5 Best Electric Shavers For Teenagers [Boys & Girls]

Best Electric Shavers for TeenagersAs a teenager, you may start to experience hair growth in different areas of your body. Finding the right shavers that suit your sensitive skin can be a difficult task at times.

However, there are some electric shavers for teens that have been designed especially for the sensitive skin of teenagers.

In this article, we have gathered a list of the electric razors for teenagers. Besides the skin sensitive blades of these shavers, they also have other amazing feaures that make them the best for teens.

Best Electric Shavers for Teenage Boys

1. Braun Series 5 5147s

The Braun Series 5 5147s electric shaver is a mid-range grid shaver from the German manufacturer. It is nevertheless a luxury razor for a teenager given its many features. 

Water Proof

This razor has “Wet & Dry” technology which allows shaving on dry or wet skin, with foam, gel, or even in the shower. The Braun Series 5 5147s is also waterproof, so you can easily clean it under running water. 

Battery Life 

The battery life is similar to other higher-end models: a full charge takes about an hour for 50 minutes of autonomy. A screen also displays the status of the battery in real-time.

The special feature of the Braun Series 5 5147s which sets it apart from the competition is that it has special sensitive skin technology. This technology is made up of an “auto-sensor” motor which adapts to the density of your beard for an effective shave with each pass.

Skin Sensitivity 

Also, the flexible ultra-soft head for the skin adapts to eight different directions to capture hair even in hard-to-reach areas. With fewer passages needed, the razor does less harm to the skin by protecting it from irritation and burns.

Besides, the shaving foils have 899 unique openings that can shave very fine hair of 0.058 mm and perfectly protect the skin for lasting softness. As for the “ActiveLift” function, it is supposed to capture the hairs lying on the skin and the hairs growing in different directions.

Finally, there is a sliding precision trimmer to easily outline the beard, mustache, and legs. Accessory elements include a travel pouch and cleaning brush.

2.Philips S3120 08 Series 3000 Rechargeable Dry Electric Shaver

The Philips S3120 / 08 shaver makes shaving simple, convenient, and comfortable at a very affordable price. This shaver is designed to work with or without wire. Use the power cord to shave while your device is charging. When it is charged, you can shave wirelessly.

Water Proof

In terms of maintenance, opening with a single press makes cleaning easier. Just open the heads and rinse them thoroughly underwater. However, no accessories are supplied with the Philips S3120 / 08

Battery Life

In terms of autonomy, you will benefit from approximately 50 minutes of autonomy, or approximately 17 shaves, for 1 hour of charge. You can also choose to shave with the shaver connected to the mains.

Skin Sensitivity

As a teen, you may have skin prone to irritation or razor bumps, the soft movements of the contours of rounded heads allow a skin-friendly shave. Indeed, the heads fitted with “ComfortCut” blades with rounded edges slide perfectly on the skin to protect it from cuts and scratches.

The flexible heads perform 4 independent movements to adapt to all the curves of your face, to facilitate shaving, even at the level of the neck and jaw. To perfect your look, you can also use the retractable trimmer of the Philips S3120 / 08, ideal for maintaining the mustache and trimming the legs.

Best Electric Shavers for Teenage Girls 

Electric shavers for teenage girls make shaving quick and easy and can often be used in the shower. Also, they are much safer and prevent irritation and cuts. They are also easily transportable and can accompany you on all your trips. However, we advise you to confine yourself to the big brands that offer high-quality products. These necessarily offer the electric shaver for teenage girls with the characteristics that suit you. 

2.Philips HP6341 / 00 – Best Electric Shaver For Teenage Girls

The Philips HP 6341/00 is a versatile electric razor for shaving the bikini line, underarms or legs. It is an electric razor that is part of the Ladyshave range. 

Water Proof 

Also, it is completely waterproof and can be used on dry or wet skin and you can even use it in the shower. In addition to the razor and batteries, it will be delivered with a protective cap, which prevents the deposit of particles on the blades, and a cleaning brush perfect for the maintenance of the razor.

Battery Life

This is an elegant pink and white electric razor that runs on batteries (2 AA batteries provided), which saves you the problems posed by an often invasive wire. 

Skin Sensitivity 

The Philips HP6341 / 00 electric shaver for teenage girls has a small shaving head and a floating grid, which allows a quick cut while protecting your teenage skin from any irritations or cuts but which also gives a feeling of softness after use.

Its shaving head being removable, it is also easy to clean and its small size will allow you to have no problem taking it in hand and slip it in your luggage during all your trips. Its handling is also improved thanks to a non-slip handle. 

The Philips HP6341 / 00 electric shaver is guaranteed for 2 years and has an installation and user guide fully translated into French.

3. Silk-Epil Braun 

The Silk-Epil Braun is an electric shaver for teenage girls which is ideal for treating sensitive and delicate areas such as the legs, armpits, and bikini line. 

