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Best of Norelco Shavers – Norelco Electric Shavers 2018

No matter how busy you are in life, everyone feels like you just do not have any time shave each and every day – so it is important to get a Norelco shaver that is quick, easy and does the job at hand that you need. It is important to have a shave that feels good but one with a razor that is not going to fail you by breaking or just not going to quality job.

You should expect that your razor should give you a smooth, clean feeling look time and time again. Your shaver should also be dependable and affordable in price.

Norelco shavers are some of the best ones that are in the market but they are not always going to be the most affordable ones but if you want to get a quality shaver and one that is going to last for a long time – the cheapest shaver is not going to be what you should only look at.

No matter what your needs are, you are going to find a Norelco shaver that is going to work for you for how and when you need it to work.

Different Types of Norelco Shavers

There are two basic distinctions between electric shavers: rotary and foil shavers. Foil type shavers have been around the longest and have blades that move from side to side. Rotary type shavers have three discs containing multiple blades that spin in circles around each other.

Rotary shavers are better to be used in awkward spaces but foil shavers are going to provide you with a closer cut on the flatter surfaces of your cheeks on your face. You should not buy a Norelco shaver that is not going to fit the needs you are expecting to get out of it.

How to Select the Best Norelco Shavers

Rotary type shavers are going to make the work of shaving much easier around the features of your face but you are not going to get a close of a shave as with foil shavers. You should also look at which models of shavers charge when and how you need them to.

You may also want to see just how quickly the shaver can deliver a complete shave for you – if you are always in a rush, this is most likely your number one quality you may be looking for in your next Norelco shaver. You also need to decide if you want a cheaper brand of a Norelco shaver or if you want one with all the bells and whistles.

You also need to look at the different attachments that the Norelco shavers come with and decide which one you want to go with. If you are rough on things in general, you may want to get Norelco shavers that are more durable in nature but are going to come with a steeper price tag.

 Philips Norelco 1150x/46 Men’s Shaver 6100 – Best For Stuble Look

The Norelco 6100 is packed with features that will give you a silky and smooth shave every time. With this model of Norelco shaver, you will get a 60-minute battery life with a quick charge option. The Norelco 6100 is equipped with a contour-following mechanism known as GyroFlex 2D.

The rotary heads on the Norelco shaver can bend and tilt to hug every curve that is on your face making sure to give you a close and comfortable shave time and time again. The Norelco 6100 shaver is equipped with DualPrecision heads that use slots for longer growth.

It is also equipped with holes that are going to make it possible to grab the tiniest stubble and trim it all smooth. Believe it or not, this Norelco 6100 shaver can be purchased for a price of just under $100 and yes, it is still considered to be the best Norelco shaver that you are going to be able to find on the market today.

Even though this Norelco shaver comes with a great price, as long as you are going to take care of your shaver, it should last you for a long time. The Norelco 6100 shaver is going to give you a surface that is going to easily glide over the skin on your face, making shaving a pleasure and leaving your skin smooth and relaxed.

Norelco 6100 with Features Galore

There are a total of 17 different features on the Norelco 6100 shaver. You will get a full grooming suite when you purchase this Norelco shaver. And with a long battery life, you are going to love the Norelco shaver even more. And best yet, with a quick five-minute quick charge, what more can you ask for?

You can shave wet or dry and still get the same smooth shave time and time again. You are not going to have the danger of getting a razor burn with this Norelco shaver. The ultra-smooth gliding head on the shaver is not going to be irritating to your skin.

Most purchasers of the Norelco 6100 love the model. No matter how you shave your face, the Norelco 6100 is going to be able to do the job for you. After experiencing stress free shavings using this Norelco shaver, you are going to be extremely pleased with it.

