5 Best BabylissPRO Clippers – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

BaBylissPro hair clippers are the best hair clippers you can get. Their price is higher than the rest of the hair clippers. However, based on our research we believe it is well worth it. In this guide, we will go into the pros and cons, features, and much more.

BaByliss clippers are optimized for different applications. While shopping for one, you should consider your favorite cut style, type of clipper, accessories, as well as the versatility of the gadget.

Best BaByliss Hair Clippers 

BaByliss Clipper Model Blade TypeNo. Of Comb Attachments 
BaBylissPRO GoldFX FX787G Outlining Trimmer Exposed DLC/Titanium T-Blade8
BaBylissPRO Barberology FX870RG MetalFX Series ClipperHigh-Carbon Stainless Steel Taper Blade FX801R8
BaBylissPRO Metal Lithium FX788S TrimmerStainless Steel T-Blade 4
BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 Cordless Metal Double Foil ShaverOffset Dibble-Foil System  8
BaBylissPRO FX810 Power FX Magnetic Motor Hair ClipperHigh-Carbon Stainless Steel Fade Blade FX80108

1.BaBylissPRO GoldFX FX787G Outlining Trimmer – Best Overall 

The BaBylissPRO GoldFX Outlining Hair clipper model is a professional, all-metal device that may be used with the cord connected or cordless.

It is equipped with an efficient lithium battery that offers a runtime if about 2 hours. The all-metal construction makes the unit more durable and more resistant to impact. 

The professional Lithium-Ion trimmer may be used for almost any detail work, including hard lines and crispy edges. Other aspects that make this unit stand out include:

Exposed T-Blade 

The clipper is fitted with an Ultra-Thin Zero-Gap DLC/Titanium T-Blade (FX707Z). The blade is exposed with a 360-degree view. Additionally, the BaBylissPRO GoldFX FX787G comes with a Zero-Gap tool. Such aspects make it suited for detailing work.

BabylissPro GOLD Clippers

All-Metal Construction 

Despite having an All-Metal housing, this electric clipper features a cool, and sleek design. The housing protects the gadget from damage by weather elements and impact. As such, the unit will last longer, even with rigorous use. 

The design includes a knurled barbell grip that prevents the clipper from slipping in your hands. Such a design also allows for easy control of the gadget while shaving. It is also fitted with a hanging hook towards the base. The hook may be used to hang the clipper when not in use. 

Ferrari Designed Performance 

The FX787G BaByliss Electric clipper is powered by a brushless Ferrari-designed engine. The high-torque engine has been proven to deliver a speed of about 7200 RPM consistently. This is powerful enough to slice through the toughest of hair types. 

You may use the device while still connected to an electric output socket. Alternatively, you can run it cordless, with the Lithium-Ion battery offering about 2 hours of cordless shaving. 

What We Like 

  • Fitted with a Titanium T-Blade with adjustable Zero-Gap, and comes with a Zero-Gap adjustment tool
  • Powered by a high-torque Ferrari-designed engine, delivering up to 7200 RPM
  • Comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that delivers a runtime of about 2 hours
  • Features a knurled barbell grip 
  • The design includes an All-Metal casing for enhanced durability 
  • Backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty

2. BaBylissPRO Barberology FX870RG MetalFX – Best BaByliss Cordless Clipper 

Powered by the renowned Ferrari-designed BaByliss engine, the FX870RG MetalFX model is both agile, and reliable. With such an electric clipper, you will be able to clip all hair textures with utmost precision and ease. 

Regardless of the application at hand, the model will deliver the speed, power, and precision you need to achieve professional results. The gadget has an array of innovative features and capabilities to offer, including: 

Adjustable Taper Lever 

This feature allows you to choose your preferred hair cutting length for each shave. The taper Lever in this model is situated in proximity to the thumb for convenient access. As such, you will be able to adjust the taper Lever as you clip. 

To achieve a close shave, the lever should be pushed to the upper position. Pushing the lever downward from this position will gradually increase the cutting length.   

High-Carbon Steel Blade

As you will learn later in this guide, high-carbon steel blades are even better than stainless steel blades in a hair clipper. To begin with, high-carbon steel blades are self-sharpening. As such, the blades only require minimal maintenance to offer you a close, and precise shave every time you use the clipper. 


  • Uses a high-carbon stainless steel blade, which requires minimal maintenance 
  • Features five-detent tapper control settings 
  • The model comes with right different comb attachments for enhanced versatility 
  • The cordless hair clipper is efficient on all hair textures, offering unmatched precision during clipping
  • Powered by a high-torque Ferrari-designed engine 
  • Features a compact, and lightweight design, weighing just 2.16 pounds

Possible Drawbacks 

You may have a hard time trying to Zero-Gap the clipper without professional assistance. 

