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Electric razors are a modern technology that can deliver a truly exceptional shave.  

With their rotating blades, rotary razors specifically will eliminate a great deal of the effort otherwise involved with shaving.

 All that they require is a light and steady hand, and a keen eye; the blades will do the rest. The Norelco Shaver 5700 is one of the best in its class.  

Advantage Of Norelco Shaver 5700

The Norelco Shaver 5700 has a sleek, high-tech appearance.  It contains three cutting elements.

Each is comprised of an outer plastic ring with grooves, an inner metal ring with grooves, and an inner metal disc.  

The top ring serves to lift the hair from the surface of the skin. The hair then passes through holes in the inner metal ring, where it is sliced by the blades.

 Electric razors basically do the work for you. Just move your Norelco Shaver 5700 along the contours of your face, using pressure sparingly.

The Norelco Shaver 5700 is both high end, and affordable.  It comes with some highly sought-after features, including a trimmer, a cleaning dock, a removable head, etc.  It is one of the best electric razors in its price range.

A Travel Case
For convenience and hygiene, the Norelco Shaver 5700 comes with a travel case.  A razor this nice should be kept in good condition. Pro tip: charge your razor prior to leaving on a trip, so it is ready to use once you arrive.  

A Trimmer
All good electric razors should come with a trimmer.  The Norelco Shaver 5700 is no exception. It comes with a precision trimmer, which can be attached to the razor once the head is removed.

Trimmers can be used to get at nooks and crannies that an electric razor cannot reach itself, like the nose and ears. It is very handy, and after all, it is the little details that make everything; including the perfect shave.

A Cleaning Dock
Cleaning docks are a new and fancy feature of electric razors.  They require care to be kept in good condition, but as they do help in cleaning your razor, it is a fair enough trade.

The instruction manual is simple and informative.  Have you ever opened an instruction manual and ended more confused than you were to begin with?  This is not an issue with the Norelco Shaver 5700. Its instruction manual contains succinct text and clear, easy to follow steps.  

This way if you run into any issues or have any questions, you are the saved the trouble of having to look it up online. Luckily, if you care for your razor properly, it will not have any such problems anyway.  The model is as sturdy and long-lived as it is easy on the eyes.

Norelco Shaver 5700 A Removable Head
This allows for ease of cleaning, and, as aforementioned, makes room for the trimmer attachment.  It is a feature to keep an eye out for on the hunt for a great electric razor.

Simple Cleaning
It is important to clean your razor often in order to keep it running smoothly.  With the Norelco Shaver 5700, you can remove the head, which is safe to run under water.

This makes washing hairs and clumps away a breeze. All that is required is a little while under the faucet and some careful, well placed tapping on the top and sides to help hairs that are especially stuck.

This is more common when you have not cleaned your razor in a while.  A small paintbrush can also help in these case. Generally, though, the water alone should do the trick.

Just be consistent in cleaning your razor. Ideally, you should wash it out after each use, but waiting until after a couple of uses is fine. For best results, keep your razor squeaky clean and ready to go.

Shower Safe
Conveniently, this razor is waterproof, so it is not only safe to clean in the sink, it is also shower safe.  This can be a nice way to get an effective wet shave during your morning routine.

The steam and extra moisture will soften your hair, which is said to be one of the ways to make it easier to shave.  Finish up with a nice moisturizing after-shave and you are good to go.

Travel Lock Mode
A travel lock is a thoughtful addition to this versatile electric razor.  No one wants to fully charge their razor, leave on a trip, and get it out at the hotel only to find it has been on and lost all of its charge.  The travel lock mode will prevent this inconvenience.

Turbo Mode
For particularly thick hair, or for a quicker shave, the Norelco Shaver 5700 has a turbo mode.  Many suggest to use this mode no matter your hair type or time frame, as it is always the most effective.

 Fortunately the razor has a powerful charge, making it possible to use this mode constantly. Just be sure not to press too hard on your skin.  This is always important with electric razors. Use a little care and let the razor do its job the way it is made to.

Norelco Shaver 5700An LED Display
The Norelco Shaver 5700 boasts a state of the art LED display, which will indicate five things: battery level, cleaning, battery low, replace head, and travel lock.  

This allows you to easily monitor your electric razor, even in a dimly lit room or the dark.

Usefully, it will remind you when you have put your razor on travel lock, so, for example, you are not confused as to why it will not start.

 You will know when to charge your razor, when to clean it, and even when to replace the razor head. You will not miss a beat with the help of the LED display.

A Rubber Grip
Comfort is important in most aspects of life, including shaving.  You shave should be a pleasant experience.
The rubber grip of the Norelco Shaver 5700 is soft, sturdy and molded for fingers to fit snuggly.
It is resistant to water, ensuring that, even when your razor is wet, your hand will not slip.

A Pivoting Head
This is one of the nicest features of the Norelco Shaver 5700. A pivoting head allows the razor the flexibility to accommodate the curve of the jaw, the hollows of the neck, under the nose, etc.

 If you use your dominant hand to shave, and your other hand to pull the skin taut, you can make hard to reach hairs stand up. The pivoting razor can then turn this way and that, to slice the hairs away.  

A Long Battery Life 
The Norelco Shaver 5700 has a Lithium ion rechargeable battery. This takes 60 minutes to charge.  The razor will then last roughly 45 minutes in use.

If your shaves are only a few minutes each, the charge can potentially last you a good while.  If your razor is running poorly, check the charge on the LED interface; it may be a quick fix.

Disadvantage Of Norelco Shaver 5700

Norelco Shaver 5700

A slow shave
One of the most common complaints about the Norelco Shaver 5700 is that it can be slow to shave.  The turbo mode will likely need to be on during the entirety of each use in order for it to work most effectively, and even then.

it will be going at more of an average speed than a “turbo” one.  With this razor, you can realistically expect an average to average-long length shave.

Skin Irritation is a Risk 
All electric razors can risk skin irritation.  The Norelco Shaver 5700 is particularly risky this way, as it is said to sometimes require a few extra passes over an area in order to smooth it completely.

 To counteract this somewhat, don’t go over a spot too much at once. Keep the razor moving across your face and give parts of your skin a break in turns. At the end you can address any leftover stubble, and other details.

Ineffective On Particularly Thick Hair 
Those with thick hair have said that the Norelco Shaver 5700 doesn’t quite do the trick.  It tends to leave stubble behind, even after a few go-overs.

Those with fine to medium hair have had the best results with this razor, saying their skin is left nice and smooth.  Every razor has its particularities.

This is all the more reason to find the one best suited to your needs. It is possible that more luck may be had with a wet or a drive shave with the Norelco Shaver 5700, and that it depends on the individual.

 So if you have thick hair, this razor may not be off the table completely. Do some research and try it for yourself, then decide what you think, and maybe leave a review.

The Trimmer is Detached
A built-in trimmer is simply more convenient.  Razors with a built-in trimmer can easily utilize one and then the other in quick succession.  This trimmer requires the head to be removed, and is then attached in its place. It is a little bit of a hassle.


So, if you are looking for a high end beautiful, comfortable, waterproof razor at an affordable price, and if have fine to medium hair and a bit of time on your hands, the Norelco Shaver 5700 may be the right fit for you.  This razor is a popular choice, and well worth a try.

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