Best Callus ShaversThe Best Callus Shavers provide close-cuts yet in a safe manner. For many people, their feet are a touchy subject.  Either they like looking at them or prefer to keep them conveniently covered.  This is usually due to unsightly rough or dry areas as well as calluses.

The thought of spending so much time dealing with the likes of dead skin was a bit off-putting, but we did it. It’s hard to imagine the days before these beauty enhancers, the tootsies of most of our ancestors were probably best kept well hidden.

Best Callus Shavers 

1. Amope Electric Callus Shaver

The electric callus shaver that was tested here is the Amope brand. Amope, a well-known brand offers 2 models, preferring to offer a better quality with fewer choices than some other brands.  With fun colors and a streamlined design, they offer rollers that can be found at any drugstore or online resource.

The Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry is a step up from their standard model.  If offers the same comfort and has a roller head that isn’t recessed, which is handy for dry, big patches. This model is a wet and dry style with all the extra bells and whistles.  It has a rechargeable battery and ability to be used in the shower.  This model is more expensive than the basic model but works the same.

What makes this product unique is that it is shower safe.  This allows for all in one use, you can get everything done in one moment.  There is no need to spend extra time out of the shower to finish the job. Clean, shave and smooth feet all in one time.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Comfortable Design
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Readily Available
  • Shower Safe (Wet and Dry Model)


  • Only 2 Designs
  • Roller Slows When Battery is Low
  • Only 2 Roller Head Choices

2. Tweezerman Callus Shaver

The Tweezerman callus shaver being reviewed here is the Safety Slider Callus Shaver has two abilities.  It removes those hardy and nasty calluses but also works to smooth out the skin. Let’s face it, who couldn’t use a little skin softening on their feet?

This product is from a top-quality manufacturer.  It is a very comfortable design that feels good in the hand and is streamlined in appearance. It comes with a safety feature that allows you to slide and lock the shaver portion.  This offers added protection against injuries when not being used.

It works like a razor except for it doesn’t shave off hair, but rather skin. Truth be told it works a bit too well.  It should be used cautiously since one wrong move and it is possible to remove too much skin.  This has the potential to cause harm to the skin.

It does however gently glide over the skin and is inexpensive compared to how well it does operate.  In the beginning, this model can be a bit hard to maneuver.  It can take a couple tries to learn to work since it can seem a little awkward to use.

This product is best used on feet that have been recently soaked or shower since moistness helps with removing the calluses. When deciding to use the rasp for smoothing out the skin once the calluses have been removed it is easy.   Simply press the button that is conveniently located on the handle, then using your finger slip the shaver down into the case.  This will then expose the rasp which is then locked into place. Once this is done you can simply flip the device over and use the rasp to smooth the skin area.


  • Works Well
  • Safety Feature
  • Streamlined
  • Inexpensive for How it Performs


  • Works Too Well, Can Injure
  • Awkward to Use at First
  • Needs Moist Skin
  • Must Slide the Shaver Down into Place to Use Rasp

What makes this product uniquely special is the simple fact of how well it performs at removing calluses and smoothing skin. Once the technique is learned of how to properly use this product it can become a perfect tool for this use.

3. Microplane Hand Callus Shaver

The hand callus shaver being reviewed here is the Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp.  It is a handheld manual model that is rather large to maneuver.

The large size is great for the heel area which is typically always dry.  It does resemble a cheese grater that works in a forward and backward motion to remove that nasty dead skin. This product worked so well that it is highly recommended to take it slow, so that too much skin is removed at once which can cause discomfort.

What makes this product so special is how much area it can cover.  If there are large areas of dead skin or calluses that need to be removed at one time this will outperform, saving time.


  • Accurate
  • Can be Used in The Shower
  • Removes Large Amounts of Dead or Dry Skin
  • Great for Heel Area


  • Large Size
  • Difficult to Maneuver
  • It’s Manual
  • Can be Dangerous, Resembles a Cheese Grater

All in all, while each product had its own advantages and disadvantages it was hard to choose which one was the best.  For the bad areas that had lots of dead, dry or callused skin the manual handheld model was the best.
It didn’t, however, hold a candle to the electric model about ease of use or speed.

How To Use Hand Callus Shaver 

Tweezerman Shaver is The Winner 

The Tweezerman took the cake when it came to those OMG unsightly large calluses that stick out beside the large toe that can be painful in certain shoes. Each one has their own unique features and designs which make them all a great buy.

If only one could be selected it would have to be the Amope for daily use.  If used on a regular basis this prevents the dryness and size of calluses from getting to large or hard.  Then the other models wouldn’t be necessary at all. Perhaps it would be great to have them all.  When we forget to pamper our feet, the Tweezerman Callus Remover and Hand Callus Shaver would be handy.  After that, the Electric Callus Shaver could be used to keep the smooth, beautiful feel and appearance.