overnight and wake up to a fully charged trimmer ready for your grooming time. No worries about battery life, as the dual voltage feature make the Andis Slimline 2 a suitable travel partner. Its portability makes it fit into your backpack and hand luggage; you won’t miss those quick touch-ups when you are on a trip.

The lightweight and slim body design makes the trimmer very flexible, making it very easy to be maneuvered. This, in turn, makes Andis Slimline 2 very easy to use and your grooming time fun. You can efficiently work on those sensitive necklines, jawbones, and behind the ears to get that smooth look.

The powerful rotary motor allows the Andis Slimline 2 to operate at a very high speed, making it cut through tough beards perfective. The Andis Rotary motors are generally durable; you don’t have to worry about your trimmer packing up quickly. The Andis Slimline 2 comes with a NiMH battery and a T-blade that helps you achieve your shaping or trimming desires.

The Andis Slimline 2 glides smoothly through as you cut and doesn’t pull the hair giving you a clean trim. Included in your trimmer kit are 8 different guards with different sizes from 1/16″ to 3/4″. These features have made Andis Slimline 2 famous among male folks and worldwide. Check on for the price of this adorable trimmer.

Pros of The Andis Slimline 2

  • Lightweight easily gripped
  • Great edger trimmer
  • Stylish, Sleek, and ergonomic design
  • Dual voltage. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a cord.
  • Accessories are included in the kit – 8 guards

Cons of The Slimline 2

  • The battery life not so reliable and requires a longer charging time of about 8 to 24 hours.
  • The blade isn’t a part of Andis’ D-series T blades.

Andis Slimline Pro Vs Slimline 2: Common Similarities

1.     Rechargeable

The Andis Slimline Pro and the Slimline 2 are both rechargeables. They can be recharged by plugging both trimmers into a charging stand. This feature makes it easy for you to use your trimmer wherever and whenever. And, of course, almost everyone will recommend a rechargeable trimmer over a trimmer that is operated with a battery. This is because rechargeable trimmers are easier to maintain and saves you the extra cost of buying batteries all the time.

2.     Body and Design

Both the Slimline Pro and the Slimline 2 are great options for their sleek, stylish and sophisticated body. Although they differ a bit in size (8 oz and 4.8 oz), but their elegant-looking casing and impeccable metallic color make for a lush grooming time. The Slimline Pro and the Slimline 2 are slim in shape, making for an easy grip, preventing any form of hand cramp.

3.     High-quality Motor

The powerful rotary motor allows both the Slimline Pro and Slimline 2 trimmer to function at high speed. These powerful features make both trimmers glide through the hair with ease giving you a perfect and smooth look. In addition to the smooth look, the trimmers remain relatively quiet and cool all through your grooming period. You don’t have to bother your partner with the buzzing noise from your trimmer on those early morning grooming times.

4.     Accessories

Both trimmers come with additional accessories included in their kits; you don’t have to worry about spending to buy the guards separately. Included in the Slimline 2 kits are 8 guards with different sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 3/4″. The Slimline Pro, on the other hand, comes with 4 guards, which are 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″.

Both trimmers also come with a brush and blade oil for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

5.     Easy Maintenance

Both Trimmers are easy to maintain as all you need for their maintenance is already included in their kits. The tube of oils in the packs is for maintaining the blades, while you can use the brush or a soft towel to clean the trimmer. Put a drop of oil on the blades of your trimmer, turn the trimmer on for few seconds to enable oil to spread all over the blades. Clean blades with a soft fabric and your trimmers are ready for subsequent use.

Significant Differences Between The Andis Slimline Pro And Slimline 2

1.     Size

Both trimmers differ in size; while The Pro weighs 8 ounces and 8.1 x 2.8 x 5.2 inches in dimension, the Slimline 2 is smaller than this. The Slimline 2 weighs 4.8 ounces and 4 x 5 x 7 inches in dimension, making it lightweight. The lightweight feature makes the Slimline 2 cool and comfy to grip; it makes a great lightweight tool.

2.     Blades

The Slimline 2, unlike the Slimline Pro, features an older version of the T-blade, making it impossible to zero gap the trimmer. The Pro, on the flip side, features a sharp D8 T-blade. The D8 T-blade makes The Pro flexible and easily maneuvered to cut closer than other standard shavers around. The blades are so sharp; great care needs to be taken not to get a scratch. Both trimmers’ blades are of excellent quality and function well to achieve the desired style and smooth trim.

3.     Batteries

Though they are from the same maker, they feature different battery types. The Pro comes with a lithium-ion battery, while the Slimline 2 features the NiMH battery type. The Pro is rechargeable and can be battery operated as well but will require 1 AA battery.

The Slimline 2 is rechargeable; it comes with a 2-meter-long cord which means you can connect your trimmer to a power source while you trim. The Andis Slimline 2 is dual voltage requiring no extra spending on battery, unlike the slimline Pro. The double voltage feature is one significant edge against the Slimline Pro.

4.     Charging Time

The Pro does not take a prolonged charging time; it takes about 2 hours to be charged and ready for subsequent use. The Slimline 2 takes a more extended period of about 8 to 24 hours to be fully charged. To get the best of your Slimline 2, you are advised to connect your trimmer to a power switch for 24 hours before the first use. Afterward, the trimmer can be plugged in overnight for batteries to be fully recharged.


The high quality and speed of the Andis Slimline Pro and the Slimline 2 set them apart from many other trimmers in the market. However, Andis Slimline Pro stands out against the Slimline 2 when choosing between the two trimmers. The Andis Slimline Pro combines elegance and a charming look with formidable cutting power. This cordless trimmer that is relatively silent and with 2-hour battery life is worth being your grooming time partner.




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