Philips Bikini Perfect Trimmer Review | Top Features & Ratings

The Philips Bikini Perfect trimmer will make it easy and more comfortable for you to evenly contour and shape your bikini line. For added flexibility, the product comes with six different attachments that may be used to shave, trim, style, and shape hairs on different parts of the body.  

With this Bikini Perfect kit, the nicks and cuts associated with bikini line grooming will be a thing of the past. The trimmer is actually designed to reduce skin irritation and ingrown hairs. As such, it allows you to safely style, shape, trim, and epilates the hair in that region. 

In addition to being efficient, the trimmer has been proven to be convenient and comparatively easy to use. It may be used in dry or wet shaving conditions in the shower or tub. The unit is also customizable to your preferred settings. 

Throughout this Philips Bikini Perfect review, you will learn what makes this electric bikini trimmer stand out. 

Philips Bikini Perfect Alternatives 

Electric Trimmer Cost Battery Type Hair Length Settings No. Of Grooming Attachments
Philips Bikini Perfect From $54.95Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery56
Philips BikiniGenieFrom $19.992 x AA batteries22
Philips PrecisionPerfectFrom $5.99AA battery22

Philips Bikini Perfect Benefits 

  • The precision trimmer comfortably grooms the bikini line with utmost precision
  • The precision epilator pulls out the hair roots, preventing the hair from growing for a couple of weeks
  • Comes with a micro trimmer that removed pesky strays and shapes eyebrows
  • The micro-shaver of the Bikini Perfect trimmer features a hypo-allergenic to ensure that your skin remains smooth
  • Its precision comb has five length settings to suit different applications
  • The product comes with an exfoliation glove and tweezers as beauty bonuses 

Possible Drawbacks 

The battery takes too long to recharge. For the battery to be fully charged, you will have to plug it in for more than 10 hours. 

Philips Bikini Perfect Cost and Packaging 

The Philips Bikini Perfect trimming kit will cost you about $55 depending on where you buy it from. Although this is a bit higher than the cost of some bikini trimmers in the market, rest assured that you will get great value for your money. 

The kit comprises of the main trimmer unit, six different attachments, a travel bag, a charging cord, illuminating tweezers, and an exfoliation glove. The six attachments included in the package include a precision comb, micro trimming head, mini shaving head, precision trimming head, eyebrow comb, and a Precision epilator head.

As proof of quality, the manufacturer offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on this trimmer. Additionally, the product is backed by a two-year warranty. This should tell you that the product looks and works just as advertised. 

Philips Bikini Perfect Features and Capabilities 

Get yourself a cordless and rechargeable electric bikini trimmer that delivers impressive performance in both wet and dry shaving conditions. The model features five length settings, allowing you to choose your preferred hair cutting length. 

The product comes with a protective guard that makes it easier for you to shape the hair to your preferred style. The various grooming attachments that come with the trimmer are relatively easy to attach and remove. 

The precision trimmer allows for even contouring and shaping, while the hypoallergenic foil prevents skin irritations and keeps your skin smooth. The exceptional safety and performance offered by this grooming tool may be attributed to its innovative features, including: 

Precision Trimmer 

This component of the Philips Bikini Perfect trimmer is designed to give ladies a flawless bikini line. In addition to being very effective at grooming the bikini line, the precision trimmer is also comfortable to use, even for starters. 

The trimmer will trim the hair with ease to a length of 0.24 in./0.6mm from the skin. Before using the trimmer, you need to ensure that the battery is fully charged as the device is not usable while plugged into an AC electrical outlet. 

Again, the manufacturer stipulates that the trimmer should be used on clean hair. The trimmer may be used to trim the bikini line on its own or in combination with the Philips precision comb. The later is recommended if you are not used to using an electric bikini trimmer. 


Precision Comb 

This is another attachment you will find handy while trimming your bikini line with the Philips Bikini Perfect. It features five hair length settings, allowing you to customize every trimming job to your preferred length. 