  • GyroFlex 2D for even shaves on more of your uneven surfaces
  • SkinGlide technology to eliminate any irritation that you have on your skin
  • DualPrecision heads are going to give a close shave
  • There is a time of one hour for full charge or five minutes for a quick charge, so you are never going to have to worry if there is going to be enough juice in your Norelco shaver
  • You get both wet and dry shaving options
  • The only disadvantage you are going to find with this shaver is that it is a little pricey but you are going to be able to get a terrific shaver for just under $100.

 Norelco OneBlade FFP – Budget Friendly Shaver

The Norelco OneBlade shaver allows for a clean, uniform shaving that is going to work great for any length of hair on your face. The Norelco OneBlade FFP is very simple to operate and is very affordable. This Norelco shaver is not the lowest Norelco price but has a lot of quality features that come with a low price.

The Norelco OneBlade FFP It the best Norelco shaver if you want a budget-friendly shaver. It has a dual-sided edging blade for precise lines on any length of hair on your face. This Norelco shaver conforms to the shape of your face for a comfortable and effective shave. This unit is great for clean edges, uniform trimming and gives you a great shave for a great bargain.

The double-edge blade on the Norelco OneBlade will last for about four months. This is the perfect shaver for the modern man. The Norelco OneBlade shaver is not going to give you the closest shave but the shaver is very flexible and very easy for one to use.

The Norelco OneBlade shaver does a great job with modern facial styles. The price of the Norelco OneBlade is outstanding considering all the different and very unique aspects that you get with it.

  • The Norelco OneBlade is a terrific price
  • It is very simple and intuitive in order to operate
  • Comes with different length guides for trimming without having to shave clean
  • The unit does a beautiful at edging
  • Has a long blade life
  • This is not a true shaver
  • Cannot get a smooth close shave
  • There are complaints that it breaks easily (so care must be used and you must take care of it)

Care and Maintenance of Norelco Shavers

Norelco shavers are many times going to last you a very long time. But if you really do want the Norelco shaver to last you a long time, it is going to be important that you take care of it and follow some maintenance techniques. It is important that you oil your Norelco shaver to keep it work at its best performance level.

A well-oiled Norelco shaver is going to give the head cuts down on friction that can result in both snagging and pulling of your hair. If you do not oil the Norelco shaver, it can also lead to skin irritation and heat buildup that can burn you over time.

It is also important that you make sure to clean your Norelco shaver with warm water after each and every use. When you clean the shaver after each use with warm water, it is going to keep the Norelco shaver shaving smoothly as well as preventing it from harboring any type of nasty bacteria that can cause infections to your face – which is something that you are definitely going to want to stay away from.

Failure to clean your Norelco shaver is also going to shorten the lifespan of its blades and its motor – making it where the shaver is not going to last as long you may be expecting it to last.

You should also always store your Norelco shaver in a dust-free area, such as in a box, in a cupboard or in a pouch when you are not using it. It is particularly important to do this when you are traveling with your Norelco shaver with it in your suitcase where lint from the clothes in the suitcase can get up into the Norelco shaver unit.

You should replace the blades on your Norelco shaver from time to time in order to maintain quick and smooth shave time and time again. All manufacturers (including Norelco) recommend doing this at least one time each year.

If you have been slacking on the cleaning and oiling your Norelco shaver, if you have fast-growing coarse hair or if you are otherwise noticing a decrease in the performance of your Norelco shaver, you should replace the blades on your Norelco shaver more often than just one time per year.

If you have dull blades on your Norelco shaver, it is going to make shaving take longer to complete and the unit can tug on the hair on your face and will cause irritation to the skin on your face. Do not put it off on replacing the blades on your Norelco shaver – your face will thank you for replacing your blades each year.

One more thing for you to remember when caring for your Norelco shaver is the battery. Unless you have a Norelco shaver that must be plugged in in order for it to run, you have a battery in your shaver. The battery in your Norelco shaver has a lifespan just as like the blades and motor do in your shaver.

Any expert is going to tell you that rechargeable batteries for any device, no matter if it is your shaver,  your mobile cell phone, laptop computer, or your cordless electric lawn mower, are going to last the longest when they are used correctly.

