Philips Norelco 7100 electric and rechargeable razorThe Philips Norelco Body Groom 7100 is a electric, rechargeable razor that is specifically designed for shaving and trimming body hair. As opposed to facial hair. In other words, it is for cutting body hair from the neck, all the way down to the toes, manly bits included.

It is widely considered “the electric razor that every hairy man should own. It is also known for being very well-built, of high quality. And totally worth its price, which is usually in the $80 range. It is waterproof and touted as being particularly effective when used in the shower.

This razor and trimmer are unique for a variety of reasons:

One of those reasons is that it has been designed specifically with men’s, uhm, intimate shaving needs in mind and it has been reported to be particularly useful in that arena. Another feature that sets the Philips Norelco Body Groom 7100 apart from other comparable electric razors is its design. On one end, there is a traditional razor shaving head. on the other end, there is a special trimmer head, with a fixed and adjustable comb attachment.

Allowing the user to tailor the Norelco Body Groom 7100 to his specific grooming needs, quickly and efficiently. Finally, another unique factor about this shaver is that it is fully waterproof, and performs particularly well in the shower. The heat and steam from the water soften body hairs, and the Norelco Body Groom does the rest. Virtually no mess is left behind when this razor is used in the shower.  Plus, once you’re finished shaving and trimming, you can just rinse the shaver with cool water, and clean-up is finished. Voila.

Philips Norelco 7100 Body Groom Specs

Advantage – Best Skin Friendly Trimmer And Shaver

On the trimmer head side, the Philips Norelco Body Groom 7100 has an adjustable, built-in trimming comb with five length settings. They range from ⅛” to 11/25”.  From there, you select your preferred length and easily lock it in, then trim away.

Waterproof and ideal Philips Norelco shaversSecure rubberized grip, particularly important for preventing dropping accidents during in-shower usage. No attachments needed, due to the built-in adjustable length settings. The built-in comb is also sturdier than typical trimmer comb attachments. Making breakage unlikely and loss of guiding comb virtually impossible.

Waterproof and ideal for in-shower use. Blades are self sharpening, meaning you’ll never experience pinching or nicking in sensitive areas due to needing to press too hard with a dull-bladed shaver. The blades are also self-lubricating, adding to the constant comfort of the Norelco Body Groom 7100 electric and rechargeable wet/dry dual shaver and trimmer.

Foils are guaranteed hypoallergenic and extremely unlikely to cause irritation. Rounded tips are extra gentle on sensitive areas. The charging stand is sleek, foldable, and does not take up much space. 5 settings for different body hair lengths. Takes only one hour to charge fully. A full charge provides fifty minutes of continuous or accumulated cordless shaving time. It also can be used to shave completely dry. 45-day Norelco Money Back Guarantee. Also backed by a full 2-year manufacturer warranty.


The Norelco Body Groom 3500, which was the model directly before this Body Groom 7100 model,  boasted an extension arm to accommodate the shaving of the back. However, the Norelco 7100 does not come with such an extension, which many users find disappointing. There have been numerous complaints that the blades on the Norelco 7100 are simply too sharp for the more challenging and delicate areas of a man’s bits. Particularly when the shaver unit is used with its dry-shave function.

Many of these users admonished future customers to never use the Norelco Body Groom 7100 in dry mode when grooming said delicate bits.  Quite a few users of the Norelco 7100 have reported battery issues. It uses a relatively rare, specialty and difficult to replace battery unit.

And a number of users have reported the Norelco 7100 battery to fail totally after only a month or two of proper usage.  Because servicing it requires tasks like cutting, soldering and more, servicing a failed battery yourself is not recommended or even remotely practical.  Other users have reported that, despite claims to the contrary by Philips Norelco, the blades dull quickly and easily, making trimming and shaving painful, uncomfortable, and ineffective.

Issue Norelco Body Groom 7100

Issue Body Groom 7100 shaversThe heads themselves have been said to wear out quickly, and need frequent replacement, (However, it is worth noting that some of these issues could be chalked up to defective units. All products will have a certain number of defective products, regardless of how carefully and skillfully the manufacturing process).

The on/off switch on the trimmer unit is positioned awkwardly, which caused the unit to be accidentally shut off frequently. When the user is only trying to reposition their hand or get a better grip on the trimmer.

No quick charge function. It will take the full hour to charge, no matter what. The foils and cutters are difficult to remove for cleaning.  It requires a lot of force, and many users have worried about damaging or deforming the blades while attempting to carry out the cleaning process.

