How To Stop Beard Growth

Beard is common among men, and its growth depends on how hairy they are. While some men love their beards, others hate to see their chin hair grow and want to stop it from growing. There are so many ways you can prevent this unwanted facial hair from growing.

How To Stop Beard Growth

The Best way to stop beard growth is to use the Electrolysis method. Electrolysis kills the hair roots and prevents new growth in that area permanently after undergoing a complete session. However, electrolysis can be pretty expensive and takes a lot of time but it stops beard growth completely.

The manly chin hair can be lovely, but not all men enjoy keeping them on their faces. However, stopping their growth is a significant challenge for those who don’t like facial hair. Continue reading this article for highlights on practical ways you can employ to stop beard growth.

How To Prevent Facial Hair Growth

There are several ways and products available to get rid of unwanted facial hair, including home remedies. Below are some of the methods to consider in removing your chin hair.

1.     Use Sharp Tweezers.

Using a sharp tweezers to get rid of unwanted facial hair is a very inexpensive but time-consuming process. To avoid discomfort, pull out each strand of bread from the chin in the direction it grows. To use this method, sterilize the split ends of your tweezers with alcohol before use.

Sterilizing your tweezers before use will prevent you from having infections or bumps on your chin. Rubbing ice around chin areas before plucking also helps to reduce the pain of yanking off your beards. However, this method is not suitable for people with a lot of beards as it might take forever yanking of those bushy beards.

2.     Make Use Of Laser Therapy.

The use of laser therapy is one of the best ways to stop beard growth. Laser therapy can be done personally at home with the right equipment, or you can also go and have it done at the clinic. For the laser therapy method, beard hair follicles are subjected to a beam of light and heat from the laser.

The heat kills the hair follicle and prevents hair growth after a certain period. To get the best result from this process and to stop beard growth completely, it is recommended that the process be repeated more than once a year. Though laser therapy hurts and is a bit expensive, it’s a sure way to get rid of the unwanted hair on your chin.

3.     Make Use Of Depilatory Cream.

Depilatory creams or hair removal creams are products that help to get rid of unwanted body hair. A product like the Olay Smooth Facial Remover is explicitly made to get rid of facial hair. Although they are typical to ladies, they are also available for men.

After application, facial hair is dissolved to form a gel-like residue that you can easily wipe off. Although this is not a permanent method to stop beard growth, they help prevent hair growth for a more extended period and leave your chin feeling smooth. The application of the hair removal cream is effortless as all you need is the cream, mirror, and a spatula.

Spread the cream to cover your chin and every other area where you don’t want the facial hair with the spatula. Leave it on your face for the duration of time indicated by the product’s instruction leaflet. Use the spatula or a clean cloth to wipe off the residue to remove the unwanted hair gently.

4.     Waxing Method

Although waxing is attributed to ladies, men can also use this method to stop facial hair growth. This method can be done at home using a waxing kit or at the salon employing the help of a professional. Waxing helps remove hair from the pore leaving your chin and face smooth and free from hair.

Apply warm wax to the chin using the spatula in the wax kit, then leave for a while to cool off. Gently use your fingers to pull off the cold wax from your face in the other direction of the beard growth. Regular waxing is required because this method interrupts the growth of hair follicles and reduces hair regrowth.

5.     Electrolysis Method

The electrolysis method is another way to stop hair growth and is usually done in the salon by professionals. This procedure is a bit technical as a small electrified needle is inserted into each hair follicle. Electrolysis kills the hair roots and prevents new growth in that area.

This method is best suitable for people with blond or white hair. Several treatment sessions are advised to ensure hair follicles are eradicated. Even though electrolysis can help stop bread growth completely, it can be pretty expensive and takes a lot of time.

However, after treatment sessions are completed, further treatment won’t be needed anymore

How To Stop Beard Growth

6.     Make Use Of Hair Inhibitors

A visit to the dermatologist is highly recommended for a prescription for a hair inhibitor, especially if you have sensitive skin. There are varieties of hair inhibitors now available in stores to help stop beard growth. Hair inhibitors are plant-based products available in lotions, creams, and even spray that alter the structure of hair follicles.

Below are steps to using the hair inhibitor.

  • Apply the cream or spray to your chin and every area you want to get rid of hair.
  • Leave inhibitor on the face for a while before wiping off. Beard grows thin and soft and eventually dies off and does not grow at all.
  • You are advised to follow the instructions in the product manual for the duration of time inhibitor should remain on the skin. Also, to help you determine the frequency of use of the hair inhibitor to get the desired result after use. It’s worth noting that hair growth inhibitors can be combined with other facial hair prevention methods such as tweezing and waxing.

In this era where organic products and the DIY process is becoming the norm, there are home remedies to stop beard growth. Some men will prefer to go with the home remedies than go queue at the salon to have their beard worked on. Below are few natural and easy remedies you can do on your own home, and it’s not expensive.

Natural Remedies For Preventing Beard Growth

1.  Sugaring

Sugaring is very close to waxing as people with sensitive skin can do this at home by themselves in place of waxing. Below are simple steps to sugaring

Ingredients: Granulated Sugar, lemon juice, and water

  1. Mix 1/4 cup lemon juice and 2 cups of granulated sugar in 1/4 cup of water.
  2. Boil until it becomes a paste, leave to simmer for about 20 minutes, and turn amber brown.
  3. Allow the paste to cool down.
  4. Dust your skin with a bit of baby powder.
  5. Apply the sugar paste in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  6. Leave for a while, and then pull it off.

2. Flour Mix

Another natural method that can be applied to the face like a mask to help gets rid of facial hair is the flour mix.

Ingredients: corn flour, egg, and sugar

  1. Mix 2 teaspoons of corn flour 1 egg, and 2 teaspoons of sugar.
  2. Apply this paste-like mixture on the affected area with the unwanted hair
  3. Leave the paste on the face for about 30 minutes
  4. Peel off mask from face
  5. Wash face with lukewarm water afterward.

3.  Gelatin Peel

The unflavored gelatin mix can be applied like a mask on the face at home to remove unwanted facial hair.

Ingredients: unflavored gelatin, milk, lime juice, and lavender essential oil

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin, 3 tablespoons of milk, and 4 drops of lime juice. You can replace the lime can with 2 drops of lavender essential oil.
  2. Place the mixture in a microwave for about 15 seconds.
  3. Apply the mixture to your face like a mask and leave for few minutes. Ensure the mix didn’t get near your eyebrows or eyes
  4. Peel it off. Facial hair goes off with the gelatin mask as you peel.

The natural methods are safe with no chemicals; however, they are no guarantee of removing the hair permanently. Nevertheless, continual usage of these natural remedies can prevent beard growth. It leaves your chin and face feeling clean and free from all unwanted hair.


It is clear that not all men are cool with facial hair and want to stop it from growing. The above-listed methods are ways you can get rid of the unwanted hair on your face. However, The Electrolysis method is the most effective way to stop beard growth completely. It is advised you go through the complete session of electrolysis to get the desired results.


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