Norelco 5200 Vs. 9800

Advancement in technology brings about improvement in newer versions of devices. Improvements can also be born out of competition as companies do not want to be relegated, and as such, they step up. So is the case of the Norelco 5200 of the 5000 series and 9800 of the 9000 series.

The significant similarities between these shavers are that they are both wet and dry shaver and are rechargeable. The Norelco 9800 is, however, well advanced compared to the 5200. Norelco 9800 cuts your hair 30% closer to the skin thanks to its V-Track precision blades.

While both shavers are unique in themselves, they are both of high quality and will beat your imagination in performance. Find out in this article the similarities and differences of these two elegant shavers.


Norelco 5200 And 9800 Shaver

Both shavers are super cool and are very popular for their close and precision cutting. They both added speed to power and glide through your hair with precision leaving your skin clean and smooth. Below is a comparative table between these two shavers

Comparative Table

FeaturesNorelco 5200Norelco 9800
Body designErgonomic grip & handlingErgonomic grip & handling
ColourNeptune Blue/Charcoal GreyBrushed Chrome
Contour following5-direction flex heads8-direction flex heads
Shaving SystemMulti precision blade systemV-Track precision blade system
Skin comfortAqua-Tec wet and dryAqua-Tec wet and dry with sensitive normal fast setting for personal comfort
CleaningFully washableFully washable
Display1 level battery indicator

Battery low indicator

Charging indicator

Cleaning indicator

Replace shaving heads indicator

Travel lock indicator

% Battery Level Indicator

Battery low indicator

Charging indicator

Cleaning indicator

Replace shaving heads indicator

Travel lock indicator

OperationUnplug shaver before useUnplug shaver before use
AccessoriesSmart click, Extra SH50 head

Protective cap,  Soft pouch

Smart click , Travel pouch
Battery typeLithium-ionLithium-ion
Run time40 mins. /13 shaves50 mins. /17 shaves
PowerAutomatic voltage 100-240 VAutomatic voltage 100-240 V
Charging time1 hour and 5mins quick charge for a shave1 hour and 5mins quick charge for a shave
Maximum power consumption9 w9 w
Stand-by power0.1 w0.1 w
Service2 years warranty2 years warranty
Replacement headReplace yearly with the SH50Replace yearly with the SH90
PricePlease check price on AmazonPlease check price on Amazon

Norelco 5200 Review


Major Features of The Norelco 5200

  • 5000 Series
  • Multi Precision Blade System with 5 Direction Flex Heads for a fast and close shave
  • Smart Click Precision Trimmer for sideburns and moustaches
  • Super Lift and Cut Action Technology
  • 5 Minute Quick Charge
  • Aqua-Tec Wet / Dry feature
  • Worldwide Voltage Adjustment 100V to 240V AC

Are you looking for a grooming partner that adds comfort and speed to your grooming time? The Norelco 5200 wet and dry shaver is your sure bet. This high-quality and high-speed shaver with a wet and dry technology feature is ideal for your grooming time.

Cuts through long and short hair with speed and precision; Ideal for all hair type. The Norelco 5200 can shave with just a few strokes for more agreeable skin with no irritation. The Multi-Precision Blade system of the 5200 lifts itself while cutting through short stubbles, flat-lying hairs, and long hairs with few passes.

The Norelco 5200 is programmed to flex in 5 directions for a faster and closer shave. The heads move independently in 5 different directions to give you a close contact shave on the neck and jawline and for speed. With the close-cutting ability, you can be sure of no ingrown hair or irritation on your skin.

The dual-blade Super Lift & Cut Action featured in the shaver leaves your skin flawless at each usage. The first blade lifts each hair while the second blade cuts below skin level with precision for outstanding, excellent results.

The Aqua-Tec technology allows you to comfortably use your device as a dry or refreshing wet shave. Your Norelco 5200 grooming partner can be used in the shower or bath with gel, water, or foam gel for a relaxing and refreshing grooming time. It is cordless; therefore, no worries about electrical shocks while in the shower or bath.

The Click-on trimmer feature allows for a perfect and smooth sideburn and moustache trimming. Click on the precision trimmer to get that perfect and clean finishing look you desire. 5200 is very suitable for maintaining and trimming your facial hair, especially your moustache and sideburns.

Norelco 5200 features a Lithium-ion battery that allows for a 40 minutes cordless shaving. You have about 40+ minutes of running time per 13 shaves. It is worth noting that the Norelco 5200 can only be operated in cordless mode.

You can shave for a longer time with every charge, thanks to the powerful and long-lasting Lithium-ion battery. It does not take forever to be fully recharged and ready for subsequent use; it is entirely recharged in 1 hour. Also, you can do a quick charge for 5 minutes for one shave in a situation where you cannot wait for the battery to be fully recharged.

The display panel on your shaver shows relevant information, allowing you to get the best performance out of your shaver. Also, with the display panel, you are not cut unaware of issues with the shaver. You have the following on the panel

  • 1-level Battery Indicator
  • Cleaning Indicator
  • Battery Low Indicator
  • Replacement Head Indicator
  • Travel Lock Indicator

Cleaning and maintaining your Norelco 5200 comes with bliss and ease as it is completely washable. Pop open the heads of your shaver and rinse thoroughly under a running faucet.