Water Proof 

Also, it is completely waterproof, which can be used to shave dry skin and wet skin and it is even possible to use it in the shower

Battery Life 

This electric shaver for female teens comes with a long lasting battery. A one hour charge can last you for up to 17 years.

Skin Sensitivity 

The Silk-Epil Braun electric razor has a very elegant light blue design and is fitted with a floating grill and a trimmer, which guarantees a perfect and close shave and rounded trimmer tips that glide smoothly over the skin. It also makes it possible to shave and exfoliate in a single gesture, with exceptional softness, which ensures a close shave followed by a light peel thanks to the vibrations of the exfoliating accessory.

In addition to this exfoliating accessory, the Silk-Epil Braun electric shaver for teenage girls also has a clipper accessory and a swivel cap. In addition to the three aforementioned accessories, you will find a cleaning brush, a cable to recharge the shaver battery and a carrying bag to take your Silk-Epil Braun electric shaver for teenage girls on the go.

Best Electric Shaver for Teenager UK model

The Philips Serie 9000 Shaver

This innovative device is the result of technological research carried out by the brand. It is considered to be the most comfortable and efficient electric shaver in the world. Effectively, the number of mower passages is reduced compared to other models so the cutting of hair is efficient.

Shaving becomes faster with this device. Also, the user does not feel any irritation. It can be used even on the most sensitive areas. This makes it a great choice for teenagers.

Best Electric Shaver for Teenager Australia Model

It is a better razor that can trim beards that are barely 3 days old. It’s HyperLift & Cut cutting device has been designed to identify the most stubborn hairs without any difficulty. The package contains another powerful cutting device called DirectCut. This accessory can detect hairs growing in different directions. This is a great asset when you think about the fact that teenage hair grows in a somewhat scattered manner. 

Buyer’s Guide

Features Teenage Shavers Need

Whatever type of razor you choose the criteria for quality and performance will be the same. This is what we will reveal below, in particular for teen electric shavers.

Power Supply

Depending on the model, you can either connect the device to the power supply, use batteries or a rechargeable battery. The idea is a razor you can use in sector mode or battery mode if possible. In this way, you will benefit from a cordless shaver but, if it is running out of charge, you can always plug it into the power. Then, concerning battery razors, their autonomy, as well as their power, turns out to be more limited.


For cordless razors (the most sold), autonomy will be a crucial criterion. In truth, depending on the razors, it can vary between thirty and 120 minutes. It is suddenly the point to verify if you want the best electric razor for teens. The charger will also need to be fast, the standard being around 1 hour. Note that some razors can be recharged via a USB port.

Water Resistance

For teenagers who appreciate shaving in the shower, the level of water resistance will be a decisive criterion. Indeed, the vast majority of models are cleaned underwater but not all of them can be used for too long underwater and are therefore not designed for showering.

Teenage Shaving Tips 

Even with the best razor in the world, using your device for the first time can get you excited. Below are a few quick tips to help you get started safely and quickly.

Start with a Hot Shower

Showering will help soothe your skin, making it easier to cut strands of hair.

Apply And Lather The Gel or Shaving Cream

The shaving gel or cream can greatly facilitate the sliding of the razor on your skin. It can also shape the strands of hair to help them stand out more.

Shave With The Grain

It may be tempting to start shaving against the grain as it cuts closer to the skin, but this can increase the likelihood of strands of ingrown hair and skin irritation.

Shave in soft, short strokes

Avoid pushing too hard as you could put your skin in contact with the oscillating blades. Work at a steady pace and with a firm hand.

Replace your blades regularly

Dull blades can irritate your skin and force you to cycle through multiple areas, which is complicated.

Wash after

Rinse off all gel or shaving creams, then apply a cleaning product. This includes either a moisturizer or a facial lotion. This will help prevent your skin from drying out and flaking.

What Age Should Teens Start Shaving 

There is no hard and fast rule for starting to shave. We all grow up in different ways and at different rates. I would recommend approaching the men in your family, such as your father, brothers, or uncles, and asking how old they were when their beards started to come in.

At the end of the day, you only need to start shaving when your untamed hair becomes visible to others. You will probably get some comments from your teachers or parents about this.

The Difference between Adult Skin and Teenage as it relates to Shaving

Generally, when it comes to shaving, teenage skin appears to be more sensitive when compared to that of adults. Teenage skin is more susceptible to grits and cuts due to its sensitivity and the inexperience of the teenager as well.

However, the issue of inexperience can be curtailed by seeking shaving tips from the adults in your family. Making use of the right electric shavers like the ones listed above will go a long way to protect your sensitive and delicate teenage skin. 


Shaving for the first time can be very intimidating for teenagers, especially if you don’t have an adult to guide you. But believe me when I say that if you start with an electric razor, the learning process will go much faster!

It never looks good to have an untamed uneven beard on your face, even in adolescence. So if you notice strands of hair wandering in the mirror, it’s time to take control of the situation. You can have a real advantage if you start to determine your style early.

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