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Owning an electric shaver is an important part of male grooming. Impressions matter and you will want to consistently look your best.

A large part of keeping your image respectively good is keeping your stub in check, especially in a professional setup.

It goes without saying that in the market you will encounter all sorts of blades, but it will help to remember that they are built different, and certain models avail some unique qualities.

It is through the assessment of a number of factors that you will be able to choose the item that suits you best.

Cost is important. As you think of what to buy, the price is a key determinant, with the amount you need to fork out to own a certain shaver determining if you deem it a worthy investment or not.

At this point in the purchase process, your budget for one such item is a key determinant.

Flexibility. In the market, most shavers have the capability to adjust to at least three blade options. For flexibility purposes, the more the better.

A pop-out trimmer is a standard feature in the blades you see on the shelves today. This particular feature is of great help when dealing with long hairs or giving your sideburns a trim.

Different blades have different capabilities as far as speed goes. This speed is a reference to how fast the blade is capable of moving, and not how fast you can use it. This speed is usually measured in CPM, and the higher the CPM, the more efficient the blade is likely to be and vice versa. The higher the CPM, the better, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Power functionality is an important factor to consider as well. It will be good to have a shaver that can run for at least an hour without the cord after it has been fully charged.

You may want to get something that offers longevity in that aspect as this comes in handy quite often, especially when you travel. Higher end models will tend to serve better in this aspect when fully charged.

Of key importance is whether you use gel or simply prefer the convenience of shaving dry.

The capacity of the shaver to give you a good trim whether you just woke up or just from the shower will be a key determinant whether the model suits you or not.

This is an easier aspect of dealing with though, as most shavers in the market today are both wet and dry. This flexibility will give a good cut for both wet and dry shaves.

For certainty purposes, enquire about this feature or check the feature listing on the box.

Most importantly, buy a shaver with a solid guarantee and warranty. Perfection is still a quality that is a work in progress when it comes to off-the-shelf electronics, and anything may come up immediately after you have made a purchase.

It is good to remember that even a 30-day money-back guarantee can be a lifesaver in the event of an unforeseen mishap.

Top Electric shavers in 2018

Shaver NameBest FeaturePrice
Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 7865ccVisually appealing
Check Price
Povos 4d Electric RazorCompact size allows it to fit easily on the counter
Check Price
Braun Electric Shaver, Series 9 9290ccCompletely flexible head
Check Price
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc
2 year manufacturer warranty
Check Price
Remington F5-5800 Foil ShaverVery close shave
Check Price

Our 1st Choice: Hatteker Mens Beard Trimmer Kit

This particular model has been in the market for the better part of a decade. In that time, it has clocked a record number of sales and remains a success story. The German company Braun produced one of the most balanced and best performing electric shavers out there today. In every aspect, the 790CC is indeed a market leader on this platform.

As one of its best features, the shaver gives an amazingly close shave. This close, smooth shave is better in relative comparison to other top shavers in the market today.

This is a blade with three trimmers, with two-named ‘OptiFoil,’ and the third which is within the first two called ‘ActiveLift.’ This particular design is functional, with the OptiFoil enabling the shaver to cover more facial hair in fewer strokes.

The ActiveLift serves to cut the shorter hairs, while handling the in-grown ones as well.  This model is equipped with a mechanism that runs at 10000 micro-vibrations per minute (10000CPM). This impressive speed ensures great performance and a clean shave.

Another impressive feature of this model is its flexible head. This moves to your facial contours easy and comfortable, ensuring a close trim on all panes. It is equipped with three personalization modes, Normal, Intensive and Extra Sensitive. This valuable feature makes an adjustment to your preferred or most suitable choice possible. You simply adjust to suit your skin type and hairs and shave. An additional feature is a pop-up trimmer that trims beards as well as your sideburns and moustache.

It also comes with an alcohol-based cleaning dock, which doubles as the charger. This cleaner is capable of killing 99% of germs at the simple push of a button. This hygienic feature is a plus.

  • Being modestly priced, it is pocket-friendly. Cost can prove to be a deterrent, and as economics dictate, the most expensive items don’t get purchased or replaced a lot.
  • It has a flexible, pivoting head that gives a comfortable, close shave. This guarantees comfort when shaving without having to move your wrist too much.
  • It has three personalization modes, enabling you to adjust to your individual preferences and have a personalized shaving experience.
  • The item is properly assembled in a solid build quality
  • The one major flaw with the Braun Series 7 790CC is that it lacks the wet and dry technology
  • With such a balance an array of impressive features, this electric shaver is indeed a leading model.


Our Second Choice: Panasonic Nose Trimmer

It is equipped with relatively more power and more cutting elements, wrapped in a newer design. At the time of the launch, it was the most expensive model as far as electric shavers in the market go.

With its impressive introduction, Panasonic added some changes to the line, with the most impressive being a new shaving head with the wet and dry operation for all of its new shavers. This is a feature that is conspicuously absent in the previous models.

This package came with an automatic cleaning/charging station.

The Braun Series 9 9290CC is bound to be one of the best-selling among the series 9 shavers as it’s sold at a more affordable price compared to other variations in the series. It is not particularly cheap, but it is important to note that the price tag is justified.

This impressive model has four cutting elements, one more than the Series 7 790CC. It has two foils (OptiFoils) that give a clean, close shave.

