Complete Review of Norelco 4100 – Features & Alternatives

Norelco 4100 ReviewThe Norelco 4100 shaver is not the Cadillac of shavers but it is the one of the best in its class.

It is an awesome value for the price.The Norelco 4100 has great features and great performance.

The performance of the Norelco 4100 does not disappoint when trying to get a close shave for those men that shave every day or every other day.

The Norelco 4100 did have some performance issues when trying to shave thick beards.

Features of Norelco 4100

Dynamic contour response: The dynamic contour response allows the shaving heads to follow the natural curves of your face which results into a better shave than other shavers that lacked the dynamic contour response.

This contour response feature makes for an easier shave across the neck and jaw line areas; these areas can sometimes be problem areas to shave with other shavers and razors that lack this feature.

Super lift and cut: This feature actually uses two blades. The first blade lifts the facial hair while the second blade flows behind it and cuts the facial hair right at skin level

Dual precision heads: The dual precision head was designed to cut long and short hair. You don’t have to trim your beard with scissors before a shave.  

The dual precision heads will do it all for you which results in a close smooth shave. The slots in the shaving head allows you to cut the long beard hairs while the smaller holes in the shaver head allows for the shorter hair to be cut.

Pop up trimmer: The pop up trimmer is a great feature to trim your moustache or side burns. This eliminates the need for a smaller separate trimmer for this task.

Wet and dry shaving: This is a fantastic feature for men as myself that really enjoy a wet shave. In a pinch a quick dry shave will do the trick.

However, for those men than like a nice wet shave the Norelco 4100 delivers a great, smooth and close wet shave. The great thing is you can wet shave in the shower since the Norelco 4100 is waterproof.

Build quality and ergonomics: The Norelco 4100 is built with rubber and plastic materials. It is easy to grip and the light weight makes it a nice shaver to use. 

The Norelco 4100 was manufactured to last at least three years. However it is recommended to replace the shaving heads once a year.

Norelco 4100 Review

Battery life and charging:
The Norelco 4100 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. With this type of battery if you forgot to unplug it after it was fully charged you will not damage the battery.

You also don’t have to fully discharge the battery before recharging it. The battery in the Norelco 4100 is fully charged after 60 minutes of charging.

A fully charged battery will give you 50 minutes of shaving time. That can equal out to about 17 days before you need to recharge your shaver.

There is an LED on the shaver which will indicate whether your shaver is fully charged or has a low charge. 

If you accidentally forgot to recharge your Norelco 4100 and need to shave; the quick charge feature is available.

Set the shaver to quick charge and in 3 minutes you will be able to unplug the shaver and give yourself a quick shave.

Since the Norelco 4100 is a dry and wet shaver it stands to reason that you cannot use the shaver while it is plugged in.

 This is a safety feature designed into the Norelco 4100 where you must unplug it before use.

Cleaning and maintenance: The Norelco 4100 is water proof so just open the shaving head and hold it under smooth running water to rinse the heads clean.

If you don’t want to rinse the heads just use the brush that came with the Norelco and brush the shavings out of the shaving head.

Norelco 4100Shaving performance: I enjoy a close shave and the Norelco 4100 delivered just that without any disappointment. This shaver does not give a razor burn when dry shaving with it. 

When wet shaving, (shaving with a gel) the Norelco 4100 delivered the same close shave as it does when dry shaving.

This shaver is also safe to wet shave in the shower.  The quietness of this shaver is amazing. You don’t have the loud buzzing of an electric shaver in your ear like you do with other shavers.

Included accessories The accessories included in the box with the Norelco 4100 are the standard accessories you receive with any electric shaver.  Since it is not middle class or high-end shave you do not get a travel pouch to put your shaver in or a charging dock station.

You can however find a suitable travel pouch and purchase it separately for your shaver. The following accessories are included with the purchase of the Norelco 4100

  • Norelco 4100 shaver
  • Charging cord
  • Protective cap
  • Cleaning brush

Replacement parts availability: It is recommended to replace the shaving head once a year. The part number for the shaving head is HQ8. They can be found on Amazon for about $29.

Wrap-up—who should buy it: Those men that shave regularly and do not want to spend the money on a high end shaver the Norelco 4100 may be right for you. This shaver performs exceptionally well whether you are dry or wet shaving

If you travel regularly the Norelco 4100 Shaver may be the perfect shaver for you. The quick charge feature will come in handy, especially when you do not have the available charging time during your travels.

If you do not have a thick or wiry beard this shaver might be the perfect shaver for you at a budget price. Men with thick beards may want to consider an alternate shaver such as the Braun Series 3 Shaver.

Overall Rating4.7
Value For Money5.0


Advantages: This shaver is light weight which makes it easier to handle than other heavier shavers. Runs very quiet and it is easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Does not perform well with thick hair.

Alternative shavers 

Alternative Shaver # 1 : Panasonic ES8103S

Another alternate shaver in the same price range as the Norelco 4100 is the Panasonic ES8103S. The Panasonic ES8103S is also a foil head shaver.

It has some of the same features as the Norelco 4100. These same features include dry and wet shave, follows your facial contours, pop-up trimmer to trim beards and side burns, it is waterproof, cordless and also has a quick charge option.

The battery charging time for the Panasonic ES8103S is 45 minutes which is very comparable to the 50 minutes of charging time on the Norelco 4100.

The cleaning of the heads of the Panasonic ES8103S shaver is the same way the Braun Series 3 and the Norelco 4100, place the saver head under running water.

The performance of the Panasonic ES8103Sis also very comparable to the Norelco 4100 as it will deliver a comfortable close shave.

However you may have some issues with shaving the neck and jaw line as the Panasonic ES8103S lacks the contour features that the Norelco 4100 and the Braun Series 3 possess.

The accessories that accompany the Panasonic ES8103S are the shaver, charging cord, cap, and a pouch instead of a cleaning brush.

This alternate shaver maybe a good choice for someone wanting a travel pouch and not too worried about a small bit of trouble when trying to get a close shave on the neck or jawline.

Alternative Shaver # 2 : Norelco 4100

The ergonomics of this shaver is very similar to the Norelco 4100. The Braun Series 3 is also made of rubber, is lightweight and can be used in the shower as well.  

The Braun Series 3 also has a quick charge feature for those men that forget to recharge their shaver.

You can clean the heads on the Braun Series 3 shaver by opening the head and running water over the heads in the same way you would clean the Norelco 4100 shaver.

A positive thing in the performance of the Braun series 3 is it cut thru thick beards easier than the Norelco 4100 shaver. The Braun Series 3 shaver is also quiet and comparable in price when compared to the Norelco 4100 shaver.

A fully charge battery in the Braun Series 3 shaver will give you  45 minutes of shave time which is very comparable to the 50 minutes of shave time on the Norelco 4100 shaver.

The accessories that you receive with the Braun Series 3 are the same standard accessories that accompany the Norelco 4100 shaver; charging cord, cap and cleaning brush.

Alternative Shaver # 3 : Braun Series 3

A comparable alternative shaver is the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s. This Braun Series 3 is also a wet and dry shaver.

This shaver also a contour feature that is great even though it is a foil head shaver instead of the round precision head shaver.




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