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Men don’t joke with their grooming time as well as the shaver they use. The shaver is a prized possession to the male folks as it helps maintain their perfect and clean look. However, it can be pretty challenging when the shaver stop working all of a sudden.

Your Norelco SmartClean is not working because the rechargeable batteries are drained. Recharge the batteries with an original charging cable that came with the SmartClean kit. When batteries are fully recharged, your Norelco SmartClean will work again.

The challenge of the Norelco SmartClean not working can also be because the shaver is dirty. This article addresses some reasons your Norelco SmartClean is not working and possible solutions to get it working again.

Why Is My Norelco Smartclean Not Working?

Your Norelco SmartClean is not working because its batteries need to be fully recharged. There are other various reasons your Norelco SmartClean might not be working. Below are some possible issues to look out for when Norelco SmartClean is not working.

1.     Norelco Smartclean is not Charged.

If your Norelco SmartClean is rechargeable, it is possible that the battery of your shaver has drained out and needs to be recharged. It is advised you charge your shaver batteries and then try turning it on again. Below are simple steps on how to recharge your Norelco SmartClean

Step 1: Take out the SmartClean cartridge from your shaver by opening the bottom compartment to remove the cartridge.

Step 2: Tilt your Norelco SmartClean shaver to about a 45-degree angle to your charging cable.

Step 3: Insert the charging cable in the allotted space on your shaver. Ensure you do not force it in; the charging plug should fit the Norelco SmartClean station when you insert it correctly and adequately.

Step 5: The charging indicator on your shaver will be turned on and keeps flashing, indicating that it is charging. Once the shaver is fully charged, the charging indicator lights up permanently for about 30 minutes before turning itself off automatically to save energy.

Step 6: Unplug your charger from the switch, and your Norelco SmartClean it’s ready to use.

It is recommended that the original charging cable that accompanied your shaver in the kit should be used in charging. This is highly important to enable your shaver to charge appropriately. You can, however, consult your shaver’s user manual for more details on how to charge your shaver.

It is also essential to note that if your Norelco Shaver is not rechargeable, ensure that it is connected to a functioning power switch to use it.

2.     Your Philips Shaver Is Dirty.

It is possible your Norelco SmartClean shaver is not coming up because it is dirty after prolonged use. When there is hair or debris stuck inside your shaver and the heads are blocked, your Norelco SmartClean will not work. Regular cleaning and maintaining of your shaver are vital for it to function at its best.

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Also, cleaning and maintaining enable the blade of the shaver to stay sharp for a long period. While some shavers come with a cleaning reminder symbol that blinks when the shaver needs cleaning, some don’t have the symbol. Properly cleaning of your shaver will get it working again; below are steps to cleaning the Norelco SmartClean shaver.

  1. Switch on your Norelco SmartClean shaver and rinse it under a warm water faucet.
  2. Switch off your shaver and remove the top part of the device’s shaving head.
  3. Rinse the top part of the shaving head under warm running water for not less than 30 seconds.
  4. Once the top part is completely dried up, replace it on the shaving head.
  5. Shake off excess water from your device carefully to avoid slipping off
  6. Leave it open and allow it to air dry completely. Be sure not to dry your shaver head with a fabric, tissue, or towel not to damage it.

For more detailed and deep cleaning instructions, please consult your user manual.

3.     The Travel Lock On Your Norelco Smartclean Shaver Is On.

Many times one can be faced with the challenge of shaver turning itself on accidentally when on transit. Shaver turning on can drain the battery, leaving us with no means to shave quickly before going for that crucial meeting. You might even be lucky to have the charging cables with you, but you will have to wait for the battery to be fully recharged before the subsequent use.

The above is why new shavers, including the Norelco SmartClean Shaver, come with a travel lock function. This is to ensure your device does not turn itself on accidentally on transit.

However, when the travel lock function is activated, your smart-clean shaver will not work. Depending on your device model, the travel lock indicator will be turned up to indicate activation by blinking constantly. To deactivate the travel lock and get your shaver working again, press down the power button of your shaver for few seconds. Afterward, turn on your shaver to use again.

4.     Your Norelco Smartclean Shaver Is Not Correctly Assembled.

When a part of a whole is not in place, it will affect the whole and prevent it from working. Another reason your Norelco SmartClean Shaver is probably not working is that it is not assembled correctly. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure your device is assembled correctly to get it working again.

SmartClean assmebled

For the correct instructions on how to assemble your device correctly, please consult your user manual.

5.     Your Norelco Smartclean Is Damaged.

This option is coming last because it is not always the case. Nevertheless, when other suggested options are looked into, and the shaver is still not working, your shaver may be damaged. When the motor of your device is not running anymore, your smartclean will not work.

When this is the case, you have to replace your shaver or, better still, have it replaced from the store if it’s still under warranty. Some devices come with a two-year warranty while some with one year; you might be lucky yours is 2year. Read through your user manual to find out if you are still covered.

How Do I Maintain My Norelco Smartclean Shaver?

To keep your Norelco SmartClean Shaver in good working condition, you need to maintain your shaver properly. Reading through your user manual on how to go about the proper maintenance of your device is a very significant move. The importance of maintaining your device cannot be overemphasized.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your device will save it from packing up suddenly in a short while. It will also save you the extra cost of having to purchase a new device. Below are some maintenance tips to keep your device working optimally.

1. Clean Your Device Immediately After Use

Your shaver is an integral part of your grooming time that should be treated like a luxury device you cannot do without. The same way you would keep other expensive devices of yours clean, so should you care for your grooming partner as well. Your shaver indeed accumulates excess hair from daily use that can get stuck up in the blades.

The hairs can mix up with the maintenance oils, obstructing the functioning blades from moving or even damage them. Also, your device stores up dirt after prolonged use, which can cause skin irritation, especially for sensitive skins. To clean your device, follow the cleaning instructions in the user guide placed in the shaver’s kit.

2. Replace Shaver’s Blades

Daily use of your device can make the blades go dull after an extended period. When you notice your blades are pulling your hair and not shaving it properly anymore, it’s time to replace blades. Worn blades will only produce a flawed cut and also cause skin irritation that can lead to scarring.

Depending on how often you use your shaver, ensure blades are replaced once in a year to give you the desired results.

3. Keep Shaver Dry

Ensuring your shaver is kept dry when not in use is very important for proper care and maintenance. When the shaver is wet, the moist can easily weaken and rust the blades. To keep the shaver dry, make sure the shaver’s dry setting feature is activated to rid the shaver of any moisture.

Also, you can place the shaver in the standing position to drain water from it when not in use.

  • Don’t Overcharge Batteries

Unplugging your shaver from the charger once it indicates fully charged is crucial. You don’t have to allow your shaver to sit on the charger after the battery is full. Leaving your shaver on the charger can cause overheating and start killing battery cells gradually.

4. Brush Your Blades Regularly

Cleaning your blades regularly by brushing enables them to function correctly. Use the brush that accompanied your shaver or a small paintbrush to remove the hair from the blades. The brush will also help take care of debris that can be stuck to the blades.


Your Norelco SmartClean is not working because the rechargeable batteries are drained. Recharge the batteries with an original charging cable to get your Norelco SmartClean shaver working again. Nevertheless, please read through other possible causes highlighted in this article to get your Norelco SmartClean working again if that is not the case.


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