In order for you to prolong the life of your Norelco shaver battery, you must do two easy things. You should not charge your Norelco shaver battery until you need to do so. Just because you shaved your face for 20 minutes, it does not mean your Norelco shaver is going to need to be charged again right away.

It is very likely that your Norelco shaver is going to last for about three entire shaves. The next mistake many people make is that they overcharge the batteries in their shavers. Overcharging the battery in the Norelco shaver is going to cause the battery to heat up, prematurely shortening its life.

It is very important that you take care of your Norelco shaver battery, just as you do with the other components of your shaver. You need to always make sure to run the Norelco shaver battery just about dead before you charge it again. You also need to make sure to unplug the shaver as soon as you notice that is has a full charge. Take care of your battery and you will make the shaver last a long time.

To make sure you get a comfortable shave and a long lasting razor with your Norelco shaver, you need to make sure you perform all maintenance on your Norelco shaver over the entire lifetime of the shaver.

You do not want to start maintaining the shaver when you start to notice a buildup in it – because at this time, it may just be a little too late to care for the shaver. The simple maintenance you do to your Norelco shaver is going to make a shaver with the potential to last years or even decades.

Conclusion on Best Norelco Shavers

If you are still not sure which model might be the best Norelco shaver for you, you need to make sure you have your priorities figured out. You are going to want to compare the important qualities between two or three favorite models.

Some of the more important things to look at in your next Norelco shaver are going to most likely be the price, battery life, durability and added features.

It is best to try looking at just two or three features and see which ones you like most. You then are going to want to number them most to least important.

Top 10 Braun Electric Shavers Units – Complete Buyers Guide

Do you need a clean, smooth shave? Then Braun electric shavers are what you need. Braun is known as it makes high-quality electric shavers that are able to meet your needs. There are so many models that Braun electric shavers have developed which you can choose from. Choosing among the models can be a tough task, therefore, below is a list of the models that you can choose from.

In choosing which shaver is best for you, consider one that suits your facial hair and skin type. Consider the features, comfort, design and the style of the shaver that you prefer. Remember selecting the electric shaver that you want is a personal decision, thus your choice will not be someone else’s choice.

Top 10 Braun Electric shavers Units

Shaver Name
Best Feature
Braun Series 7 790CC Its face has 3 trimmers, two of the trimmers are called OptiFoil, and the other trimmer is between the 2 trimmers called ActiveLift.
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Braun Series 9 9095CCIt has the Wet&Dry technology, therefore, users are able to use the electric shaver with shaving gel for individuals with sensitive skin or on dry skin.
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Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040sIt is waterproof hence can be used in the shower
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Braun CoolTec Men’s Solo ShaverIt has a 3 stage cutting system which gives an individual a close shave and the razor is easy to clean.
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Braun Pocket Mobile Electric Foil Shaver for MenHas a wide Floating Foil that gives great coverage
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Braun Series 7 799CC-6 wet & Dry ShaverIt has an ActiveLift technology which is able to grab the flat-lying hair, it also enables you to reach the problematic areas leading to a smooth and clear-cut shave.
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Braun Series 5 550CC Shaver SystemThe model also has 3 blades which provide smooth shaves and also prevent skin irritation in wet & dry conditions
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Braun Series 5 5090ccWhen it’s fully charged, the razor is able to operate for 45 minutes of shaving run time before recharging it again.
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Braun Series 3 390 cc-4Has a cleaning and a charging station
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Braun waterFlex ShaverIts head rotates 330 for the ultimate adaptation around the neck, jaw and chin.
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1. Our First Choice Braun Series 7 790CC

Series 7 is the most popular electric shaver designed by the Braun Company. When it comes to the model 790cc, it’s the most sold out model . It is not only number one in our list, but it is also the best electric shaver in the market. Its shaver provides a smooth and a remarkable close shave.