Unlike many other trimmers, you cannot simply plug the charging cord into the unit, when traveling for example. You must use the station to charge the trimmer/ shaver.  In one or two cases, users have reported extremely delicate foils, from which frequent pieces broke off and exposed the user to nicking, and even potentially dangerous, deep cuts. This is not a common report among users of the Norelco Body Groom 7100.

Specifications and Features

Price and Value for Money 

The Philips Norelco Body Groom 7100 is an innovative, versatile and extremely useful tool. Everyone from men who have a lot of body hair to manage, to a fella who just wants to keep his fun-time bits in sleek and smooth order, as well as everyone in between.

Its dual-headed function as both classical clean-shaven and self-adjustable trimmer vaults it high above other competitors with products in a similar price range. It even looks handsome and unique, with the shaver head similar to a traditional multi-bladed men’s razor, and the trimmer head at the opposite end looking like a small, sleek hair trimming clipper head. It looks good, expensive. But this extremely versatile and high-functioning item is, arguably, worth the money you will spend to buy one of your own.


The Norelco Body Groom 7100 electric rechargeable dual-head wet/dry trimmer and shaver think of just about everything, as it carries on with its numerous functions. It adjusts to the users’ unique facial curves and planes, proving a close and customized shave that will not add pressure or irritate your face, as well as Dual Precision heads that can shave hairs of all lengths, including everything from stubble to hairs of any length.  

The Philips Norelco 7100 features a head with a pivoting function, which allows it to closely and smoothly follow the contours of your body. It can be used dry, wet and even with shaving cream, gels and lotions.  It boasts a completely cordless function. The charging station is solid and feels high quality, with little rubber feet to prevent it from slipping around, and is spring-loaded to ensure a solid charging connection.  All said it represents a major improvement over Norelco’s last effort at a wet/dry cordless electric shaver. It even looks handsome.

Ergonomics Norelco Body Groom

The Philips Norelco Body Groom 7100 has a nice solid feel to it, with just the right amount of weightiness to denote quality, but it is not so heavy as to hamper easy operation. It has a curved design, somewhat similar to a receiver from one of the lightweight and ergonomic home telephones manufactured in the mid to late 1990s.

In other words, it fits the human hand perfectly. It looks striking, with silver, metal-look plastic and rubberized, non-slip rubber grips on the sides. These features combine to give it an astoundingly natural feel in the hand; it is extremely easy to hold onto and to maneuver, even in a steamy and slippery shower.

Among grooming shaver/trimmers of this ilk, this has got to be one of the most ergonomically pleasing designs I have ever experienced.

Accessories Body Groom 7100

Truthfully, the Philips Norelco Body Groom 7100 does not need accessories. The length comb is both built-in and adjustable. The heads are dual, but both are permanently attached and equally functional. However, it does have two included accessories.

  • Storage and Charging Stand
  • Cleaning Brush

Battery life (when fully charged): 50 minutes

Blade type: Dual-sided Shaver & Trimmer, With fixed Trimming Comb

Wet/dry use: Yes

Charge time: 1 hour

Cleaning Unit: no

Ergonomics: Very Good

Accessories: Storage and Charge Stand (foldable), Cleaning brush

The specialty Of 7100 Electric Shaver

The Philips Norelco Body Groom 7100 Electric Rechargeable Wet/Dry Cordless Trimmer Shaver is ready and waiting for anybody hair removal task you may throw at it. It has to be one of the most versatile, convenient and useful shave/trim devices on the market today.

And safe the rounded, self-sharpening cutters make those little accidents and typical nicking pretty unlikely. And that oh-so-pleasant pinching (which, as we all know, is a little taste of hell on earth)? Safely left in the dust behind us.

However, there is one feature that I believe, the Norelco 7100 could do without, and that is the pivoting head.  I understand that it is supposed to lovingly caress the planes and curves of your body, and that is all well and good. Do you know how the functional head of traditional vacuum cleaner pivots and moves, according to how you move it?

Well, it has the strong resistance of the carpet beneath it to keep it from wobbling willy-nilly, all to and fro in every direction. The tough resistance of the carpet or rug beneath keeps that pivoting function in check.

Now, imagine that same principle, only the pivoting head of the vacuum is the pivoting head of the Norelco Body Groom 7100. And the surface beneath it, the one that is supposed to keep it on task and on track. And from wobbling and flying off in any old direction it pleases, is nothing but soft, slick, wet, and possibly soap/gel/cream/lotion lubricated human skin. I will leave the rest to your imagination.