Andis T Outliner not cutting

The Andis T Outliner is a well-built, and high-quality tool professional barbers love to work with. The stiff carbon steel blades are factory set for optimum and long-life cutting. However, it is of utmost concern when the Andis T outliner is not cutting or is pulling hair.

Andis T Outliner not Cutting

Your Andis T outliner is not cutting because its blade is improperly adjusted. Check the clipper to make sure the cutting blade and stationary blade are parallel and gapped correctly. Turn clipper to the side to make certain teeth are well lined up and can be gapped easily.

Nevertheless, the Andis T outliner not cutting can also be due to insufficient power supply to the coil. When the power supply is too weak, it will be tough to drive the cutting blade fast enough for cutting. This article highlights the various reasons why your Andis T outliner has refused to cut hair and suggests ways to get it cut again.

Why Is My Andis T Outliner Not Cutting?

Your Andis T outliner is not cutting because its blade is improperly adjusted. However, there are numerous other reasons why the Andis T outliner like any other complex tool with different part might not be cutting. Below are a few possible reasons your Andis T outliner is not cutting.

1.     Improper Aligning and Adjustment

Improper aligning of the blade will hinder the Andis T outliner from cutting correctly no matter how clean or new they are. Carefully check the clipper to make sure the cutting blade and stationary blade are parallel and gapped properly. Turn the clipper to the side to check that the teeth lined up properly to make gapping easy.

Also, your Andis T outliner may be improperly adjusted due to the usual wear and tear or from slipping off several times. Follow these simple steps to align your clipper blade

  • Slightly loosen the screws of both the stationary and the cutting blades enough to move the blade.
  • Align the top blade with the bottom
  • Make sure that the tooth on both edges of the upper and the lower blade are properly positioned on each other.
  • Tighten screws after blades are appropriately aligned.
  • Plug your clipper into a power source, and it’s ready for use again.

The stress you place on your clipper when they are not well oiled is only going to make it pack up quickly. Why not start using those small tubes of oil that accompanied your clipper when you got them and get more when necessary.

2.     Missing or Bent Teeth

The teeth on the clipper are an essential component when cutting hair. Missing or bent teeth on either the cutting blade or the stationary blade will pull hair and not cut properly or cut at all. Also, when there is interference from foreign objects like debris or particles on the teeth, this can lead to outliner not cutting.

Missing and defective teeth are advised to be replaced in other to get your tool working optimally again.

3.     Insufficient Power supply

Sufficient power is needed for an electrically driven tool to function. Due to an insufficient power supply to the coil of your Andis T outliner clipper, the cutting blade is not empowered enough to cut. So the question will be, is there enough power supplied to the coil to move the cutting blade fast enough for cutting?

Examine the cords connections to be sure that there are no internal wiring issues. Issues such as a wire break or arcing could limit clipper power supplier leading to clipper not cutting. The switch mechanism is also advised to be inspected for signs of pitting or arching. When the switch doesn’t make contact, the motor’s precise amount of current needed to function will not be supplied.

4.     Dirty or Rusty Blades

If all the teeth are present and have a sufficient power supply to drive the blade, then clipper blades might be dirty and need cleaning. Rusty teeth and blade should be replaced when discovered. The rust dulls your outliner blades and will continue no matter how many times they are sharpened. Below are simple steps to clean dirty blades:

  • Carefully remove the blades from the Andis T Outliner.
  • Wipe the dirty blades clean thoroughly. Be sure to use a cleaner made to clean and care for your Andis T outliner blades and a stiff nylon-bristled brush.
  • Disinfect the blades properly for client safety.
  • Please make sure there are no debris and dirt left on the blades and between the blades’ teeth.
  • Dry the blades with a clean towel and reassemble gently

However, it’s recommended that rusted teeth or blades be replaced after cleaning. Rusty blades will not produce a suitable outcome when the clipper is in use, even when they are well sharpened.

How to Fix Andis T Outliner Not Cutting

Andis T Outliner not Cutting

If your Andis T outliner is connected to a power switch and it’s running but not cutting, it means your motor is intact. However, below are some practical approaches to getting your Andis T outliner cutting again.

1.     Oiled Properly

Oiling is essential to prevent friction that leads to wear and tear and keep your blade function properly. Failure to oil your blades properly will only cost you extra money as blades will wear off quickly and need to be replaced. Also, not oiling your blade regularly decreases your blades’ cutting ability and reduces the life span of your blades.

In addition, due to friction, blades get hot quickly and can irritate the Client’s skin. If you wonder how to oil your blade, follow the simple steps below to have it down properly.

Step 1: Get the Andis clipper oil for your outliner. Though any clipper oil goes

Step 2: Put 3 drops of oil on the cutting edge and a drop on both sides of your Andis T outliner

Step 3: Turn on your clipper and leave to run for about 10 seconds to spread out the oil.

Step 4: Turn off Clipper and wipe off excess oil.

2.     Sharpen the Blade

Before your outliner’s blade is replaced, when they are not cutting or pulling hair, check if the teeth are not worn out. When the teeth are dull, they might not cut properly. If it’s the case of worn teeth, then you have to consider sharpening the blade.

Consult a trusted professional sharpener who knows about clippers and blades to have yours sharpened. You can do this as many times as possible before considering replacing your blades with new ones. Sharpening your blades will also save you some money as you can use them for a more extended period before replacement.

Ensure that blades are adequately replaced and well-aligned after sharpening for better functioning.

3.     Tension

The proper functionality of your clipper blades largely depends on the tension forcing the stationary blade against the cutting blade. In the case of too much tension, the cutting blade will not cut and will not move. On the other hand, if the tension is not enough, the blades will be rattling, and with hair stuck between the blades, your outliner will not cut.

You don’t have to worry, as all you need to do is locate the tension nut on your Andis T outliner. Carefully screw the tension nut using the marker on the nut as a guide. Turn the tension nut as far as it will go comfortable until resistance is felt.

How to Maintain Your Andis T Outliner

The majority of clipper issues arise from irregular and poor clipper maintenance. You will be at the risk of losing the hair cutting machine you invested so much on permanently due to irregular and poor maintenance. It is crucial to note that hair build-up in the machine and insufficient lubrication of blades are not ideal for your cutting tool.

Three Basic Steps to Accurate Clipper Maintenance

  • Brush Off Loose Hairs

Ensure your clipper is unplugged from a power source. Use a bristle brush to clear off all loose hairs and debris from the blades. Accumulated hairs between the blades of your cutting machine will make the blades go dull in no time.

  • Clean Your Clipper

Clean and disinfect your Andis T Outliner blades by spraying lightly with Andis Cool Care Plus while in use. Andis Cool Care plus helps keeps your clipper and blades clean, rust-free and cools them off as you are making use of them.

  • Oil The Blades

Lubricating your Andis T Outliner blades with the 5-point oiling system keeps them performing optimally. Turn your clipper on and put 3 drops of oil across the blade’s teeth and 1 drop on both sides of the back rail. Keep your clipper running for about 10 seconds to spread out the oil. Afterward, turn off the clipper and wipe off excess oil.

These three essential maintenance tips will help keep your Andis T Outliner performing at its best for as long as you want it to.


Your Andis T outliner is not cutting because of improper alignment of the stationary and the cutting blade. Ensure that the top blade aligns with the bottom blade for your outliner to start cutting again. Taking proper care of your Andis T outliner is very important for them to function correctly. The above-highlighted points are what to look out for when your Andis T Outliner is not cutting.

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