Series 7 790cc is very different from the features of other electric shavers. It has rocked the market from 2010 till now. Its cost is very pocket friendly, it is one of the most budget electric shavers there is. Series 790cc is design with the sonic technology which is able to amplify the electric shaver’s power in areas that are hard to reach for the area could have thick hair.

The shavers have three trimmers the ActiveLift and two OptiFoil , the OptiFoil is able to cut hair that is as short as 0.05mm. Buying this product guarantees a good return for your money. The 3 set of blades enables you to shave any size of facial hair.


  • Its face has 3 trimmers, two of the trimmers  are called OptiFoil, the other trimmer is between the 2 trimmers called ActiveLift.
  • It has three personalization modes which are the; Intensive, Extra Sensitive and Normal
  • It has a flexible head which enables it to quickly move around on the contours of your face
  • It is a Pulsonic electric shaver as it produces 10,000micro vibration in 60 seconds, allowing it to capture more hair in every stroke.
  • The shaver also has a pop-up trimmer which is for trimming sideburns, beards and mustache.
  • It has a pivoting head
  • It comes with an alcohol based cleaning and  a Charging Dock, the alcohol is able to kill 99% of germs using just a single button.
  • Has a solid built quality
  • Its budget friendly
  • Has an automatic cleaning and charging dock
  • Its one hour charging equals to a fifty minute usage
  • It has personalization modes
  • It has a flexible and a pivoting head.
  • Absence of a Wet&Dry Technology
  • The shaver produces a bit of a loud sound while shaving

2. Our Second Choice The Braun Series 9 9095CC

Braun Series 9 9095CC is the latest electric shaver model which Braun has released to the market. The shaver has a cool appearance as it’s covered by shiny chrome plastic. This electric shavers works the same way as the series 7 790cc does, the only difference is that, this series has an extra trimmer which is called Direct & Cut.

The extra trimmer helps in aligning hairs that grow in different directions and cutting them out. Series 9 9095cc has HyperLift trimmer which replaces the ActiveLift trimmer in series 7 790cc. The HyperLift trimmer  is more advanced and it also eradicates the flat hairs.

The Braun series 9 9095cc  has a Pulsonic shaver which produces 40,000 cross-cutting actions in 60 seconds . It has a closer shave when compared to the series790cc ,although the difference is not that pronounced. This shaver is a bit more comfortable to your skin. Its LED battery is able to show the hygiene status and the status of the battery.

It has an automatic specification within, which is controlled by a single button. The automatic functions includes; charging, cleaning, drying and lubricating. The best part of this device, is the razor head design which enables you to reach the hard-to-reach areas; for instance under the nose and the beard easily.

While shaving the precision is from the multi-headlock which is able to adjust into 5 different angles. Therefore, giving you an irritation free shave particularly in the neck area, which is where you will have hair growing against your skin.


  • It has pop-up trimmer
  • It has the Wet&Dry technology, therefore, users are able to use the electric shaver with shaving gel for individuals with sensitive skin or on dry skin.
  • It has a Cleaning & Charge station
  • It has a blade type foil
  • Its shaving element is 5
  • It has an additional trimmer called the Direct & Cut
  • It has a Wet&Dry Technology
  • It provides a close shaving experience
  • Has a travel lock
  • It has 40,000 Cross cutting actions
  • Shaves and cleans very efficiently
  • It has a two year warranty
  • It is more expensive than the Series 790cc
  • It has a poor built quality as it has a plastic head

3. Our Third Choice is Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

When it comes to Braun, it provides some of the best electric shavers in the market; their models are also quite affordable. The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is not only very affordable but it also gives a great shaving experience. For most individuals, they are looking for a shaver that has an ease of access. This is because; a lot of shavers have a steep learning curve, for they have a lot of features that at times are unnecessary.

For the ProSkin 3040s electric shaver it is one of the best, due to its ease of access. Thus, you do not need to worry about messing up things as its one of the easiest shavers to operate in the market. This shaver is tough on the beards and smooth on your skin. Its precision is excellent, the shaver does not allow you to have repeated stroke on the same area of your skin; so as to have a close shave which will result to skin irritation.

