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Ever since the first electric shavers were invented in the first three decades of the last century, men have enjoyed a pleasant alternative to the boring and oftentimes even dangerous ritual of morning shaving.

Those who use an electric razor would agree that shaving with one of these gadgets is much easier and convenient.

Electric shavers are considered both helpful and practical because, unlike ordinary manual razors, using them does not result in cuts, nicks, or skin irritation.

Most of the new models are equipped with fast rotary blades that are said to reduce the total shaving time by up to 50 percent.

In addition, today’s electric shavers can be used just about anywhere and at any time you like.

Below is our top 5 electric razors reviews available on the market this summer.

Shaver NameBest FeaturePrice
Panasonic ES8109S Arc 3Long Lasting Battery
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Panasonic ES8243Aflexible pivoting head
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Panasonic ES-LT41-K 1300 RPM linear motor drive
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Panasonic ES-RT51-S14000 cuts per minute
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Panasonic ES-RW30-S smooth shave
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Panasonic ES-LV61-Alighter than others
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Our 1st Choice: Braun Series 9293 Electric Razor

If you have used electric razors in the past, you probably are quite familiar with Braun, the German company that has been in the forefront of electric razor technology ever since 1930s, when Max Braun developed its first prototype of electric shaver.

Today’s fans of electric razors from Vancouver to Vladivostok unanimously agree that Braun Series 9 models are the holy grail of electric razors, offering their user build, comfort and performance second to none. The first contact with a Series 9 razor is very special, because the user immediately realizes he has got something truly unique in his hands. This electric razor is made from chrome-finished plastic so, however sleek it may look, it is quite robust and well built.

Exceptionally Close Shave

Its number one advantage over the competition is the extremely close shave that it delivers. This close shave is the result of Braun’s use a four-way shear system combining floating grills with four cutting elements and two Optifoil foils, to come very close to a traditional shave. Braun says a Series 9 razor can perform as many as 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to give its user a truly-exceptional shaving experience. The series offers wet and dry models. As the name suggests, the former can be used with shaving foam, while the latter cannot. All the 92xx models are wet & dry and can be used with shaving foam or gel.

Cleaning and Battery Life

First and foremost it should be mentioned here that all the models ending in “cc” come with a cleaning and charging station, whereas those ending in “s” are offered without a cleaning station. I would personally recommend a cc razor, because the cleaning station gets all of the hairs out of the blades and simultaneously disinfects them while your razor is recharging.

Believe it or not, but it can automatically determine how dirty your razor is and select the best cleaning program. The razors from this series can go about 60 minutes on a single charge, plus five-minute “emergency charge” feature which gives you a little extra time in case you may need such.

Foil Cutter Head Replacement Cassette

Braun recommends that that the cutter and foil cassette should be replaced every 9 or 18 months. However, some users of the original Series 9 shavers have complain that the cutting head goes blunt much earlier than the promised period. Braun says the newer replacement head, model 92s, is titanium coated and has been redesigned so as to better withstand the power of the razor. It costs about $55 to replace.

Our Second Choice:The Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV9N-S

The Panasonic experts have applied state-of-the art blade technology to the Panasonic ARC5 Series razors to give their users a unique shaving experience with precision blades of extraordinary strength and performance. The Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV9N-S, ES-LV95-S & ES-LV81-K razors are said to be the Rolls Royce machines in the world of men’s electric shavers, despite their relatively high retail price.

The World’s First Five-Blade Electric Razor

The Panasonic ES-LV models are the world’s first 5-blade linear electric razors. They are foil shavers, designed with five arched cutting elements.

This technology offers its users a smooth and pleasant shave, as close as the one provided by the Braun Series 9 razors.

The powerful wet/dry, ARC 5-blade system combines tailored shaving performance with multi-blade precision to gently cut through facial hair for consistently smooth results. The super-sharp Nanotech™ blades and ARC foils are forged from premium Japanese stainless steel.

Each of its floating stainless-steel blades is honed to a perfect 30-degree angle for exceptional durability and sharpness.

Minor Disadvantages

The reason why we rank this razor behind Braun Series 9 is that it feels a bit heavier and bulkier in the hand, compared to its closest rival and its larger head is bit more difficult to maneuver. Also Panasonic ES-LV95-S (the older model) used to give a slightly too aggressive shave. The Panasonic team has fixed this by adding gold rollers on their latest models (ES-LV9N-S, ES-LV9A-S, ES-LV9B-S) right next to the cutting elements. The rollers allow the razor to glide smoothly over the user’s face offering an exceptional shave without irritation.