The Norelco 5200 comes with a 2-year worldwide warranty valid everywhere around the globe. It can also adapt to any voltage with its voltage adjustment of 100 V to 240V AC. The long-lasting blades of your Norelco 5200 only need replacement once a year.

Norelco 9800 Review

Norelco 5200

The Norelco 9800 is a well-advanced shaving system compared to the 5200. It belongs to the 9000 series and cuts hairs up to 30% closer to skin with its featured V-Track precision blades. With their contour-detect technology, the shaving heads move in 8 directions and cut up to 20% more hair in a single stroke.

Significant Features of The Norelco 9800

 ❖ It belongs to the 9000 Series Shaver

❖ V-Track Precision Blades

❖ Smart-Click Beard styler

❖ Super Lift & Cut Technology

❖ Low Battery Indicator

❖ 50 Minutes shaving Time

❖ 5 Minute Quick Charge for one shave

❖ Aqua-Tec Wet / Dry shaver

❖ Voltage Adjustment 100V to 240V AC

The Contour-Detect technology of the Norelco 9800 allows the heads to move in 8 different directions, following every contour of your face and neck. This also allows you to catch 20% more hairs in a single stroke and gives you an extremely close and smooth shave. You don’t have to worry about irritation, especially for sensitive skin, and ingrown hairs will be taken care of by the Norelco 9800.

The shaver features V-Track Precision Blades that collect hair in an optimal cutting position. This makes for a more comfortable and 30% closer shave that leave your skin flawless and perfect. The 9800 blades are self-sharpen to ensure an exclusive grooming time daily.

The Norelco 9800 Shave closer to your skin with the dual-blade Super Lift & Cut Action. The first blade lifts each hair while the second blade cuts below skin level comfortably and with precision for an adorable smooth look.

The Norelco 9800 features 5 length settings, click-on beard styler. You can change your styles and designs with the Smart-Click Beard Styler attachment included in your kit. The 5 length settings allow you to create anything from a neatly trimmed short beard to a perfect stubble look.

Unlike other standard shavers you find around with 2-speed settings, the Norelco 9800 features 3-speed settings. It comes with the Sensitive, Normal, and Fast speed setting, an all-inclusive setting for all. You can customize your shave by opting for the speed setting that best suit your needs.

The Sensitive setting – for a precise and gentle shave

The Normal setting – for a thorough and smooth daily shave

The Fast setting– for a quick shave that saves your time on those days when you are in a hurry

The Intuitive icons on your Norelco 9800 make the shaver very easy to use. The intuitive display shows relevant information allowing you to get the best out of your shaver; it displays

  1. 3 digit (%) battery indicator
  2. Cleaning Indicator
  3. Battery Low Indicator
  4. Replacement Head Indicator
  5. Travel Lock Indicator

The Aqua-Tec wet and dry feature allows you to choose how you would like to shave during your grooming time. Your Norelco 9800 grooming partner enables you to shave in the shower or bath. It allows for a very refreshing and comfortable grooming time.

The long-lasting Lithium-ion battery featured in the Norelco 9800 allows for 50 minutes of cordless shaving after charging for 1 hour. You can also do a quick charge for 5 minutes to get enough power for 1 shave. The Norelco 9800, like every other 9000 series, can only be operated in cordless mode.

This ensures you are free from electric shock when shaving with water and even in the bath or shower.

Included in the kit of your Norelco 9800 shaver is a convenient travel pouch. The sleek and adorable design of the 9800 shaver storage pouch is very compact. The pouch has an in-built ventilation chamber that keeps your shaver dry even when you are in transit.

The Norelco 9800 comes with a 2-year guarantee valid worldwide. The shaving heads are long-lasting and can be replaced with another SH90 head once a year. The Norelco 9800 shaver is designed for optimal speed, durability, and performance, giving you an extremely close shave.

Norelco 5200 And 9800 Significant Similarities

  1. Both shavers can only be operated in a codeless mode due to the wet and dry feature
  2. They both featured the super Lift & Cut Technology that enables both shavers to cut very close to your skin
  3. Both rechargeable with a Lithium-ion battery that is fully recharged in just an hour
  4. They both have Intuitive icons that display essential information about the shavers
  5. They feature the same voltage of 100-240 V
  6. They are both fully washable with water
  7. The same ergonomic grip & handling

Norelco 5200 And 9800 Significant Differences

  1. The two shavers have different shaving heads. While Norelco 5200 features SH50, the 9800 features SH90 head
  2. Norelco 5200 features 5-direction flex heads while 9800 features 8-direction flex heads.
  3. Different running times for both shavers. The 5200 has a run time of 40 minutes /13 shaves, and the 9800 has a run time of 50 minutes / 17 shaves.
  4. They come with different accessories includes in their kits. Included in the 5200 kit is a Smart-click for a precision trimmer, extra SH50 shaving head, maintenance protective cap, and a soft pouch. You have a Smart-click for beard styling and travel pouch in the 9800 kit.
  5. They both feature different shaving styles. The 5200 uses a multi-precision blade system, while 9800 uses a V-Track precision blade system.


Both the Norelco 5200 and 9800 are high-quality shavers that pass for an ideal grooming partner. However, the Norelco 9800 is well advanced compared to the Norelco 5200, especially with the sensitive, normal, and fast setting for personal comfort. Hence, if you are looking for 5200 and more, you should go for the Norelco 9800.


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