It prevents skin irritation, for it has an intuitive design which is present in most shavers by Braun. Proskin is not the exception, in fact it has another upgrade as its pressure sensitive; Hence, the need of you pressing the razor gently on your skin. The shaver is rechargeable  consequently you can carry it when you are travelling.


  • It has a built-in display, which shows the remaining life of your battery. The displayed life may not be precise; it’s convenient as it does not allow you to charge whenever you want.
  • The shaver does not require its user to wet there face before shaving, this is most convenient for people who want to shave when they get out of bed and leave for work.
  • The shaver takes time before it is fully charged; therefore, you can leave it overnight or you can charge it when you do not need it.
  • It is affordable
  • The shaver is quite easy to use
  • It is waterproof hence can be used in the shower
  • It is an excellent value for your money
  • It does not require the user to wet their face
  • It has a Premium Grade battery which is converted to 45 minutes of shaving
  • It offers a good shave, it has a SensoFoil which leaves the skin in comfort after shaving
  • The shave leaves stubble on the face after shaving
  • It is not user-friendly to individuals who are first timers in using electronic shavers
  • It makes a lot of noise while shaving
  • It is not able to reach the areas around the throat.

4. Our fourth choice is Braun CoolTec Men’s Solo Shaver

This is another model of shavers which is designed by the Braun industry. It is known to be the best for sensitive skin due to its Cooling Technology aspect. The Braun CoolTech has a cooling effect on the skin while you are shaving. It is able to emit a cool sensation of 200  just with a single press of a button.

Do you worry about bumpy red jawline or neck? With the Braun CoolTech, you do not need to, as it prevents skin irritation every time you shave. The razor is also waterproof; hence, you are able to use it even in the shower. The razor being 100% waterproof allows it to be washed, when it gets dirty or when you have shaved thick hair or a hairy face.

Braun CoolTech is known as a sensitive skin specialist, this is because, the model has Thermo Electric Cooling system which minimizes reaction when shaving. With its cooling technology, Braun CoolTech is set apart from other electric shaver in the market and even from other models from Braun Electric Shavers. On pushing the button, a temperature of 200 is set while shaving, which creates  a refreshing and a cooling effect.

When you are shaving, you do not need to put gels or foam on your face, for the shaver does not cause any redness or harm on your face at all. This shaver is best for beginners in shaving due to its ease of use. The Braun CoolTech is appropriate  for a young man who is not introduced to the world of clean and fine shaving.


  • It has a 3 stage cutting system which gives an individual a close shave and the razor is easy to clean.
  • It has a clean and charge technologies, 99% of germs are able to be wiped out.
  • It has LED display technology, its charge time is an hour and its shaving time is for 45 minutes.
  • It is able to shave uniformly by cutting off direct facial hair which leaves a smooth sensation
  • A CoolTech system which makes the razor’s blades cools while you are using it.
  • It also has a portable charger that you can carry around.
  • Has an Active Cooling Technology
  • You are able to use it while you are in the shower
  • Its running time is about 45 minutes
  • Has an Automatic lubrication which is for optimal cutting efficiency
  • The blades are not close enough to the top quality blades
  • The battery life is greatly reduced when the cooling system is used
  • It is incompatible with external cooling methods

5. Our Fifth choice is The Braun Pocket Mobile Electric Foil Shaver for Men

With the Pocket Mobile Shaver, you will be able to shave even in your car; you will be able to shave anywhere any time you think that you need the shave badly. You do not need to worry about the efficiency or the quality of the shaver because it is at its top notch. Braun industries made sure of that, the razor has a wide Floating Foil which gives you a good coverage in les amount of strokes and time.

This device is the best in giving you the essentials that you need in your shaving. With shaving on the go, you are able to get a standard quality shave result while you are on the go. The Pocket Mobile Shaver works best for an adult man who is balancing his time and ensuring that he does not look like a man who comes from the mountains.