3.BaBylissPRO Metal Lithium FX788S Trimmer – The Best Stainless Steel T-Blade BaByliss Clipper 

The BaBylissPro FX788S cordless clipper a designed to offer enhanced ease of use and professional results, regardless of your level of experience. In addition to a stylish, and functional design, the model offers the perfect blend of power and ergonomics. 

As one of the best professional BaByliss clippers, the FX788S trimmer model boasts of an adjustable zero-gap stainless steel blade. The unit is driven by a high-torque electric motor that is specifically designed to offer improved precision and control.

Other aspects you will come to like about this model include: 

Robust All-Metal Construction 

The FX788S electric clipper features an all-metal housing to offer extended durability in any professional shaving environment. With such a casing, even moderate falls will not affect the integrity of the trimmer. 

Even with a metal casing, you will find this model TK be surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 1.7 pounds. 

Ergonomics Design 

The entire body of the clippers is engineered to offer the perfect weight distribution over your palm as you trim hair. The electric clipper is fitted with a knurled, non-slip grip on its outer body. This allows for improved comfort and easier control of the gadget in operation. 


  • Equipped with an adjustable Stainless steel zero-gradable blade
  • Features an all-metal housing with a convenient non-slip knurled barbell grip
  • Comes with a reliable Lithium-Ion battery, offering up to 3 hours of cordless shaving 
  • The model comes with 4 different comb attachments as accessories 
  • Has a detent hanging hook for temporary storage in a gagging position 
  • Backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty

Possible Drawbacks 

Although the blade on the FX788S is of the best quality, you may find the motor to be a bit slow for some demanding applications. 

4.BaBylissPRO FOILFX02  – Portable Double Foil Shaver

This product is ideally a full-size metal foil shaver that is suited for beginners as and professional barbers alike. The unit is driven by a comparatively powerful rotary motor that is quieter in operation and produces fewer vibrations.

If used properly, this BaByliss Cordless clipper will offer you an extra close shave on the face, neck, and around the hairline. The effectiveness of this product may be attributed to the unique features it has to offer, including: 

Hypoallergenic Gold Foils

In addition to producing professional-grade performance, the model is also known to be friendly to the skin. It features a hypoallergenic gold foil that had bee designed to minimize skin irritations while shaving. 

Long-Life Motor

The FOILFX02 clipper is equipped with a high-torque, Long-Life motor. This allows for improved performance of the clippers, resulting in a clean, close shave every time. The electronically controlled digital motor used in the clipper is comparatively lightweight. 

Additionally, the motor had been designed to produce ultra-low vibrations and offer improved energy efficiency. Whether connected to an electric output socket or used in a cordless model, the trimmer is powerful enough for use on any hair type. 


  • Features a compact, and lightweight design, weighing less than around 
  • The unit is silent in operation and produces ultra-low vibrations
  • May be used corded or cordless 
  • Equipped with an efficient offset double-foil system 
  • Comes with a storage pouch and 8 comb attachments as accessories
  • The Lithium-Ion battery used in the model offers a 3-hour runtime

Possible Drawbacks 

If pressed too hard against the skin, the clippers will heat up, affecting its performance and causing skin irritations. 

5.BaBylissPRO FX810 Power FX Magnetic Motor Hair Clipper – The Best BaByliss Corded Hair Clipper 

As opposed to the above-reviewed trimmers the BaByliss FX810 is a corded clipper. Many professional users love the ergonomic design, power, and versatility of the clipper.

An electromagnetic motor, in addition to steady position 5 Detent taper controls, and a stainless steel Fade blade, allows for exceptional performance. 

No wonder it is a preferred electric clipper model for many professionals in the states. Some of the unique capabilities associated with this clipper include:

High-Grade Blade Set 

Just as is the case with some of the BaByliss high-end trimmers, the FX810 is fitted with a high-carbon stainless steel Fade blade. The self-sharpening blade only requires minimal maintenance to deliver professional results consistently. 


  • Relatively lightweight and easy to control, it weights only 1.02 pounds 
  • Deliver Superior performance for a corded clipper 
  • The clipper is ergonomically designed for easier control
  • Comes with 8 comb attachments for improved versatility 

Possible Drawbacks 

Unless you are a professional barber, you are likely to experience snags while using the clippers in thicker hair. 

Buyer’s Guide: Things You Need to Know Before Buying

The BaByliss brand is often associated with women’s hair styling tools and gadgets. However, the manufacturer is also an industry leader in Men’s hair clippers. So, are BaByliss clippers any good? Yes, the best BaByliss clippers actually outmatch some of the leading brands in the industry. 

