Cheap Electric Shavers – Cheapest Shavers For Mens Reviewed

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Cheap Electric Shavers - Cheapest Shavers For Mens

A fantastic shave is something that each and every individual love to have.

Whether its in trimming your beard, shaving your head or legs, or getting that perfect edge on your beard or new hair


Everyone wants the best results because getting in close and personal with our razors- is a daily occurrence for many.

In fact, we have to get so personal so often that “good” razors can seemingly break the bank, costing upwards of one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars for a good shave.

Additionally, there are so many options out on the market, that by the time you chose “the right one” you may have added several inches on to your beard.

So, the question for most people is- well what do I do?

Luck for you, our team of experts has researched, tested, and ranked the razors that are affordable, leave your skin happy, and most importantly, give you a fantastic shave whenever you need it.

We have compared several aspects of these electronic shavers such as closeness, easy to use, blade types, skin irritation, longevity, and effectiveness.

Then we compiled them all for you to pick and choose the perfect blade based on your wants and needs. Below are the results for fantastic razor under forty dollars.

Shaver NameBest FeaturePrice
Braun Series 7 790cc-4Intelligent Sonic Technology
Check Price
Braun Series 9 9090ccIdeal for shaving black skin
Check Price
Panasonic ES-LV9N-SClose shave
Check Price
Panasonic ES8243Aflexible pivoting head
Check Price
Philips Norelco S9311 Long Battery Life
Check Price
Braun Series 7899ccExtremely close shave and fast
Check Price
Braun Electric Shaver, Series 9 9290ccWet/Dry Shaver
Check Price
ES8243A Arc4 Electric RazorWet and dry technology
Check Price
Panasonic ES-RW30-S smooth shave
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Our 1st Choice : Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor

A fantastic find for under $40, this razor boasts the highest quality foil blades that the market has to offer. Primarily geared towards facial hair removal this dual blade technology leaves your face feeling soft, stubble free and ready for your day in just minutes.

With the ability to perform well for the general shaving needs you will never be let down or disappointed. The only downside to this particular blade is the difficulty to get into the tighter regions of the face while shaving, which can cause problems for some.

However, this blade excels in other aspects of our evaluations and the durability, easy cleaning, and performance reliability will keep you satisfied for many years to come.

  • Great pivot and flex for facial shaving
  • Easy to clean
  • Long run time 60+ mins
  • Struggles with long hairs

Our Second Choice: SweetLF 3D Rechargeable 100% Waterproof IPX7

This sleek three faceted razors are perfect for all of your shaving needs. Surprisingly quiet, this waterproof handheld device is not only premium for facial hair, but excellent for head, legs or underarm shaving as well.

Receiving stellar results from both dry, and wet shaving there is no razor burn, dried out skin, or irritation when using it for your shaving needs.  Coming in just under thirty dollars this boasts a medium price point for a fantastic product.

The long-lasting charge, build, and technology give you the most durable product without paying a fortune. It is for these reasons our team of specialists have chosen the SweetLF as our top choice in these razor reviews.

  • Long run time 60+ mins
  • floating heads
  • Wet/ dry shaver is quiet
  • Water proof
  • Shave is less precise
  • Strength of shaver is varied

Our Third Choice: Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver

A cordless three blade threat, this razor has the lowest price range of the selection we offer.  Designed to emphasize a soft shave and an easy to grip handle made for anyone to use, this blade perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Due to this design this blade is not fantastic for shaving in narrow spaces. It is best suited for shaving legs, arms, backs, top of the head, and jawline. These blades were designed to trim to all types of hair, however during our reviewing sessions it was found that thick beard hair yielded a poorer result and took a bit longer to finish.

Despite its blade limitations, this tool boasts a fantastic bargain for under twenty dollars, and the long-lasting abilities will keep you satisfied for several years. Additionally, this blade works weeks exceptionally well in both wet and dry conditions- allowing you to use it whenever you need too.

  • Delivers a great shave when charged
  • Larger
  • Water proof
  • Close shaves with short hair
  • Bad with thick, longer hairs
  • Three blades, not heads


Our 4th Choice: Braun Electric Shaver Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Deemed a top-level razor by several professionals and our review board. This totally waterproof device delivers a close shave with the tri-tip blades. Additionally, this device, boasts an easy to clean outlet for you.

However, in our experiences and testing with this shaver we found some significant problems that led us to question if the to good to be true price, really is too good to be true. Through the trial process our team discovered that to more often the razor was used the more damage to skin and less effective the blades were.

By the fifth shave the battery life, and effectiveness of each shave was diminished exponentially. Similarly, as the uses increased, the more prone to dying the battery charged device becomes. Overall while the price for this shaver is in the middle of our list, it doesn’t run at the top of our lists due to the issues experienced regarding skin and effectiveness.

  • Great shave when close and effective
  • Water Proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Leaves skin dry and irritated
  • Lots of redo’s because of missed hair
  • Shorter Battery Life

Our 5th Choice: SURKER Electric Shaver

Our final shaver is the SURKER Electric shaver.  This razor falls under twenty dollars and is an international product designed and created in China. Able to shave in both dry and wet conditions, this product is fantastically quiet and lightweight. Adding significate value is the close shave delivered by the tri-tip head.

This tool is easy to grip, hold, and can go in any environment that you need it too. Our experts were surprisingly pleased with the first few shaves this piece offered, however as the uses increased, everything else decreased. The charge began to drain faster and faster as the uses went on, and the blades had an unpredictable habit of irritating skin or missing patches repeatedly.

The lightness of the blade began to give way to the cheap materials used and habitually would violently vibrate, paired with a long high-pitched whine. Overall our team was not impressed with this product in many forms. While it is cheaper than the traditional razor, there is also a great number of draw backs that leave us wondering if it was worth it.


  • Shave both Wet and Dry
  • Great price
  • Close shave when clean and charged
  • Becomes louder over time
  • Causes some irritation
  • Loses effectiveness over each shave




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