  • Has a wide Floating Foil that gives  great coverage
  • The electric razor is washable
  • The electric shaver  battery Operates within a 60 minute running time for the battery
  • The Braun Pocket Mobile Shaver razors shave on the go
  • The shavers have come with a twist cap that protects the foil when using the shaver.
  • It has a comfortable shaving from the wide Floating Foil
  • Has an Electric razor that you can clean easily with a quick rinse on running water
  • It has a twist cap which protects the foils when not in use.
  • Its razor does not come with its replacement parts
  • Their  razors heat up easily when its used for a longer time which results to skin burns
  • The device can get flimsy because of the poor design

6. Our Sixth Choice The Braun Series 7 799CC-6 wet & Dry Shaver

The Braun series 7 799CC-6 is the latest model from the series 7 line of electric shavers by Braun. The model is a wet & dry electric shaver, this means that it is 100% waterproof thus you are able to use it while you are in the shower. You can also use it using a shaving gel or foam, the razor comes  in 3 personalization setting modes; the normal, extra sensitive and intensive modes.

Each of the modes are made to suit the different zones that are on your face, the shave from the razor is adjustable to fit the type of beard and the type of skin that you have. It has a smaller head, when it is compared to other shavers, this makes  easy maneuverability for the shaver. You are also able to see clearly when shaving.


  • It is a foil shaver, thus able to give you a close and precise shaving
  • It has an ActiveLift technology which is able to grab the flat-lying hair, it also enables you to reach the problematic areas leading to a smooth and  clear-cut shave.
  • It also has an intelligent sonic technology which has 10,000 micro vibrations which gives a more thorough shave.
  • Has an alcohol cleaning agent perfect for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Has an automatic cleaning charging system with a shorter cleaning cycle and a silent drying cycle.
  • Has a flexible shaving head so as to easily adapt to your facial contours
  • Its capable of lifting flat-lying hair to give a smoother shave
  • It has a Wet & Dry shave capability
  • Has a 3 personalization settings modes which is for the different zones of your face
  • Its fast in charging and has a longer shaving capacity on a single charge
  • OptiFoil design which allows the foil to capture more hair leading to a closer shave.
  • it can only be operated cordless, you cannot use it when its plugged in

7. Our Seventh Choice is The Braun Series 5 550CC Shaver System

Are you looking for an improved wet & dry electric shaver which is more flexible and better  at shaving the particularly hard areas on your face? Well then, the Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System is what you need. With this shaver you are able to reach hair in places like the chin or the jawline.

The Series 5 550CC is able to cut both the long and short facial hairs by the use of the adaptive head and top technologies which includes;

  • ActiveLift which is for raising and cutting hair more closely
  • The OptiFoil which is able to capture and cut more hair

The shaver is powered by lithium battery which is fully charged within an hour which will in turn provide a long running time while shaving.  The razor is capable of provide enough power for a complete charge with only a few minutes of charging. Not to forget the Braun Series 5-550CC shaver has an automatic charging station which is able to dry, lubricate and clean the razor with just a touch of a button.

When it comes to its cleaning station, it is flimsy and it has a tendency of breaking easily. This is not a big problem considering that the  model is 100% waterproof therefore, you can easily clean with the included brush under running water.


