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Braun Electric Shavers

Cartridge shaving has risen over the last few decades, as a result, electric razors plus other shave styles have taken a backseat.

When it comes to electric shavers, they are easy, less messy and fast; hence, deserve a second look at. In the market, we have two types of electric razors; the rotating head electric shavers and the flat head foil shavers. Rotating head electric shaver is preferred by men who want a quick shave.

The Braun Series 5 (5090CC) is the latest addition of electric shavers from the German company.

The shaver has a cleaning station plus a range of new features which we will look at later. It has vibrating blades which moves from left to the right instead of rotating blades.

The Braun shaver feels quite solid, it has a rubber coating which ensures that you have a firm grip. Its engine is loud and powerful causing the entire razor to vibrate while shaving. Braun Series 5 operates best in strokes; it takes three minutes for you to complete your shaving.

While shaving the upper lip area with Braun, it is inferior due to its bulky razor head, which is unable to shave off all the hair. Therefore, you will still have long hairs just underneath the nostrils which is unacceptable. You will therefore need to have a Double Edge or Gillette razor in order to have a satisfactory shave. When it comes to the chin area Braun produces smooth results.

The Braun Lithium Ion battery takes an hour to charge, which results to its fullest capacity of 45 minutes of it shave time. You can get an extensive shave out of the machine when it has had about 5 minutes of charging. Not to forget that you are able to charge them anywhere in the world, thus you do not need to have any guess work while packing.

When it comes to cleaning of the system, it seems unnecessary, especially if you clean and rinse the electric razor properly every single time you use it. Cleaning the shaver does not take long plus you don’t need to dry off the razor. You can buy a large bottle of alcohol at the pharmacy so as to use it in cleaning the razor once in a while.


  • It has a more powerful engine
  • It has a patented blades which is able to lift the chin hair
  • Has power lock that is for travelling purposes
  • It has a built-in-trimmer
  • It is fully washable
  • Has a LCD display
  • It has a cleaning station
  • It is also able to lock the position of the brush head to be in place
  • Has a pouch

The current Series 5 which is from Braun is the third generation from the time Braun came to the market.

The current shaver can be easily identified from the older ones because; they use a template of 4 letters for the name of the model for instance 50** or the 51**.

Braun refers the 51** shavers as part of a small update that is Series 52.

Series 5 is a foil shaver which features a cutting block that has three individual elements just like the one in Series 7. You can find one with or without a cleaning station, with variations that are suitable for either wet& dry or only for dry usage. When it comes to Braun shavers, the ones which have a cleaning station are of the CC models (clean and charge), for instance the 5090cc.

Braun Series 5 5090cc

The S models, for instance the 5040s do not come with an automatic cleaning station, they will also not work with one. The Series 5 is able to provide a comfortable plus a close shave, which is more similar to Series 7 which is more expensive. Series 5 does not have the micro-pulsations technology plus personalization mode that are in Series 7. Although when it comes to real life usage, this does not seem to make a difference.

Series 5 has an identical shaving head like that of series 7, but it costs less. Also due to its low price, it has a better head locking mechanism plus a better display.

The Updated Series 52

The Series 52 is from the Series 5 shaver that is currently on the market.   The models are easy to spot as they have a different name for instance 51** (5197). The latest models are suitable for the wet& dry shave. Braun ditched the names of the model which is from the official pages of the product. Therefore, they are only referred to the Braun series 5 black or the Braun Series 5 blue/black. It is also important to note that the product name will be shown on the packaging.

The Series 52 shavers also use the same shaving heads. Its changes are mainly on the cosmetic part, which includes the new color schemes plus the different packaging. There accessories can differ also, for instance there are models that do not have a soft travel pouch.

You can also notice some of the visual changes such as; the S5 and the Wet & Dry text which is on the front fascia that is on the shaver. In addition it also has the new 3 level battery display indicator, with a 50 minute battery run time. The most important feature that the shaver has is the Auto Sense Technology.

The technology allows your shaver to have a reading of your beard’s density plus able to adjust the output or the motor as required. Less power is required when shaving dense beards plus the thin hairs. When you artificially alter the power output, it makes the shaver feel slow without having any benefits of being efficient or comfortable.