Their various hair clipper models are suited for home as well as professional applications in a salon or barbershop. However, you still need to choose a BaByliss clipper model that best suits your needs. In this regard, here are some of the things you need to consider: 

Hair Clipper Type 

There are two main types of hair clippers available in the industry today; manual and electric types. Each of the types has a set of benefits and downsides to offer as discussed below:

Manual Hair Clippers 

These are operated by hand, hence are comparatively slower. However, some professional barbers still prefer manual clippers. If this is your preferred clipper type, you should get the one with an ergonomic grip. You also need to choose the one that is easier to operate and control while trimming. 

If you are a beginner, an electric hair clipper will come in handy, as you will learn below. 

Electric Hair Clippers 

The best Babyliss electric clippers are powered by an electric rotary, magnetic, or pivot motor. The good thing about electric clipper models is that they are faster and easier to control. Electric hair clippers are available in two main types; corded and cordless types. 

The corded models need to be plugged into an electric output socket continuously during operation. Such BaByliss clippers are preferred among professional barbers as they need to use the clipper for extended periods. 

A cordless model, on the other hand, maybe used anywhere, provided that the battery is charged. Some of the leading hair clipper brands allow you to use a cordless clipper while it is still connected to the charging cord. Just get one that charges fast, and offers a longer runtime per charge.

Babyliss PRO Clippers – The Power of Barberology

Your Preferred Hair Cut Style 

Well, different hair trimming styles call for different clipper accessories. It is advisable to choose the best hair clipper for your cut style. To help you choose the right model, here are some of the common trimming styles and the best-suited clippers for each style: 

Shaved Head 

Do you prefer to shave your head clean with every shave? If so, you need to get the best Babyliss close-cutting clipper. You need to go for the models featuring ultra-close blades that can cut hair as close as 0.4mm from the skin. 

Clean shaved heads need to be shaved regularly to maintain the appearance. As such, you should get a clipper that is durable enough to withstand repeated use over time. Again, it is advisable to get one that is powerful enough to offer a thorough cut in fewer passes, even on the thicker hair types.

Crew Cut 

This is a classic hairstyle that is still preferred by a considerable number of men in the states. Though easy to achieve, the style will require you to have the right clipper and accessories. The best-suited clipper for this style is one that offers multiple cutting length settings. 

Additionally, you should get a model that is lightweight and relatively easy to control to allow for easier faring and blending as you clip. Some of the best Babyliss clippers feature adjustable taper lever settings and come with multiple guide Combs. 

You will need such versatility to make the perfect crew cut.

Family Haircuts 

If you need a clipper for the entire family, you should pay close attention to the versatility and runtime of your preferred model. As a beginner, it is advisable to go for the rather affordable BaByliss clipper starter set options.

The set needs to have such accessories as scissors, an assortment of premium guide Combs, a barber comb, as well as a cape and styling guide. This is pretty much everything you need for the perfect home haircutting for the entire family. 

Blade Material 

In order to get professional results with every cut, you should consider the quality and sharpness of your preferred hair clipper. Different manufacturers use different materials to make their clipper blades. Each blade material has a unique set of pros and cons, as explained below. 

High-Carbon Steel Blades 

Babyliss top of the range clipper models come with high-carbon steel blades. Blades made it this material are self-sharpening, hence are likely to remain sharper for a longer period. They also cut hair with utmost precision and ease. 

This results in less tugging and pulling of the hair as you clip. Babyliss high-carbon steel blades are precision ground to offer the best cutting performance with minimal need for maintenance. 


If you cannot afford the high-carbon steel blade clippers, you should consider getting one with Titanium blades. Owing to their quality and durability, Titanium blades are comparatively costlier than stainless steel and ceramic blades. 

Ceramic Blades 

Other hair clipper models are known to come with ceramic blades. The good thing about ceramic blades is that they do not hear up dusting operation. However, ceramic is more fragile as compared to the above-discussed hair clipper blade materials. 

Variable Taper Lever Settings

The best Babyliss hair clipper models feature adjustable taper lever settings for enhanced versatility. Basically, a taper lever will allow you to alter the cutting length of the clipper in between guide comb lengths. 

For a closer cut, you need to move the lever upwards. Moving the lever downwards increases the cutting length. This adjustability allows you to be more precise, which will come in handy while fading and blending. 

Final Verdict 

Behind the appealing designs, BaByliss Hair clippers are packed with the leading technologies and features. The clippers are essentially meant to help inexperienced people achieve a professional result. However, you still need to get a model that is best suited for your intended application. 

The best BaBylissPRO clipper models feature highly-specialized blade systems and enhanced motors for improved shaving performance. 

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