  • The model also has 3 blades which provide smooth shaves and also prevent skin irritation in wet & dry conditions.
  • Has a smart plug voltage adapter which converts between the 100 volts and the 240 volts.
  • Has a pop-out trimmer which allows men to be able to tidy up their mustaches and beards.
  • The shaver is light weight and its able to fit into your hands nicely
  • It has a travel case, this allows you to carry your Braun Series 5-550CC everywhere you go
  • It has a handy LED display screen which  displays the charging and hygienic status.
  • Individuals are able to use it under both the wet & dry conditions
  • It has a small design which makes it easy to handle
  • Has a flexible head, ActLift and an OptiFoil technologies which provide a smooth close shave
  • Has a lithium battery which offers a long shaving time, its fully charged within an hour of charging
  • Has an automatic charging, drying, lubricating and cleaning system
  • You are able to have a quick five minute charge for an immediate shave
  • Has a nice, convenient pop-out hair trimmer for your mustaches and beards.
  • Has a handy voltage adapter which is excellent for your international travels
  • Its size can be too small for some users.
  • Its charging base is cheaply  manufactured therefore, it can easily break
  • It has a narrow shaving surface and a slower motor compared to other models; hence, leading to you taking a lot of time in shaving your facial hair
  • Has a slow motor which slows down the shaving process even the more

8. Our Eighth Choice is The Braun Series 5 5090cc

The Braun Series 5 5090cc offers close, smooth and handy capabilities which make it one of the best models that you can get in the market. This model has medium length stubble, which requires up to four strokes on the same area so as to get the desired shave. Despite the many strokes, the shaver does not irritate the skin. Series 5 5090cc can either be used in wet or dry shaving, you can use it in the shower or with a shaving gel or foam on your face.


  • When it’s fully charged, the razor is able to operate for 45 minutes of shaving run time before recharging it again.
  • The razor has a pivoting shaving head which makes shaving on jaw line or chin much easier.
  • It has a battery indicator which shows the battery level therefore, you can tell when to recharge it
  • It has a corded option that allows you to use the razor when the battery is not fully charged.
  • The razor has measurements of; 6.5 x 2.5×1.5 inches, this is the normal size for an electric shaver.
  • When its fully charged you are able to get 45 minutes of running time while shaving cordless
  • It has a flexible cutting element which allows thorough shaving of the facial hair
  • It has a precision trimmer which allows you shave your sideburns as you desire
  • Presence of  easy access to the control while using the razor
  • You can rinse the Braun shaver under tap water, although its cleaning station offers a thorough wash
  • The Braun shaver series 5 5090cc has a travel pouch with a travel-lock function which prevents the razor to  going off randomly.
  • It has the LED screen that shows when the travel lock is in place, it also indicates the hygiene and the battery status.
  • Series 5 5090cc has a two year warranty
  • Its weight of two pounds is considered a bit heavy for some of the users.
  • With a medium-length stubble it took four strokes on the same area for a close shave to be obtained

9. Our Ninth Choice is The Braun Series 3 390 cc-4

The shaver and the unit is made of a sleek black casing with blue highlights, this makes it have a premium line look even if it is not. The Braun Series 3 is the latest line for men from the Braun industries. It is a premium line of shavers which will require one to spend a little more so as to have the best shaving experience there is.

Its shaving head moves and glides against the skin of your face, in the process adapting every single contour and angle that your face has. This results into a clean, close shave irrespective of the shape of your face. The Braun shaver has three different adaptive blades for shaving, which is built in within the shaver.

The blades are floating, each of them aimed at trimming either long or short hair using the Triple action Cutting System. The 3 different blades trim different type of hair for instance short or long hair. Hence, the series 3 390cc shaver is easily controlled and you will still end up with a free irritant shave.

The Clean and Renew system is able to clean and lubricate the Braun shaver; hence, restoring the razor to a new-like condition every single time you use and clean it. The Clean and Renew system is quite simple to use, the system is able to clean, charge and lubricate automatically your shaver. To do this, put the head of your shaver into the unit then press the button.

The Clean and Renew containers are in 4 refill packs kit, each of the kit has an alcohol-based solution for cleaning. The solution is essential as it kills 99.99% of germs also they have a sweet scent of fresh lemon. The use of a Clean and Renew system has proven to be able eradicate more bacteria on your shaver than when you simply wash it under running water.


