Older men always face challenges while shaving every day. This is because the face develops contours with age which make shaving more difficult. You will have to purchase an electric razor: one with convenient features for your face and skin. You will also need to follow certain safety measures. 

However, there are affordable models of electric razors that work well on all hair and skin types.  This guide will provide a list of the best electric razors for elderly men as well as shaving and grooming tips for the elderly.

What is the best electric razor for elderly men?

As an older man, you need an electric razor with the best features for a clean and smooth shave. For this reason, I have compiled the best electric razors on the market below.

Razor Model Charge Time Use Time Best for  
Braun electric razor series 9, 9290cc 60 minutes (5 minutes quick charge option) 60 minutes Overall best
Braun Series  7 Men’s Electric Razor, 790cc 60 minutes 50 minutes Disabled
Philips Norelco 9700  60 minutes 60 minutes Loose skin
Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor 60 minutes 45 minutes Eczema
Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 Electric Razor 60 minutes  45 minutes Dementia patients


1.Philips Norelco 9000 Prestige SP9820/87– Best Overall 

The best electric razor for elderly men is the Braun electric razor series 9, 9290cc. This version can withstand the stresses of demanding use. It is an upgrade form the Braun electric razor series 7. This device has features aplenty, which makes it the best electric razor for senior man.


Braun Series 9 has a sturdy sonic technology that allows you to shave more hair in just one stroke. It has five synchronized shaving elements. This model includes a SkinGuard for seamless functioning, as well as four cutting elements. It has an adaptive shaving motor and ten thousand micro-vibrations for a dense beard. 


This device is 100% waterproof and is very durable. It can last for seven years. It has ten flexible heads and can shave with gel, foam, water, or dry.

Strong battery life

This electric razor has strong battery life. With a 60 minutes charge time (5 minutes quick charge option), you get 50 minutes of cordless shaving.

Why is it the best?

Braun’s electric razor has the most advanced shaving system. This electric razor has two trimmers, with a titanium coating, capable of shaving even the trickiest hair. This model is more capable of withstanding the stress of a demanding use than the Series 7. Also, it has AutoSense and Intelligent Sonic technology, which enables you to reach the hardest places.

2. Panasonic ARC5 Electric RazorBest electric shaver for the disabled 

The Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor by Panasonic has a Shave Sensor Technology for excellent shaving results. This model includes several features that make it the best electric shaver for disabled men. Its premium metal finish makes it comfortable to hold.

This device has a clean sonic mode that allows you to clean the shaving head after using it. It has five cutting elements which allow much hair to be captured and cut in a single stroke. These cutting elements perform specific tasks, thereby giving you a close and comfortable shaving experience. 

Easy to use

Panasonic Arc5 is a user-friendly electric razor. It is designed in such a way that it offers you both convenience and comfort. 


Its five ultra-sharp and precision-honed with 30° of Nanotech blade makes it right for all hair. With the ultra-thin and ARC foil, this electric shaver is capable of following your facial contours. This model includes a pop-up trimmer that sideburns, mustaches, and beards.


This flexible shaver head traces different contours of the jaw, neck, chin, and face. It is waterproof, meaning that you can shave at your convenient time, in or out of your shower. 

Why is it best for the disabled?

Panasonic Arc5 electric razor has a linear motor that is capable of delivering about 14,000 cuts per minute. This feature makes it stand out from other models provided by this manufacturer. It is comfortable and handy yet very powerful, making it the best electric shaver for disabled users. 

3.Philips Norelco 9700 – Best electric shaver for loose skin –

If you are looking for an advanced shaver for older men, Philips Shaver 9700 is the right choice for you. This device processes a lot of features that make it the best electric shaver for loose skin. Its contour detect technology makes it able to move in about eight directors.

Philips Norelco 9700 electric shaver follows every curve of your neck and face. And this makes it able to cut about 20% more hair in a single stroke. It is very easy to use. 


This model has V-Track Precision Blades, which allows it to cut your hair in an optimal position. It includes an excellent dual-filtration system that cleans gel, foam, and hair smoothly. Its SmartClean PLUS System cleans, dries, lubricates, and charges the shavers automatically.


