Philips Norelco 5700 Review [Updated to Norelco 5750]

Norelco introduced the 5700 in 2016 for consumers who wanted a multi-flex head at a lower price.  The 5750 is an updated version with a few tweaks.  If you want to know if the Norelco 5750 is worth the price or if you should opt for the 7500, this guide is for you.

The Philips Norelco 5700 is a straightforward multi-flex shaver that is Norelco’s attempt to sell a less expensive version of their higher-priced multi-flex models.  It performs well, but if you have sensitive skin or a thick beard, you should move up to a more expensive Norelco.   

Read on to find out the key features about the Norelco 5750, what we like and don’t, and how it compares to the 7500.

Key Features of the Norelco 5700

  • Flex Heads.  The 5750 features the three head system with heads that flex in 5 directions.
  • Dry or Wet Shave.  Shave dry, or use water, foam, or gel.  The 5700 is waterproof and can be used in the shower.
  • Turbo Power.  An improved 20% turbo power boost for those dense spots on your beard.
  • Quick charging.  A one-hour charge gives you an hour of shaving time.  In a hurry?  A 5-minute charge will provide you with time for a quick shave.
  • Triple Indicators.  Indicators at the base of the 5750 include battery and cleaning status, as well as when the travel lock is engaged.
  • Smart Clean technology.  A simple cleaning system that cleans and lubricates the shaver while also serving as the battery charging station.
  • Two attachments.  Attachable sideburn and mustache and nose and ear trimmers included.

Two Different Modes 

Travel Lock Mode

A travel lock is a thoughtful addition to this versatile electric razor.  No one wants to fully charge their razor, leave on a trip, and get it out at the hotel. Only to find it has been on and lost all of its charges.  The travel lock mode will prevent this inconvenience.

Turbo Mode

For particularly thick hair, or for a quicker shave, the Norelco Shaver 5700 has a turbo mode.  Many suggest using this mode no matter your hair type or time frame, as it is always the most effective.

Fortunately, the razor has a powerful charge, making it possible to use this mode constantly. Just be sure not to press too hard on your skin.  This is always important with electric razors. Use a little care and let the razor do its job the way it is made to.

The Updated Verison – Norelco 5750

The Norelco 5750 is an update of the 5700, with two changes.  First, the turbo power has been doubled to 20% increase.  Second, Norelco has added a nose/ear trimming attachment.  Far as we can tell, those are the only changes.

The Norelco looks sleek, has an ergonomic shape and grip-friendly rubber.  You will appreciate this if you take your shaver into the shower.  The on/off and turbo switches are straightforward.  

The shaving head contains three discs that can spin and pivot independently of one another.  This design helps the shaver follow your face’s contours, making shaving under the chin and around the jaw easier.  The pivoting head can be locked for a firmer shave.

A head release button allows you to pop open the shaving head so you can rinse out the cutters without having to take the entire head apart.  

The Smart Clean System

Most shavers now have a dock system that lets you charge and clean your machine simultaneously.  The 5750’s system is straightforward if a little bulky.  Instead of having to mix a cleaning solution, the system uses disposable cartridges that should last several months of daily use.  A 3-cartridge replacement costs around $16.

The cleaning cycle lasts four hours to clean and dry the shaver.  If you don’t want to deal with a cleaning system, but the Norelco 5500—same shavers without the Smart Clean system.

The Shave Itself

How well does it shave?  All the bells and whistles are nice, but at the end of the day, we want to know how well it shaves.  

The shave is adequate unless you have the following:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Thick hair

To get a real close shave, you will need several passes, and if you have sensitive skin, then this is likely to irritate you.  Consider purchasing a more expensive model.

Costs of the Norelco 5750 replacement heads and Cleaning Fluid

Norelco claims that the heads be replaced every year.  So how much is that going to cost you?

Norelco sells the replacement heads as a set of 3, which makes sense since you will want to replace all three at once.  They will set you back around $40.  The replacement heads fit all shavers in the Norelco 5000 series.

Aftermarket replacements are available for a much lower cost.  This 6-pack is around $35 and claims to fit all Norelco 5000 shavers.  You can find other aftermarket replacements as well, but we only list these because they are manufactured in the Netherlands, which is the home of the original Philips rotary shavers.

Pros—What We Liked

Quick Charge.  For those times when you forgot to recharge, or the plug came loose, the quick charge feature will come in handy.  A five-minute charge gets you three minutes of shaving time.  

The LED display.  Having a triple-display on the battery is a useful feature so that you know when you need to charge up again.  The display also indicates when the unit needs to be cleaned and if the travel lock is on.

Cons—What We Didn’t Like

Trimmer.  One thing we really do not like is the trimmer.  To use it, you first must remove the head, and then attach the trimmer.  The process is not complicated, but we worry that repeated detaching and reattaching can damage the trimmer.  

If you will rarely use a trimmer, this isn’t a big deal.  However, if you regularly use one, you might want a shaver with a built-in trimmer.

Turbo.  The turbo feature does not feel all that turbo.  It appears Norelco is trying to respond to complaints about the shaver not working well for men with thicker beards by having a turbo feature.  

Large charging and cleaning station.  If you plan to buy either the 5750 or the 7500, the pictures make the charging and cleaning station look smaller than it is.  If you have a small countertop, you will be in for a surprise.

Philips Norelco Shaver 7500

The 7500 will give you many of the same features as the 5750—a triple-headed Dynamic-Flex head that moves in 5 directions. 

An hour of shaving time for an hour of charge, and the same 5-minute charge gets you a quick shave.  The same SmartClean system and trimmer attachment are also included.  So what’s different?

The most significant difference is in the heads.  Norelco added an anti-friction coating to the flex heads.  The coating and the microbeads are designed to create a more comfortable shave.  The blades themselves are also updated to lift hairs gently.  

A smaller difference that won’t affect the shaving experience is the limited battery indicator.  The other indicators—travel lock and cleaning indicator—are still present.  

A third difference is this machine does not have the turbo mode, which, as you will recall, we did not find all that useful.

How Does the Philips 5700 Compare to the 7500?

It comes down to skin sensitivity.  Both shave equally close—rotary shavers never get as close as foil or razors—but the big difference is in the heads.  

Bottom Line

If a close shave is your top priority, then no rotary shaver will get the results of a razor, rotary or foil. 

However, if you want a top-of-the-line rotary shaver, the best rotary option is a Norelco—the 9300.  But if that model is outside of your price range, then you will be happy with the 5750 or 7500.

We think the Norelco 5750 is an adequate shaver for the average man.  However, if you have sensitive skin or think stubble, we recommend that you look at the Philips 7500.

For around $25, you can step up to the Norelco 7500 (currently $180).  Is the extra money worth it?  Let’s find out. If you like to check out other Norelco reviews. 

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