Bro Shaver comes with double edge blades included. It is a pioneer in the industry.  The bro shaver comes in 3 editions– the shaver 2.2, the gorilla welfare, and the standard bro shaver.

In our detailed review, we will look at top features, pros, cons, cost of blade replacement, and much more.

The Bro Shaver 2.2 – Perfect For Saucy Back Hair 

The Bro Shaver 2.2 is built to act like a single, powerful back shaving tool. To this end, it incorporates various features that make it unique and effective. The Bro Shaver is designed to give you a close shave without sacrificing comfort or the safety of your skin. The bro shaver minimizes the risks of irritation, cuts, nicks, and razor burns.

It’s All About The Blades 

The Original Bro Shaver head can equip up to three blades at once. However, the 2.2 only equips two or one instead. Shave it your way with the Bro Shaver!

Rust-Free Blades 

Nevertheless, if you’re worried about those rusting, worry not, as they’re made with a mixture of nickel and stainless steel. Both of these are materials that are resistant to rust. Finally, and probably the biggest call to fame of the Bro Shaver is its versatility.  This razor works with or without shaving cream. While most dermatologists recommend shaving during a shower, you won’t always have that luxury.

Easily Replaceable Blades

One major issue with regular razor blades is their expensive nature. Whether it’s because they dull too quickly, or you’re limited to specific brands, they end up becoming a waste of money.

Bro Shaver solves this problem by using plain old stainless steel double edge razor blades.  You’ll actually get 15 of them packaged with your purchase. Use them until one side is dull, flip them over and you can get further mileage out of them.

The magic comes in once you’re completely done with them, as you can replace them with any brand you want.  Take for example the Japanese Feather for than ultra-smooth shave, or even the super comfortable Astras. If you already have a favorite brand, you can even go for those!

Comfy Cloud Technology 

Using their New Comfy Cloud TechnologyTM they ensure their heads all perform to the best of their ability. Even for people with particularly sensitive skin.

Additionally, one of the biggest calls to fame the Bro Shave offer is their ability to swap blades with ease. You don’t need fancy tools to replace worn-out razors. Just remove the bolts in the head with your hands, replace the blade, and tighten them back.

Covers Large Areas

For those moments, it’s best to bring out the Bro Shaver and give yourself a quick trim. Not only does it cover a large portion of your back per glide, but also prevents hair clogs. Maximizing your time and minimizing the effort required for a nice shave.

Excellent Grip

Badly designed grips can make it hard to use a razor, regardless of how nicely it cuts. The Bro Shaver comes with an ergonomically designed grip for both comfort and ease.

Long Handle for Those Tough to Reach Spots

Short handles and terrible head placement can lead to all sorts of cuts, and razor burns. In order to mitigate these issues, the Bro Shaver comes with a 20-inch handle. It allows you to reach anywhere in your back without additional help.

Gone are the times of asking your mates or significant other for help with shaving your back.  In are the days where you can reach even the hardest of spots with minimal effort. No need to push hard against your back, risking cutting yourself by mistake! This is all complemented by Bro Shaver’s excellent curvature!

Curvature You Can Trust

The Bro Shaver’s handle has an excellent curve. This all works in tandem to make it even easier to cut hair. By allowing you to exert less force on your skin, you minimize the risks of bleeding via acne or moles.

Bro Shaver Vs. Bro Shaver 2.2 

Bro Shaver Original

  • No Travel Tear Down System. What you see is what you get, and its handle makes storing it cumbersome.
  • Triple Blade System. The Original Bro Shaver uses three blades instead of two making it harder to reach certain spots.
  • No detachable head.

Bro Shaver 2.2

  • Features the Travel Tear Down system for ease of storage during trips. Breaks down into various smaller pieces.
  • Detachable head for grooming your body without having to deal with an oversized handle.
  • Dual Blade System. Uses only two blades instead of three.


What We Like 

Extremely Affordable: One-time fee for the Bro Shaver and $10 dollars for a box of a hundred blades.

Large Blade for a Fast Shave: A large blade surface area ensures you’re finished with the least amount of strokes.

Versatile: Bro Shaver is compatible with any brand of double edged blades

Travel Tear Down System: You can break it apart to store it in any bag or luggage.

Wet/Dry Cut: Works great even if you don’t have the time to use shaving cream or shower.

Warranty: A 60-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty is hard to beat.

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Non-Electric: It’s a manual razor blade, so you have to put in the work for your shave.
  • Angles Issues: Angles are harder to reach due to the large surface coverage. Especially for the original Bro Shaver.
  • A Big Grip for Small Hands: Users with smaller hands will have a harder time with the grip.
  • Plastic Material: The Bro Shaver is primarily made of plastic, which is lightweight, but not quite as durable as steel.


A marked improvement over the previous version, the Bro Shaver 2.2 is an excellent upgrade to a shaver’s repertoire. Featuring a few simple, but key traits, it makes shaving both the front and back easy as pie.

After all, why would you settle for a bro who only has your back or front? When the Bro Shaver 2.2. has you covered on both ends. Manscaping has never been easier than now when you get yourself one of these babies.