You can customize the shave by choosing a speed setting. This electric shaver is sensitive for a gentle yet thorough shave. 

Battery life

This electric model has great battery life. With a 60 minutes charge time, you get 60 minutes of cordless shaving.

Why is it best for Loose Skin?

Philips Norelco 9700 has an excellent cleaning station and is capable of cutting hairs of various lengths. This model has the most advanced shaving system than other models provided by this manufacturer. When you also consider other features like its contour detect technology, you know why this model is the best electric shaver for loose skin.

4.Braun Series 7 Men’s Electric Razor, 790cc – Best electric shaver for Eczema – 

The Series 7 electric razor by Braun is ideal if you want a close and gentle shave. This device is well-known for achieving excellent results, with skin comfort and closeness when shaving. With creative shaving technology and intelligent features, this electric razor captures much hair in one stroke. 

Braun’s electric razor series 7 comes with five modes. Its excellent shaving technology is one reason why it is the best electric shaver for men. The cleaning and charging stations of this device are very efficient. This electric razor is comfortable to use, though replacement blades may sometimes suck. 

This electric razor is very powerful yet gentle to the skin. This feature is one reason why it is the best electric shaver for eczema. 


Braun’s Series 7 electric razor has five shaving elements for SkinGuard and cutting. This model has two foils and a middle cutter that lifts hairs lying flat and cuts them at a low level. The two foils cut the hairs at skin level, giving you excellent shaving results. With smart AutoSense and Sonic technology, you are sure of getting excellent shaving results with Braun series 7. 

Contour adapting

This electric razor has ten directional contour adapting features that make it ideal for the skin. This device is capable of reaching hard areas. 

Battery life

This electric razor has strong battery life. With a 60 minutes charge time, you get 50 minutes of cordless shaving.

Why is it best for eczema?

Braun electric razor series 7, 790cc has an ActiveLift system, which makes it able to capture hairs that lie flat on the skin’s surface. This feature, among others, distinguishes it from other models and makes it suitable for sensitive skin

 5.Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 Electric Razor – Best electric razor for dementia patients

If you need a comfortable and clean shave, you should go for this best electric razor for elderly men. This electric shaver is very efficient and easy to use. It includes a lot of features that make it suitable for dementia patients. 

This electric razor runs on efficient Panasonic 13,000 CPM of the linear-drive motor. With its convenient pivoting head, you are sure of a faster, cleaner, and smoother shave. Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 electric shaver has a curved head that enhances grooming comfort. 


The Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 electric razor has four ultra-sharp, precision-honed, and hypoallergenic Nanotech-based razor blades. It includes a multi-Flex quick-pivoting electric razor head and an excellent motor system. This model has stainless steel and micro-thin foils that hold, capture, and lifts hairs. 

Gentle on the skin

This device can lift and position hairs for a clean and gentle shave for all skin types. And this is one of the reasons why it is the best electric shaver for old men.

Battery life

This electric razor has great battery durability. With a 60 minutes charge time, you get 45 minutes of cordless shaving.

Why is it best for dementia patients?

Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 electric shaver has a flexible shaving head with a solid body. This model has blades that provide a clean shave with minimal effect. Its ease-of-use is a standout feature that makes it well-suited for dementia patients. You don’t have to stroke multiple times for a clean shave. 

How to shave an elderly man with an electric razor

Shaving is one challenging task that men have to deal with every day. Besides buying the best men’s electric razor for seniors, you need to follow some safety measures. I will list some safety tips to help you shave an elderly man with an electric razor.

​Safety Tips for Elders Who Use Electric Shavers

Common Preparations before Shaving

Before you start shaving an elderly man, you need to ensure that the room is well lit. It will enable you to see the face and all edges. You will need shaving supplies such as an electric razor, mirror, shaving foam, lukewarm water, and a clean towel.