At the moment Braun has so far released three series that it IS the; 5090cc, 5030s and the 5040s. We have also seen that Braun has a newer series, the 51** although it is not available yet. When it comes to choosing the kind of Series 5 that you want, it depends on the factors that we are going to look at. Although when it comes to performance, they are all identical.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Particular Model Of Series 5

  1. Wet & Dry operation

Using Series 5 with a shaving cream guarantees you a manual cleaning, even with the new Series 5 models of wet & dry use which has its own cleaning station. In case this is not an issue for you, you can go for the model that is currently available that is the 5040s. A model without a cleaning station goes for a lesser price.

The 5040s model contains a 2 level battery indicator when compared to the 5090cc. In addition, it cannot be used while the shaver is still plugged to the mains. This is a safety precaution that is in all wet & dry shavers. When it comes to the dry only shavers’ models like the 5090cc, it can be used while it’s still charging using the cord.

  1. Color scheme

The color scheme of shavers is dependent on the buyer’s preference, but when it comes to Series 5, it is one of the best looking electric shavers there is.  There are hefty appearances which go quite well with the black color scheme. The blue and red accents also work very well together.

A lot of effort has been put in the design of Series 5 that is both in its function plus its appearance. The models are available in black with a splash of red, silver or blue in certain parts. For the shaving head it can either be a silver or black finish.

  1. The included accessories

Automatic cleaning station comes with the CC models only, but there are other accessories which vary from the models of Series 5 shavers. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • The 5090cc is the only one which has a hard travel case, the rest have a soft pouch which offers little to no protection from mechanical shocks.
  • The 5190cc and 5140s which is from the updated Series does not have a soft pouch
  • Series 5 shavers have a plastic protection cap except the 5090cc
  1. Price

Price is among the factors to consider when deciding on which Series to get. If you are able to get a good deal for a model in Series 5, which meets your needs; for instance, the addition of a cleaning station or the wet & dry operation you can purchase the model. All the Series 5 have the same replacement shaving heads plus the same cleaning cartridges stations. Therefore, price is the only variable for the shavers.

Series 5 blades and foils blocks costs less when compared to the ones of Series 7 or 9. Hence, Series 5 offer excellent value for your money.

  1. Whether or not you need an automatic cleaning station

If you are using an automatic cleaning station, Braun’s clean and charge stations work very well. Alcohol based cleaning solution cleans and lubricates the shaver very well. Models that come with Series 5 are not the exception. Braun’s shaving heads tend to be notorious plus difficult to clean manually when compared to the foil shaver.

With an exception of the 5090cc all the models that are from Series 5, do not have a cleaning station and a full option of the cleaning base.  The 5090cc also has the hygiene analysis plus three cleaning modes that is the short, normal and the high intensity. The 5070cc plus the 5050cc have only one cleaning standard program.

When cleaning ensure to put back the plastic cap on the cartridge, this is because, alcohol based solution evaporates fast. Stations which come with the Series 5 do not have an active drying system that is in the more expensive Series 7 plus 9 stations. Consequently when you shave, it will take several hours for your head to dry off.

When purchasing a Series 5 shaver the cleaning station, price and the wet & dry operation really matters. This is because; the rest of the things differ from one model to the next, plus they are not as important as they do not affect the performance of your shaver. The 5090cc is the most popular model of Series 5 and preferred a lot by men. This is due to the fact that most men will shave dry making this the best option.

Differences Between Braun Series 5 Models

  1. Braun series 5 5090cc verses 5040s

Braun Electric Shavers

  • The 5090cc is suitable for dry shave use only, while the 5040s can be used for wet or dry shave.
  • The 5040s has a 2 level battery display while the 5090cc has a 5 level battery display.
  • The 5040 is black with blue accents while the 5090cc has a black, silver and red color scheme
  • The 5090cc has an automatic cleaning station while the 5040s does not have one.
  • The 5040s comes with a soft pouch while 5090cc comes with a hard travel case.
  1. Braun Series 5 5040s verses 5030s

Braun Electric Shavers

  • The 5040s features a blue and black color scheme while the 5030s uses the blue color for accents.
  • The 5040s is a wet & dry electric shaver while the 5030s is a dry electric shaver
  • The 5030s lasts for 50 minutes when fully charged while the 5040s lasts for 45 minutes when the battery is fully charged
  • The 5030s has a 3 level battery indicator while the 5040s has a 2 level battery indicator.

Braun Series 5 has a strong motor, compact design and a decent shaving capability as an electric shaver. When it comes to shaving, you require a smooth close shave on the face.

For this to happen, you will need tools, products, knowledge and technique. Every man has his own need when it comes to shaving know what you need your shaver to do for you before getting one.

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