They use the brand’s trademark hexagonal holes as opposed to traditional round holes, intended to capture hairs better. It also has a unique, novelty HyperLift and Cut trimmer. This is a distinct feature for the series 9 shavers.

This trimmer lifts and cuts hairs that lie closer to the skin.

This model employs SyncroSonic technology. In simpler terms, it can read the density of the beard and adjust the power output as is necessary.

This innovative feature replaced the older mechanism that was equipped on the Series 7 where the user had to adjust the power for suitability depending on the area one was shaving. It is important to note that specific high-end Panasonic shavers bear a similar feature as well.

  • Easy to use, very convenient. It has a textured grip with a rubber feel that is comfortable and feels great in your hand
  • It is waterproof. Some shavers are only partially splashed and waterproof, but the Braun Series 9 9290CC is entirely waterproof.
  • it run out of power when you’re away, with probably no place to charge it.
  • It has a big head, meaning  shaving smaller spaces like the area under the nose can prove rather challenging
  • Manual cleaning of the shaver can prove tedious
  • The shaver itself is expensive, which can be a turnoff for quite some buyers
  • Cleaning cartridges are somewhat expensive

Our Third Choice: Bovon Multifunctional All in One Men’s Grooming Kit

The  is one of the best shavers regarding getting value for money. Despite being a somewhat costly investment, this shaver is one that guarantees some of the cleanest and closest shaves possible. It is right up there with the other elites when it comes to reliable and exceptional performance. It ensures a clean, close shave with a natural feel, a clean trim that is smooth to the touch. All this is done at an impressive speed, saving you a lot of time when grooming.

On Amazon, this shaver can be yours from $198.99

The Panasonic ES-LV95 comes with a screen that accurately displays how much time has been spent shaving, and how much battery is available at the time you switch off the shaver. It also comes with a cleaning station that comes in handy when you want to remove all hair from the blade. This is done with the simple push of a button. It also comes with a protective cover if you don’t want to put it back in the cleaning station.

  • Shaving with the Panasonic ES-LV95 is fast and simple.
  • It has a handy display that gives important usage statistics for a better user experience
  • It comes with a cleaning station, which is a great addition

Our 4th Choice: Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG7750

The features of this electric shaver make it one of the best rotary shavers for the head and beard. When it comes to rotary shavers, Philips is a true leader on the platform. This is the most comfortable rotary shaver, and it sticks with your skin as it moves around your facial contours to give a comfortable, smooth shave.

The Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D is priced at $195 on Amazon.

It consists of three independent round foils. With a pivot on the head, the movement is easy, and the head easily turns to give a close shave. This flexibility gives it the ability to move in a range of directions to reach all hairs and stubbles.

This movement proves particularly vital when shaving your head, and makes it the best trimmer for a bald person. It has the unique ability to move in three dimensions, with the head suitably named the ‘GyroFlex 3D’. It has a Super Lift&Cut feature similar to the ActiveLift found in Braun and Panasonic models in the same category.

  • The three independent foils save a lot of hand and wrist movement
  • Its features make it the best electric shaver for the head
  • It gives a very comfortable and clean shave
  • It is a wet and dry technology capable
  • The all-plastic-and-rubber build gives it a cheap feel
  • It has costly replacement parts which have been a serious issue
  • The battery is fixed and irreplaceable
  • It can only be recharged through the dock and lacks cord-charging functionality


Our 5th Choice: Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

Modestly priced, this sleek shaving partner stands out. This model guarantees a close shave just as the Arc 5, but will however not be as comfortable.

It comes without a dock for cleaning and charging. For what is a relatively cheaper option, you are guaranteed a close, clean shave with the Panasonic Arc 4.

Some of the standout features of this shaver are the powerful motor and flexibility of the head. The Arc 4 boasts of a powerful linear motor that runs at 14000CPM with dual action.

That is truly impressive, coupled with sharp, durable blades that can pivot at 30 degrees in multiple directions. A single charge will provide up to 40 minutes of battery life.

  • It’s very affordable compared to other shavers
  • It has a handy LED panel with vital information about the battery and motor speed
  • It lacks comfort to some extent
  • It comes without the dock for cleaning and charging, with that being the probable reason for its lower price

Our 6th Choice: Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Pink Precision Trimmer

Priced at approximately $70 on Amazon, this is the best shaver for sensitive skin. It is a brand very much preferred by professional barbers. Not only is it affordable, but it is also bump free and powerful as well, making it suitable for pretty much any man.

It uses a Dynaflex Cutting system, which aids the trimming of hair in harder areas like the neck and jaw line.

This particular cutting system brings about great flexibility, which drastically reduces the chances of one getting any cuts and burns. It uniquely provides crucial antimicrobial protection from bacteria, coupled with hypoallergenic foils for a close, smooth shave.

This makes it particularly suitable for persons with sensitive skin. It also has a pop-up trimmer which comes in handy for mustaches and sideburns.

In itself, this is primarily a finishing shaver, which is best suited for stubble length hairs. This makes it perfect for someone who shaves daily.

  • The hypoallergenic Foil heads make it the best choice for sensitive skin
  • It has an easy to use design
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It has a reasonably long battery life which makes it travel-friendly
  • It is pocket-friendly since it doesn’t cost much
  • It’s susceptible to heating after short periods of use
  • It can be uncomfortable to use
  • It vibrates a lot when in use
  • It has limited functionality, only good for stubble length hair
  • It has no wet and dry feature

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