How to Clean an Electric Razor – Comprehensive Guide

Cleaning and maintenance norelco 4100Electric razors are the shaving tools of the future. Compared to their non-electric counterparts. Electric razors allow you to shave faster, save money, reduce skin irritation, razor burn. So we should know the proper way How to Clean an Electric Razor.

Ingrown hairs and the like, and avoid cuts and nicks entirely.  The only thing non-electrics have on electrics is that they do require a battery, which can die.  

The batteries are rechargeable, however, and rarely take over five minutes, roughly, to charge. Have your electric razor charged up and ready prior to use and this will not be a worry anyway.

Some would say that electric razors are the true way to the closest shave.  You can’t really argue with results if you are using your electric razor properly.

How to Clean – Electric Shaver Cleaning Solution

How to Clean an Electric RazorFirst, pick up a nice pre-shave face wash.  Things to look for: an alcohol base, an exfoliant, and vitamin E.

The alcohol base will ensure that your face dries quickly and completely.  

This is especially handy if you are opting for a dry shave. If your skin is sensitive.

It is possible the alcohol will be a bit harsh.  There are also alcohol-free powder options.

When in doubt, give both a try, and see what works. Exfoliant scrubs away dead skin, leaving a clean canvas for shaving. This allows the blades to get even closer to the hairs and thus achieve a closer shave.

It will also keep the dead skin from clogging your pores and contributing to ingrown hairs, as it would otherwise do. The vitamin E will help protect your freshly washed skin from irritation while you are shaving.

A rotary electric razor, as its name implies, involves multiple oscillating blades.  A foil electric razor is comprised of one of two narrow blades beneath a screen.

Rotary razors can move in all directions, and foil are limited to left, right, up, down.

If you are looking to buy a new electric razor, these kinds are important to know, as they can help you make your choice.  

Rules And Procedure

How to Clean an Electric RazorAs a general rule, foil razors are best for finer hair, and those looking for a truly bald shave.

That’s not to say a foil razor can’t offer a variety of different shaves, these are just what it is known for.

Rotary razors, on the other hand, are especially good at handling thicker hair, and leave a very fine stubble.

Both types of razors are capable of an incredibly close shave, so aside from their specialties, it is, in the end, another matter of preference.

Whatever electric razor you utilize, do not use excessive pressure.  This can cause skin irritation or razor burns, as electric razors are meant to do most of the work.  

Take extra care around sensitive areas, like the neck. To make the entire shaving process easier, use your dominant hand to hold the electric razor, and the other to pull your skin taught.

 This will cause the hairs to stand up, making your shave more effective. It also allows for precision, as you will be able to feel whether there are any remaining hairs.

Shave against the grain, and at right angles, for the closest shave.  It is up to you, and the capabilities of your razor, whether to do a wet shave or a dry shave.

 Some say a dry shave is best, as it keeps the hairs stiff and brittle, and others claim that wet hair, since it is softened, can be removed more easily.

 A dry shave means that no product or water is used during the actual shave. A wet shave usually involves both water and shaving cream.

Razors with a wet shave capability are great for use at the sink, or even the shower, if it has cord-less capabilities.

It Starts with Cleanliness

An electric razor with wet and dry capabilities and cord-less How to Clean an Electric Razorcapabilities is the ultimate in flexibility.

With one of these, you can shave how you like, where you like.

Experiment with both types of shaves to find your preference. Take your time shaving with an electric razor.

If it can be helped, do not skip the face wash, and do not move too quickly.

Be mindful of each step of preparation, and each swipe of the razor, to achieve the perfect shave.

That being said, do keep an eye on the temperature of your electric razor.  They can heat up, and while this will not be a problem for most of your face, more sensitive areas require a cooler touch.

To solve this, give those areas the first shave, and move on from there. Some particularly heat sensitive spots are the neck and under the nose.

 Get these out of the way at the beginning and you will not have to worry. Once you have been using your electric razor for a couple of weeks, you will need to lubricate the blades.

 There are special lubricants you can buy for this purpose. This will help prevent the blades from acquiring nicks or dulling too swiftly.

How to Clean an Electric Razor

Before you can do anything with your electric razor, including lubricating it, you must make certain that the razor is clean.

Lubricant can’t effectively make an electric razor run smoothly if it is left dirty. Luckily, cleaning your electric razor should be quite simple.   

Steps To Follow – How to Clean an Electric Razor

1. Read the manual. This will tell you what to do with your exact type of razor.  That being said, these general instructions are sure to be of additional help.

2. Turn off the main switch and then unplug the electric razor.  This will make it safe to hold your razor over the sink, which you will definitely want to do to avoid any sort of a mess.

Water can rinse the fine hair and dead skin down the drain easily. Avoid getting the razor itself wet unless you know it is safe specifically.  Some razors are not meant to get wet inside or outside, so do your research.

3. At this point, remove the electric razor top.  This should be pretty straightforward (loosen/detach and lift), but if is more complex, refer to the manual once more.  Clean the top and set it aside.

4. Tap the hair clear of your electric razor.  Do not knock your razor against a hard surface, like the countertop or porcelain sink.

 This can cause damage. Use your hand instead, patting the top, back, and sides of the razor thoroughly but carefully.

More steps To Follow:

Some hair is sure to remain, and for this, you will need a brush. Some electric razors come with these, but if yours does not, a small paintbrush will work the same way.

5. Gently use it to swipe at loose hairs stuck in nooks and crannies and even to deftly remove little clumps. Be gentler around the blades and other finer parts, as they could be accidentally scratched or scuffed otherwise.

A micro brush would be especially useful for the more delicate work, so if you should come by one either at the store or online, the purchase may be worth your while.

6. There are electric razors touted as self-cleaning.  While these razors are most effective at this, they still require manual cleaning once in a while.

Really, any razor is going to require some care. A little effort here and there can save you hassle, and money, in the future.  No one wants to deal with clogs, dulling blades, or other unnecessary issues.

7. Manually clean your razor like this once a week, roughly.  If you do not, you risk clogs, which will be much harder to remove ultimately.

Be sure to tap hair from the outside of the razor after your daily shave, too. If you neglect this is will only make the weekly deep-cleaning more trouble.  It is easy enough anyway and will take but a few seconds.

8. If you care for it properly, the blades in your razor should stay sufficiently sharp for 12-14 months.  They will require replacement around this time.

You will want to act swiftly on this in order to avoid the skin irritation and razor burn that can otherwise come from dulling blades.

Way Of Cleaning Electric Razor

How to Clean an Electric RazorAll of this being said, the best care in the world won’t change a cheap electric razor into a quality one. While cheap razors may save money initially. They will not function as well, are harsher on the skin (more risk for skin irritation or razor burn).

And will require replacement more quickly compared to their more reasonably priced counterparts.  

Invest in a better electric razor now and spare yourself some later difficulty. Choose between a rotary or foil electric razor, and consider some accessories like a built-in trimmer or travel case.

If you are feeling fancy, you can go for an electric razor with self-cleaning capabilities or even one with an LED interface.

With a quality, squeaky clean electric razor, you can try out all kinds of shaves.  Some popular options are the classic mustache or a goatee.

You can go for a completely clean-cut look and shave it all, and an electric razor will ensure that your entire face is as smooth as can be.

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