Braun Series 5 5090cc Review [Verse 5040 & 5030]

The Braun Series 55090cc is a rechargeable shaver in the Series 5 models.  This line of shavers is reasonably priced, and their performance is good, this makes them a popular consumer choice. The Series 5 models, and especially the 5090cc are a good alternative to the more expensive Series 7 models since they are reasonably priced. While cost isn’t the only aspect that impacted users like or dislike of this shaver, it certainly didn’t hurt.

Product Overview

The Braun Series 5 5090cc shaver is dry use only shaver that features the standard octagonal perforations, including a middle trimmer.  The combination of the inside trimmer and 2 outer foils is a typical trademark of Braun.

The outer foils shave close to the skin while the middle Actilift trimmer grabs onto the longer hairs that can sometimes grow in different directions.  Each component can move independently of the others which allows for constant contact with the skin. The shaver head can pivot further enhancing cutting ability and the proper contour to the face or neck.  These features are part of a special Braun design element known as the FlexMotionTec that allows for a smooth, comfortable and complete shave.

Special Product Features

  • 5 Locking Positions
  • Automatic Cleaning, Lubricating and Charging Station
  • Waterproof
  • Safety Travel Lock
  • Quick Charge Setting

Included Items

Besides the shaver you will find the following:

  • Charging Cord
  • Brush for Cleaning
  • User’s Manual
  • Durable Travel Case
  • Cleaning and Charging Center
  • A Cleaning Cartridge

Each Series 5 model appears to come with a different set of accessories that are included.  The Series 5 5090cc is the only one that comes with a special hard case that can be used for travel.

Quality and Design

Series 5 5090ccLike the Series 7 and 9 models this model is made in Germany, not China.  For the price this is a good quality that shows a better design and durability with relationship to materials and durability of the product itself.

Users have reported liking the impressive design colour scheme of black and red. While it is entirely made of plastic, the matte and glossy finishes this didn’t seem to deter users from purchasing this shaver.

The simplicity of this shaver was a nice surprise for most users, little to fuss with, very straight forward in design.  The fact that it is a little bulky and big seemed to be a bit of a drawback but not so much as to be a turn off.

The LED display system appeared to be in a perfect spot and bright compared to the Series 7 models according to those who used this product.  This display offers information about the status of the battery as well as when it is in safety lock for traveling.

Battery and Charger

This shaver allows for use via a cord or as a cordless for up to 45 minutes with an Li-Ion battery.  This model doesn’t have the same safety precautions that the newer models do. It also has a 5-minute quick charge feature and a cord that acts as a 2nd method for charging which generally take about 1 hour.

Battery Display Indicator 

In addition, it also has the new 3 level battery display indicator, with a 50-minute battery run time. The most important feature that the shaver has is the Auto Sense Technology. The technology allows your shaver to have a reading of your beard’s density plus able to adjust the output or the motor as required.

Less power is required when shaving dense beards plus the thin hairs. When you artificially alter the power output, it makes the shaver feel slow without having any benefits of being efficient or comfortable. This seemed to be a pleasant surprise for those who need a quick shave in a pinch.


Closeness and Comfort

While user found this product gave a good shave but wasn’t necessarily the best or worst for closeness. It did handle the longer hairs well for a foil type shaver.  It also got those low-lying hairs on the underside of the chin and neck easily.

Users found the head locking ability to be important for use under the nose.  Even though the shaving head is slim it does fit into hard to reach places which worked well. The 5 locking positions worked great for expert and precise shave.  Most users found it helpful to use lotion before shaving with this model.

The Comfort of this shaver was impressive since there were times when users pressed harder than they should have.  One of the best features was that the shaver head didn’t get hot during use, which most shavers do. These users never experienced any irritations which is a bonus for this model. While most users found it wasn’t that fastest shaver, the comfort was more important to them anyway.

User Reviews

The ergonomic design combined with the higher quality features and more reasonable price made it a better deal for most users.  Those who wanted a product that was durable, quality made with a few bells and whistles to boot found this shaver better than most others in its price range.

The comfortable shave that was offered was perhaps the most important aspect that users boasted about.  Less irritation and greater comfort of shaving in certain areas of the face and neck area outweighed the fact that it didn’t perhaps offer the closest shave ever.  While closeness was important for some users it didn’t seem to be a huge disadvantage.

The few disadvantages that were reported from users were minimal and more easily overlooked.  Consumers understand that no product is ever perfect, and each is bound to come with some flaws of defects that could be improved.  This product was now different in that regard.