Personalized Comfort

If you are one of those men that religiously shave their face every single morning, while at the same time you want to keep your skin fresh and youthful, then the Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV9N-S, with its gold rollers, might be the perfect electric razor for you.  As you shave, an advanced 3D Multi-Flex™ Pivoting Head flexes up-and-down, side-to-side and back-and-forth, following the individual contours of your face, neck and jaw to give you the most comfortable shave at the beginning of your day.

High-End Performance

Powered by a highly-efficient 14,000 CPM linear-drive motor, this Panasonic razor also boasts a beard sensor that automatically adjusts power levels to match varying beard densities on the face, chin and neck. And when shaving is done, a pop-up trimmer adds the perfect touch to sideburns and mustaches.

100% Waterproof

When you are in a hurry, this razor provides a surprisingly quick and smooth dry shave. As it is designed to be 100% washable, it performs quite efficiently in the shower or over the sink using your favorite shaving foam or gel.

Our Third Choice: Philips S9311

Staunch fans of electric razors know that there are those who prefer foil shavers and those who go for rotary razors. For the latter group, the Norelco Series 9000 shavers are the ultimate shaving machines out there.

Astonishing Design

To start with, this electric razor has an astonishing body shape featuring a nicely-contoured grip, making it extremely easy to maneuver the razor around your face, while at the same time it offers an exceptionally close shave.

Philips’ Revolutionary Contour Detecting Technology

What makes this electric razor stand out in the crowd is its 8-direction ContourDetectHeads. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, the shaver’s head, consisting of three replaceable cutting heads, is elevated above its body where the three rotary blades can pivot, flex and tilt much easier than on a traditional electric razor.

The cutting heads should be replaced every year or so. Each of them has 3 layers of grooves, which are designed and positioned so as to be able to get all of the different types of hair which grow on a man’s face.

Cleaning Dock

The cleaning dock for the Norelco 9000 series, which Philips calls the SmartClean system is rather bulky, but it is otherwise quite efficient. The manufacturer recommends to clean your Philips Norelco razor after each use, as failing to do so will significantly decrease its performance.

Charging Options

Philips says the battery of the Norelco 9000 series takes about sixty minutes to charge, adding that a fully-charged battery provides the user with about fifty minutes of shaving time The quick-charge option allows you to charge the razor for five minutes and get enough power for a 3-minute shave. You can charge your electric shaver using the cleaning dock, which simultaneously cleans and charges the device, or through its power adapter.

Either way, the battery takes one hour to fully charge. The screen displays the battery charge progress as a series of five bars with each bar representing about 20% of power. When the fifth bar stops blinking, then the shaver can be removed from the cleaning station or the power adapter.

Our Fourth Choice: Braun Series 9290

The Braun Series 9 is а smart electric razor with four synchronized shaving elements that is said to be capable of shaving in one stroke what other shavers do in two. This series boasts an innovative sonic technology and an intelligent AutoSensing motor, which enable the razor to shave even dense beards with astounding efficiency.

The 5 Turbo-/Sensitive-Modes adjust the shaver for extra power and gentleness at a push of a button.

Long-Running Tradition

These razors have been around for seventeen long years now and have many loyal followers around the globe. The Braun Series 9 provides the best balance in terms of performance and value for money. If you do not insist on having the latest shaver and want something proven over the years, then the Braun Series 7 might be the perfect electric razor for you.

Five Shaving Modes

The Series 9 shavers boast a fully flexible pivoting head that follows the contours of your face with ease. The latest series 9 models feature five separate shaving modes, whereas the older models feature only three. The modes allow you to choose between, aggressive shaving for heavily bearded individuals, normal mode, and an extra sensitive mode for those with sensitive skin, plus two intermediary modes. Whichever mode you choose, be advised that if you press too hard while shaving, you may feel some burn on the skin of your face.

8-D Flexible Shaving System

The 8 directional flexible shaver head follows even the most complex facial contours. The latest models in this series are also equipped with individually floating foils and trimmer, mounted on a pivoting head with Micro and MacroMotion. It makes skin contact as close as 0.05 mm.