Shaving Technique

​While shaving elderly men, you will need to apply the following special care and technique:

    • ​Place a clean towel under his chin, to avoid getting wet with water drops.
    • ​Apply shaving foam to get a closest and silky-smooth shave
    • ​Use a safety razor, and handle it carefully. Please do not make it quick; relax and shave, avoid cuts
    • ​Shave against the roots or grain of the hairs. Adjust the shaver accordingly as elders have thin and sensitive skin with a lot of wrinkles.
    • ​Be more careful while shaving the nose, mouth, chin, neck, and other face edges.
    • ​Rinse the electric razor once you finish, and use a warm cloth to wipe the leftover shaving foam from the face.
    • ​While using aftershave products for skincare, use natural-based and chemical-free products, such as coconut oil or olive oil. These natural products moisturize the skin and avoid skin irritations.

Grooming Tips for Elderly

Most times, providing the best help to the elderly for grooming involves a professional. People make use of home health care services or live-in care for this purpose. These caregivers are trained to provide all the hygiene and grooming that an elderly patient needs. However, you can try some of these tips:


  • You should allow your loved one to choose where to bath. But keep in mind that bathing in a tub is more convenient and safer than a shower. 
  • Ensure that safety measures are in place to make falls less likely. You can provide handrails, non-stick strips, and benches.
  • Have a regular bathing schedule and ensure that everything is ready during the process.
  • Don’t be in a rush. Stay calm and take it slowly.


  • Always help, but encourage self-dressing whenever possible.
  • Avoid clothing that might be too tight or uncomfortable. 
  • You should enable them to pick out their clothes. You can layout several outfits and allow them to choose.
  • Slip-on clothes, Velcro, and zippers can be easier than clasps and buttons.

Hair Care

  • Make sure you regularly wash, not necessarily every day.
  • You can use the kitchen sink if the bathroom is difficult.
  • Let them make their choice of a hairstyle but encourage one that is easy to manage.
  • You can take your loved one to the hair salon if they enjoy it, and it’s an option.

Oral Care

  • It would be best if you cleaned teeth at least once a day
  •  Go to the dentist regularly.
  • If your loved one cannot grip a regular toothbrush easily, use an electric toothbrush.
  • Check dentures regularly for damage and fittings. They should be kept out of the mouth 6 hours a day so the gums will rest.

Best Electric Razor for Elderly Man UK

Every elderly man needs an electric razor with the best features for a clean and smooth shave. For this reason, I have compiled the best electric razors on the market below.

Ease of use

Braun’s electric shaver is easy to use. It has a ten-directional pivoting head and two titanium-coated trimmers. This feature enables a comfortable and clean shave.


It has a weighty design, including directional flex and micro-vibrations technology. This means that you can get rid of much hair with a few strokes. This makes it the best men’s electric razor for seniors.

6.Philips Series 9000 Prestige Edition

The “Prestige” edition of Philips’ Series 9000 shaver is another excellent electric razor for old men. This model is very pricey but makes up for it with advanced features. It costs about £288.


Philips Series 9000 Prestige Edition has wireless charging and NanoTech blades. It is very efficient. With a few strokes, you can shave a lot of hair.


This model is very durable. It has the best rotary razors available with waterproofing, a silky smooth multidirectional head, and speedy charging. 

7.Braun Series 5 5140s

Braun’s Series 5 may not be as advanced as the Series 9, but it performs basic operations efficiently. This model is a good option when considering your budget. It costs about £75.


Braun Series 5 5140s has an eight-directional head, which helps you trim hard spots. The feature is why this model is one of the best electric razors for elderly men.

Long battery life

This electric razor has excellent battery life. It is waterproof and takes only 60 minutes to charge for a runtime of 50 minutes. 

8.Philips Series 5000

This electric shaver is affordable and efficient. You can purchase one with about £74. This model captures stray hairs easily and allows you to shave much hair in a few strokes.


It has a rotary-style shaving head that captures stray hairs easily. This feature enables a clean and smooth shave. This model includes blades with significant surface area to ensure excellent shaving results. 

Strong battery

This device has a good battery capacity. With a 60 minutes charge time, you get 40 minutes cordless shaving. 

In conclusion 

I hope you are well equipped to choose a suitable electric razor. Now, you can overcome the challenges of shaving older guys! Either way, leave a comment below!

I want to hear from you:

  • What helped you make a choice of an electric razor?
  • Which of the electric shavers worked best for you?
  • Was this post enough to help you overcome the challenges of shaving older guys?