Braun 340s-4 Review – Features, Pros & Cons Reviewed

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The Braun Series 340s-4 will deliver a close comfortable shave whether you are dry shaving or wet shaving. 

This shaver is a great option for the men that shave every day.

A four stars was given on performance because the shaver seemed to have a bit of trouble when shaving thick hair.  


  • SensoFoil Screen
  • Triple Action FreeFloat System
  • Wet and dry shaving
  • Trimmer
  • Waterproof
  • LED Indication for low charge and battery status 
  • LED notification for replacement parts

Review Summary

The good: The Braun 340s-4 is very easy to clean. This shaver comes with a charging docking station.

It is less expensive than the series 7 and is a great shaver for someone who does some international travelling.

The bad: This shaver is a bit noisy and does not perform well cutting thick beards. You must clean this shaver manually. It does not come with a cleaning station.

Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars overall

Value for money: Five stars

Features: Five stars

Performance: Four stars

Features overview

SensoFoil Screen

The SensoFoil screen is a type of technology that Braun has placed into their screen foil shavers. The foils that are in this Braun shaver have a different size and shape of perforations than what you would find in their competitors foil shavers.

These perforations allow you to shave those stubborn hairs on your neck with ease.

Triple Action FreeFloat System

There are three different shaving mechanisms inside the shaving head. These mechanisms move independently of each other and float to move with the contour of your face.

The middle mechanism is designed to cut long hair while the outer two mechanisms cut the shorter hairs. Because of the floating technology each shaving mechanism follows the contours of your face.

This contour following action ensures the shaving mechanisms get close to your face. This triple action FreeFloat system ensures a smooth, close shave.

Wet and Dry Shaving

This shaver was designed so you can either dry shave or wet shave. I enjoy a wet shave so this is a welcomed feature for me. The wet shave can be used with gels or creams.


The trimmer pops out on the back of the shaver. It is great for trimming your moustache or side burns.


The Braun Series 340-4 is 100% water proof. This is a welcomed feature to those men that like to shave in the shower.

This feature also allows you to place the shaver under running water when you are cleaning it.

There is a safety feature built into this shaver. The shaver will not work while plugged in and charging. This is to prevent the shaver from being used in the shower while it is plugged in.

LED Indication for Low Charge and Battery Status

This LED will flash red when the shaver is low on power and needs to be recharged.

LED Notification For Replacement Parts

The Braun Series 340-4 has a built in timer which will activate the moment the shaver is initially turned on for your first shave.

The LED will light up orange when it is time to replace the shaver head in the shaver.

This timer is set for 18 months.  After the shaver head is replaced, the timer can be reset by holding the power button down for 5 seconds. The timer is now reset for another 18 months.

Battery life and charging

The battery in the Braun series 340-4 will take one hour to charge. This will give most men 45 minutes of shave time. So you can go about 2 weeks before needing to recharge your shaver.

You can either place the shaver on the charging docking station or simply just plug it in for a charge. If for some reason you forgot to charge your shaver, you can use the quick charge option to get your shaver charged enough to get a shave out of it.

A great feature to this shaver is the ability to use it with multiple voltages. So for those men that travel internationally all you need is an adapter to go from the shave to the electric outlet in the country you will be travelling to.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning of this shaver is really simple and easy. Just open the shaver head and cleaning it with running water. A mild liquid soap is recommended at every other cleaning. You can also use the brush to clean the shaving head.

However do not use the brush on the foils. I have used other foils shaver before and have damaged the foils by using the brush to  clean the foils. It is best to clean the foils under running water. It is recommended to oil the screens periodically.

You should use the machine oil that accompanied you purchase of this shaver.

Shaving performance

Many customers have reported that this shaver is solidly built and has lasted a while. Coming in at a decent price of around $60 you get a great shaver for the money. Because of the textured rubber, this shaver does not slip out of your hands while shaving.

The head does not pivot, so sometimes it may be necessary to hold the shaver at an angle to get a good shave. This is a mid-level shaver at a budget price.

Although this shave is a bit noisy, it is quieter than other foil shavers in its class. The Braun series 340-4 delivered a close, non-irritating shave just as promised.

Whether you choose to dry or wet shave with this shaver, you won’t be disappointed in the results of the shave. However if you are sporting a thick or heavy beard you will want to use an alternate shave such as the Braun Series 7 shaver.

Included accessories

The accessories included in the box with the Braun Series 340-4 shaver are the standard accessories you receive with any electric shaver plus a charging docking station. This shaver does not come with a travel pouch or a cleaning station.

The following accessories are included with the purchase of the Braun Series 340-4 shaver

  • Charging cord
  • Charging docking station
  • Protective cover
  • Cleaning brush
  • Bottle of oil


Replacement parts availability

It is recommended to replace the shaving block once, every year and a half.  There is an LED on this lower portion of the shaver that will light up orange when it is time to change the shaver head.

For the black shaver the shaver head part number is 32B. You can find this replacement shaver head on Amazon for around $22. For the silver shaver head the part number is 32S. You can find this shaver head on Amazon for around $22.

Wrap-up—who should buy it?

Whether you travel or not, this shaver is a great shaver for the men who shave on a regular basis. For the price you cannot beat the solid construction of this shaver and its features.

If you like a wet shave and do not mind having to manually clean your shaver this mid-level shaver may be the right one for you.

If you do some international travelling and do not want to pay the prices for a high-end shaver this Braun 340s-4 shaver may be the perfect shaver for you. This shaver is built to be able to accept a voltage range from 100 to 240 volts. You will have to purchase an adapter so you can plug in your shaver in the countries you are travelling to.

Alternative shavers

The Braun 380s-4 is a good alternative to the Braun 340s-4 shaver. The Braun 380s-4 is also a solid built shaver that delivers a close quality shave. It has all the features of the Braun 340s-4 shaver plus the option to lock the front shaving head in a lower position.

This allows for a more precision cut in hard to reach areas like under the nose, corner of the mouth or under the bottom lip.

This shaver cost is around $140. I would purchase this alternate shaver if I was looking for a shaver with the shaving head lock feature.

For men with coarse or thick hair the Braun Series 7 would be a great alternative. It performs better when shaving coarse or thick hair compared to the Braun 340s-4. The Braun series 7 has comparable features when compared to the Braun 340s-4.

The Braun series 7 is a foil type shaver with a battery shaving time of 50 minutes. The series 7 also is a wet and dry shaver with a pop out trimmer. One major difference in the accessories is the docking station.

The docking station is a shaver head cleaner as well as a battery charger. It also has a smooth rubber grip which is guaranteed not to fall out   of your hand whole shaving.

The series 7 feature has an option of 3 different settings to choose from depending on beard growth. This feature is what makes this shaver a great shaver for men with thick beards. The Braun series 7 shaver is a higher end shaver and runs approximately $170. If you have a thick beard this shaver may be worth the money. You can manually clean it but it comes with a cleaning station.

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