Upgraded Models

Braun recently updated the series 7 line of electric razors with several new models.  While the older models start with the prefix 77xx, the latest ones start with 78xx.  As far as we could see, the changes are effectively cosmetic, without any factual performance improvements. Other than some design differences, the newer models can be used with shaving foams and gels, while the older versions did not support this feature.  Also, the newer models have five personalization shaving modes, while the older ones have only three.

Clean & Charge Station

The series boast the world‘s only 4-action alcohol-based clean and charge station that lubricates your electric razor while charging it.


Your Braun Series 7 electric razor comes with an innovative clean and charge station, a spare cleaning cartridge, a smart plug-in adapter, plus a travel pouch and a cleaning brush.

Our Fifth Choice: Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System

Although ranked number five on our list, the Braun Cool Tec shaver is the first to ever integrate an aluminum “cooling bar”, designed to reduce the effect that is widely known as razor burn – the burning and irritation some men get even by quality electric razors.

The cooling bar also reduces moisture and lessens tension in the skin in order to help deliver a smooth shave and cool the skin afterwards, thus soothing any irritation that may occur. Happy users say that the cooling bar is like having an ice block against your skin as you shave, adding that it feels really nice even if you do not typically suffer from razor burn.

Not the Closest Shave Ever

The Braun CoolTec is not a rotary shaver. It has only three cutting elements on, two of which move independently to give the user a decent shave. However, our testers noticed that it is not quite as close as the more expensive Braun Series 9. Ultimately, that’s one of the trade-offs you have to make for the razor’s lower price. There is one important thing to mention about this Braun model and namely that you cannot use it with any shaving foams, gels or lotions.

Clean and Renew Station

The Clean & Renew system makes the maintenance of your Braun shaver a piece of cake. All you have to do is properly install the cleaning cartridge, place your shaver in the unit and press the start button. The system automatically commences the cleaning process. After cleaning is done, the station lubricates your razor to ensure that all of its moving parts function in absolute harmony. After lubrication is completed, the cleaning unit will finally charge your shaving device.

To maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the cleaning process, you have to keep a good supply of cleaning cartridges handy, though your CoolTec can still be cleaned under running water with the enclosed cleaning brush just as well. The cartridge packs that work with the Braun CoolTec contain alcohol, which will hygienically remove bacteria and grime from your electric razor and give it a fresh lemon scent. If you use the cleaning function at least twice a week a brand new cleaning cartridge should be installed every ninety days.

Battery Life

The internal rechargeable battery takes one hour to fully charge and lasts about 45 minutes, or for a good one-and-a-half weeks’ worth of shaves. The cooling feature can be used for up to 15 minutes on a single charge. The LED display indicates the status of your razor and will keep you updated about the charging level, or if the battery is about to die down. It also shows the hygiene status and tells you when it is time to clean your device.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Razor

An excellent electric razor may be the most important men’s companion when it comes to effective personal hygiene. In the world of men’s hygiene, it can be quite difficult to choose between all of the different brands on the market and find the razor that is the right shaving device for you – there are razors with two, three, four or five blades; foil or rotary; wet/dry, precision heads, flex motion, etc.

There’s no way to navigate your way through all of the competing ad claims and confusing descriptions without trying them all.  We know very well that finding the electric shaver to best fit your specific skin type, facial hair, and personal preferences can be an arduous task. Choosing an excellent electric razor is a process that should be governed by a number of important factors including comfort, ease of cleaning, the closeness of the shave provided, shaving performance, overall value for the manufacturer’s asking price, and durability.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, our team produced the above comprehensive list highlighting the top 5 electric razors released on the market in June 2018. Our selection standard is highly professional and objective. For your convenience, the above chart provides an estimated retail price of each of the discussed electric razor models. As with everything else, a quality electric razor comes at a relatively high price and, as you can see, our champion costs nearly five hundred dollars.

However, there are some heavy-duty electric shavers that do an excellent job and are in the more convenient price range of $150-$300. So, when you are looking to buy and electric shaver, always set your budget first before reading about your options and seeing what is out there. The blades are also important. Top electric shavers have at least 3 blade options and come equipped with a pop out trimmer. Having said that, we think that our # 3 pick, the Philips Norelco Series S931,1 offers the best efficiency, precision and comfort of shaving for its retail price.

Reasons to Switch to an Electric Razor


Electric shavers are so easy to use. What’s great is that they’re also extremely convenient. They travel well, and can be used for a dry shave when needed.

Shave time

The time it takes to shave is cut down significantly due to the shaving elements of electric shavers. They’re designed to cut hair in one stroke (mostly) to save time.