Slick Design

All in all, the Braun Series 5 5090cc model shaver is a great shaver with regards to design and features. It does have a few drawbacks like heavy vibration and no protective cap or lubricant, but it does come with a special travel case and a decent price.

The advantages appear to outweigh the disadvantages with this shaver.  Users have reported that for the price this product is superior to others in this price range. While it isn’t the most high-end shaver, it does have a few bells and whistles that make it appealing for the budget minded.

What We Liked 

  • Durable Travel Case
  • Auto Charging Station
  • Can Use While Charing With Cord
  • Multiple Locking System
  • Safety Lock for Travel

What We Didn’t Like 

  • No Protective Cap
  • No Bottle of Lubricant
  • Excessive Noise and Vibration When in Use

Different Models: 5090cc Vs. 5040 vs. 5030

The S models, for instance, the 5040s do not come with an automatic cleaning station, they will also not work with one. The Series 5 is able to provide a comfortable plus a close shave, which is more similar to Series 7 which is more expensive.

Series 5 does not have the micro-pulsations technology plus personalization mode that are in Series 7. Although when it comes to real life usage, this does not seem to make a difference.

Series 5 has an identical shaving head like that of series 7, but it costs less. Also due to its low price, it has a better head locking mechanism plus a better display.

1.Braun series 5 5090cc verses 5040s

Braun Electric Shavers

  • The 5090cc is suitable for dry shave use only, while the 5040s can be used for a wet or dry shave.
  • The 5040s has a 2 level battery display while the 5090cc has a 5 level battery display.
  • The 5040 is black with blue accents while the 5090cc has a black, silver and red color scheme
  • The 5090cc has an automatic cleaning station while the 5040s does not have one.
  • The 5040s comes with a soft pouch while 5090cc comes with a hard travel case.

2.Braun Series 5 5040s versus 5030s

Braun Electric Shavers

  • The 5040s features a blue and black color scheme while the 5030s uses the blue color for accents.
  • The 5040s is a wet & dry electric shaver while the 5030s is a dry electric shaver
  • The 5030s lasts for 50 minutes when fully charged while the 5040s lasts for 45 minutes when the battery is fully charged
  • The 5030s has a 3 level battery indicator while the 5040s has a 2 level battery indicator.

How To Best Use The 5090 Shaver

The Braun Series 5 (5090CC) is the latest addition of electric shavers from the German company. The shaver has a cleaning station plus a range of new features which we will look at later.

Vibrating Blades 

It has vibrating blades which move from left to the right instead of rotating blades. The Braun shaver feels quite solid, it has a rubber coating which ensures that you have a firm grip. Its engine is loud and powerful causing the entire razor to vibrate while shaving.

Operated Best In Strokes 

Braun Series 5 operates best in strokes; it takes three minutes for you to complete your shaving. While shaving the upper lip area with Braun, it is inferior due to its bulky razor head, which is unable to shave off all the hair. Therefore, you will still have long hairs just underneath the nostrils which is unacceptable.

You will, therefore, need to have a Double Edge or Gillette razor in order to have a satisfactory shave. When it comes to the chin area Braun produces smooth results.

Optimal Charing Time

The Braun Lithium-Ion battery takes an hour to charge, which results to its fullest capacity of 45 minutes of it shave time. You can get an extensive shave out of the machine when it has had about 5 minutes of charging.

Not to forget that you are able to charge them anywhere in the world, thus you do not need to have any guess work while packing. When it comes to cleaning of the system, it seems unnecessary, especially if you clean and rinse the electric razor properly every single time you use it.

Cleaning the shaver does not take long plus you don’t need to dry off the razor.You can buy a large bottle of alcohol at the pharmacy so as to use it in cleaning the razor once in a while.

The Updated Series 52

The Series 52 is from the Series 5 shaver that is currently on the market. The models are easy to spot as they have a different name for instance 51** (5197). The latest models are suitable for the wet& dry shaver. Braun ditched the names of the model which is from the official pages of the product. Therefore, they are only referred to the Braun series 5 black or the Braun Series 5 blue/black.

It is also important to note that the product name will be shown on the packaging. The Series 52 shavers also use the same shaving heads. Its changes are mainly on the cosmetic part, which includes the new color schemes plus the different packaging. Their accessories can differ also, for instance, there are models that do not have a soft travel pouch. You can also notice some of the visual changes such as; the S5 and the Wet & Dry text which is on the front fascia that is on the shaver.

Braun Series 5 has a strong motor, compact design, and a decent shaving capability as an electric shaver. When it comes to shaving, you require a smooth close shave on the face. For this to happen, you will need tools, products, knowledge, and technique. Every man has his own need when it comes to shaving know what you need your shaver to do for you before getting one.

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