The Braun Series 9 9290 Cordless Electric Shaver with OptiFoils is an electric, rechargeable razor that is part of Braun’s new Series 9 line of high-end, super high-quality shavers. The Braun 9290 review is a high-performance machine.  It is perhaps better described as a shaver “system”. Because it comes standard with the Clean & Charge Station, which efficiently cleans the shaver unit while also charging it.  Also, You may check out the following model: Panasonic ES8103S, Braun 9295, Norelco 3100 Review

Price and Value for Money

There is no denying that the Braun Series 9 9290cc is pricey.  It is a major purchase.  However, it does provide the user with an Amazing value for the price, even though the price is rather high. But you have to remember that you are paying for quality. You are also paying for the Clean & Charge Station, and the hard travel case. And all the research and craftsmanship that went into designing this superior and technologically advanced product. It is worth the money, no question about that.


The Braun 9290cc has a reasonable weight. It is comfortable to hold and to navigate, with rubberized grips to reduce the chance of dropping while using wet, or with gels or creams, in the shower. That same rubberized material conveniently covers the ON/OFF button, eliminating the common problem of it being inadvertently tripped while you are shaving.

Safe Use With Gels / Creams

The Braun 9290cc is also safe to use with shaving gels and creams.  Oddly, however, you have to clean away the residue manually before placing the shaver back into the cleaning unit for automatic cleaning and charging.  This only applies if you use any of the aforementioned shaving products, although manual cleaning of the 9290cc is always an option.

It is kind of an oddity among high-end shaver units of other brands, like the most similar Panasonic models, which do not have this requirement.  As far as functionality goes, the Braun 9290 cc provides an incredibly smooth, incredibly close and irritation-free shave, and that is all in dry mode.

Pre-Cleaning Procedure is A Drawback

The odd fact that you have to manually clean shaving products off the unit before you can safely clean and charge it in the automatic station. Kinda like having to fully wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, but also, not that big of a deal.

Ultimate Clean & Charge Station

The Clean & Charge Station also dries the shaver completely and lubricates the blades while performing the cleaning function.  The Braun 9290 cc comes with one cleaning cartridge, which will last an average of one to two months before needing to be replaced.  That is pretty good, especially since you can get replacement cartridges for the fairly reasonable sum of about fifteen bucks.

Fully Water Submersible Of Braun 9290

A really big deal about the Braun 9290 cc is that it is fully water submersible, up to five meters. Many razors are merely water-resistant, but the 9290cc really goes the distance. 

It is nice to know that you could shave in the tub if you so desired, and even if you lose your grip and drop your shaver.

The Braun 9290 review will basically just shrug, say, “Meh”, and then carry on providing you with the radical close shave you hopped into that tub to achieve.

Superior Performance Of Braun 9290

Some users have claimed that the performance of the Braun 9290 cc is so superior to other shavers that there is really no need to ever use the wet shave function. Even if that is what you are accustomed to using. When used wet, or with shaving products such as creams or gels, the shave is so very close and so very comfortable that it is virtually one hundred percent irritation and razor bump free.

The Braun 9290cc is so superior at what it does that its hefty price tag actually seems rather reasonable when you take all these combined factors into account. You get what you pay for. And when you pay for the Braun Series 9 9290cc shaver, you get a product that verges on perfection.

Braun 9290’s Ultimate Features 

Two Way Shaver Head 

The Braun 9290cc features a two-way shaver head. It can be attached upside down, or right side up, to accomplish different shave goals. It has four separate cutting elements, which cover a lot of surface area quickly and reduce shave time noticeably.
Each of the four elements serves a unique purpose.


The two OptiFoils positioned like the bread on this shaver-head sandwich. Are foils that provide that ultra-close shave, by using hexagon rather than round holes to accomplish the hair-cutting. Then the meat of the sandwich is the Hyperlift & Cut trimmer blade, which annihilates flat-lying hairs.  The cheesy center of the sandwich is the Direct & Cut trimmer blade, which tackles hairs that grow in diverging directions.  The 9290cc is even aesthetically superior to other contenders in its class. It is more attractive and sleek, with a matte and metallic finish.

Easy Grib Rubber

It features black texturized rubber, which is both practical and attractive. Definitely made with a reasonably high-quality set of materials and by tasteful design.

LED Indicator

The front of the shaver also features the LED display and ON/OFF switch, which is covered by that black rubberized material. This does double duty by providing that no-slip grip, and protecting the LED display switch from water damage when used wet, with shaving products or inside the shower.

It also eliminates another problem common among shavers, budget and luxury-priced alike. Accidentally switching the unit off while trying to re-position your hand during active shaving operation.

The LED looks good, with its 5 Level Charge readout (each line presents a 20% charge).  Also, during the last nine minutes of shave time, the LED displays the actual number of minutes remaining. That is pretty convenient.

Advantages & Disadvantages of 9290 Shaver 


  • Good Value 
  • High performance 
  • Waterproof
  • LED display 
  • 70 minutes of cordless use
  • Amazing Clean & Charge Station.
  • 5 Minute QuickCharge option provides enough power for at least one full shave


  • Pre-cleaning procedure
  • Cannot Use While Charging

Specifications and Features

Braun 9290 Accessories

  • Clean & Charge Station
  • Charging cord.
  • Cleaning brush
  • Hard and protective travel case.
  • User Manual
  • 1x Cleaning Cartridge
  • Comes with high quality, hard shell travel case.
  • Cleaning brush included.
  • Easy, pop-open cleaning access option (if you don’t want to buy cartridges).Quiet operation.
  • 45-day Norelco Money Back Guarantee.
  • Also backed by a full 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Cleaning cartridges only cost about $18 at the very most, and they do not need to be replaced too frequently.

Braun 9290 Cordless Best Shaver

The Braun Series 9 9290 cc Wet and Dry Electric Cordless Shaver with Trimmer featuring the Clean & Charge Station means serious business. It has every feature you could possibly think of, and some that you would never think of in the first place, but you’re happy as hell that Braun thought of them. Braun Series 9 9290cc Wet and Dry Electric Cordless Shaver

You are not even being suckered into buying a product (ahem printers come to mind) for which you are essentially forced to continuously purchase replacement cartridges, either.

if you do not want to use the Clean & Charge Station, you can just use the manual method of cleaning, and charge your shaver unit with the provided charging cord, rather than on the automatic station.  It is official: Braun has thought of everything with the Series 9.