No Cuts!

The annoying nicks and cuts you get from a blade are eliminated. That alone saves time… and tissue.

Reduction of skin irriation

No one wants razor burn, and now your chances of getting it are slim to none.

Cost efficient

Electric shavers are by no means “cheap.” However, the price you pay for one is going to actually save you money in the long. You won’t need to be constantly replacing blades, or the razor.

The “Not so Great” Aspects

We strive to bring you trusted reviews, so clearly we’re not going to leave you in the dark when it comes to the cons of an electric shaver.

  • Not so close- Electric shavers are known to give great shaves, but they’re not the best at providing extremely close ones.
  • Charging- They will need to be charged frequently, which can be tedious. Finding a lifeless shaver when you’re in a hurry can certainly put a damper in your day.
  • Price– Some electric shaver prices may make your jaw drop, but they’re pricey for a good reason. The quality, speed, and design are worth the extra dollar (or 50).
  • Noise- The continuous buzzing is clearly something you don’t need, or want, to deal with when using a classic razor.

If you’re ready to take the plunge on an electric shaver, we’ve got the best of the best just a click away.

Additional Things To Consider

An electric shaver is the way to go in getting a satisfying shave. Electric shavers have different features depending on the product which you prefer. Before making a purchase, it is important for you to understand the electric shavers; plus the service they can offer to you. Let’s look at key aspects to consider before you purchase an electric shaver for men:

Foil versus rotary

This is a very important aspect to put into consideration when purchasing an electric shaver for men. This is because, for a foil shaver, it gives you a cleaner plus smoother shave in areas of your face that need little to no contouring.

Although due to its design, it is not able to contour your face as well as a rotary shaver can.

Rotary shaver allows you to shave in circular motion, this you cannot do with a foil shaver. For foil shaver, you can either shave in rectangular or square design.

Therefore, the foil shaver is not able to do well in areas on your face that have problems. The foil shaver will only allow you to move up and down or left to right, this is a personal preference in choosing the kind of shaver to have.

Cordless Vs Corded

When getting a shaver, you can either choose one that is corded or cordless, or the products can be used in both ways.

They both have their own pros and cons, for instance, corded products do not rely on internal battery source so as to have a shave.

It offers the same performance because of the output. When it comes to a cordless shaver, you are able to use it in different angles. You will not have a cord on your way during shaving.


With this feature, your decision on a certain electric shaver can either be made or broken. A dry razor can be used on your skin when the skin is dry.

However, for a Wet Dry Technology, your face can be lubricated with foam or gel when you are using the shaver.

This gives a cleaner plus a smoother shave, this feature needs to be considered although it’s a preference feature.


How easy can you use it and how comfortable it is, is another aspect to consider when getting the best electric shaver for men. When it comes to comfort, the more comfortable you are in using it the better your shaving experience. The overall comfort of a shaver is increased when the product is straightforward and easy to use.

Cleaning stations

When buying an electric shaver, its ease of cleaning is something that you need to consider.

Some products have a cleaning and a storage station thus making maintenance of your product easy.

That said, there are products that require you to manually clean it, therefore, you will not need this feature. In the event that you will need a product that is easy to maintain, this feature is suitable.

Our Final Say

Let’s face it, no man likes spending precious time in the morning grooming his face hair to prepare for his day ahead. Purchasing an electric razor is a solution to minimize the impact on your daily grind. An electric shaver will not only help you save time, but it will also help you keep looking your best.

All of the electric razors discussed in this review are waterproof, so you can use any of them dry or in the shower. You will love their incredible charge to use ratio and that they are capable of such a close shave. All of them come with a clean and charge station that keeps your device clean, lubricated, and charged. Why look anywhere else? If you want to save time and keep your facial hair looking better than ever, we recommend buying an electric shaver without further delay.

Of course there are those who have never been inclined to think that an electric razor could come any close to a manual one in terms of shaving efficiency. We advise them to try to get a free, promotional electric razor and give it a shot. You can first try it on your four-day-grown beard that you have first trimmed down a bit.

Most of the electric razor pessimist complain that shaving with one of these takes longer than with a manual razor and does not get as close either. Also, they say that using an electric shaver does not fully prevent you from getting skin irritation. So, if you are still frowning at your electric shaving device after the tenth try, perhaps you had better return it to the retailer and go back to the good old-fashioned manual razor.

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