  • The Braun Series 3 390cc-4 shaver has a cleaning and a charging station
  • It has a foil-style head which is for either wet or dry shave
  • It is cordless and rechargeable
  • The built in foil which is at the head of the shaver is made up of Braun’s  original SensoFoil technology. The foil is made of hundreds of tiny holes which trap hair without pulling or tugging. The hair is then neatly trimmed off the surface of the skin.
  • It has a long pop-up hair trimmer which is appropriate for trimming your beards, mustache and sideburns
  • It has a close shave
  • Has a 4 stage LED display which tells you the status of your electric shaver for instance, when it needs to be charged or how much power the battery still has.
  • They have optimized foils which makes shaving quite easy
  • It has a clean and renewable unit
  • The blades in the shaver are Triple Action Free Float System
  • The razor is 100% waterproof thus you can use it in the shower or you can also applying shaving cream when using it.
  • You will not be able to use an older Braun shaver with the new Series 3 Clean and Renew system

10. Our Tenth Choice is The Braun waterFlex Shaver

The Braun WaterFlex shaver provides an amazing skin comfort with an exceptional close shave even in the problematic areas. This is possible because of its contours adaptive swivel head up to an angle of 330. The WaterFlex shaver combines Braun’s excellent ergonomic designs   and a non-slip grip as it has tiny dots, with the addition of the High German quality standards.

It’s designed to be specifically used in the shower or with a shaving gel or foam, this enables you to be comfortable while having and it also prevents skin irritation. The product has a power button at its front  and the LED battery indicators hidden under a black plastic center. The LEDs blink green when they are in use or when they are charging. When it’s fully charged it will light up continuously.

If your LED has a low charge it blinks red; note that it should be able to provide enough power until you finish your shaving. When it’s fully charged the shaver will be able to run for 45 minutes when it’s continuously used.   For safety reasons, the shaver does not work when it is charging.

When cleaning your WaterFlex shaver, allowing water to run on the shaving head is enough to remove any of the shaving gel or foam residues; plus any hairs present on the shaver. However, it is essential for you  to clean the shaver appropriately using the included brush. With the three blade cutting system, cuts are neatly done, the rotating head adjusting to the different contours and shape of your face.

You can active the integrated trimmer by pushing it up, the trimmer does an excellent job in trimming sideburns or any long hair before a shave. The razor comes in different colors; that is red, black, blue and white. The razor has a triple cutting system which surrounds the middle trimmer, the 2 OptiBlades are advanced foil design from the Braun industry. They have special geometry which allows a deep shave.

Braun Series 5 WaterFlex battery does  not deteriorate with time, therefore, be sure that you will continue to use your battery as it will still be able to keep its charge up to the foreseeable future.  When it comes to the WaterFlex, you are able to have a closer shave as it takes advantage of the fact that a close shave usually result when you shave right after having a shower. This is because ;warm water softens your skin thus allowing a closer shave. The best fact being that the shaver is waterproof.


  • It has the wet & dry feature, this makes it flexible as you are able to shave the way you would want.
  • It has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with no memory effect
  • Two stage LED display for battery status
  • Its head rotates 330 for the ultimate adaptation around the neck, jaw and chin.
  • For precise styling it has precision of long-hair trimmer
  • it is a basic waterproof electric shaver
  • it is not slippery when wet due to the Thermo Plastic Elastomer material used
  • it has an ergonomic, slip-free handle
  • has an extendable trimmer
  • it takes an hour to be fully charged and 45 minutes of running shaving time
  • It does not have a docking station
  • It also does not offer cleaning and lubricating capabilities

When it comes to Braun, it is known to make the best, high-quality, durable and affordable electric shavers in the market. The above list covers just some of the best electric shavers by Braun that you can pick from. Braun is not only a popular line for electric shavers but it is also the top-selling brand of electric shavers. Hence, if you need an electric shaver pick one of the models of Series 7,5 or 3; for a close, smooth shave and free irritant skin.

Braun shavers are the best shavers in the market. There pivoting feature and tilting heads allows the Braun electric shavers to be able to provide an excellent close shave.