The attachment supports a length range of 0.08 inches to 0.39inches (2 to 10mm). If you want to use the precision comb, you should first attach the precision trimmer on the Bikini trimming handle and push it until you hear a click. 

You should then slide the precision comb into the guiding grooves—these grooves are on either side of the trimmer. Similarly, you are supposed to push the comb until it clicks into place. 

Hair Length Settings 

With everything securely attached, you need to select your preferred trimming length on the hair length selector. The length is adjusted by sliding the selector up or down until the desired hair length appears on the colored circle on the handle.

This is the length of the hair that will remain after you are done trimming. As a beginner, it is advisable to start with the maximum trimming length and reduce it gradually. Having selected your preferred length, you may start the unit and start trimming. 

For enhanced efficiency, you should move the trimmer against the direction of hair growth, while ensuring that the comb is always in contact with the skin. You may need to detach the comb to get rid of accumulated hair after some time. The hair may be removed by shaking the comb, blowing into it, or using the cleaning brush. 

Mini Shaver with Hypo-Allergic Foil 

The Philips Mini Shaver attachment is designed for use along contoured edges. In its functioning, the removed any stubble and creates a smooth, well-defined bikini line. The tool may also be used to get remove hair from other parts of the skin as well, all the way from beneath the nose to the bikini line. 

It boasts of hypoallergenic stainless steel construction, which has also been proven to prevent allergic reactions. As such, the attachment is renowned for producing a close shave in a safe and gentle manner. Prior to using the micro shaver, you need to inspect it for signs of wear, and damage as these may result in injuries.

The Best Way to Use the Mini Shaver 

For the best results, you should first pre-trim the area you intent to shave with the micro Shaver. This should be done using the Precision Trimmer head without the precision comb. Once you are done trimming, remove the Precision Trimmer head from the handle. 

You should then remove the protective cap and switch the device On. The Micro Shaver should be moved in the direction of hair growth, along the contoured edges to remove any stubble. You should only press the trimmer gently to ensure that the shaver remains in contact with the skin. 

Precision Epilator Head 

This tool will ensure that your bikini line remains smooth and free of any hair growth for weeks, without having to trim it every other day. To achieve this, the Precision Epilator is designed to pull the hair out along with its root. 

This ensures that you have stubble-free skin for up to four weeks. For easier removal, it is advisable to use the Epilator just after bath or shower. Again, the skin needs to be completely dry. If the hair is longer than 0.20 inches, you should first trim it down using a combination of the Precision Trimmer and comb. 

Using the Epilating Head 

Ensure that the trimmer is Off before attaching the Precision Epilating Head to the handle. Once you have attached the Epilating Head, turn your trimmer on and proceed with the hair removal. For enhanced efficiency, you should move the Epilator against the direction of hair growth.

In order to ease the skin irritation associated with the process, you may stretch the skin with your free hand. While Epilating, you should ensure that the Epilating head remains in contact with the skin at all times. The Epilating head should be cleaned after every use. 

Micro Trimmer 

In addition to the Precision trimmer, the Philips Bikini Perfect trimmer also comes with a micro trimmer attachment. This attachment may be used to shape eyebrows and catch any pesky strays. It may also be used to remove single unwanted hairs and define eyebrow contours.  

The micro trimmer should be used without a comb while defining eyebrow contours, shaping eyebrows and removing single, unwanted eyebrow hairs. You will need to shut the trimmer off before attaching the micro trimmer to the Philips Bikini handle.

The micro trimmer removes any hair it comes into contact with, hence the need to be very careful while using it. For the best results, you should stretch the skin while moving the micro trimmer against the direction of hair growth. 

Eyebrow Comb

This is often used along with the Precision Trimmer to trim the entire eyebrow to a rather uniform length. It is very effective at evening the unruly eyebrows out. To use the eyebrow comb, you should turn the unit off, attach the precision trimmer to the handle, and then slide the comb into position. 

You should then press the hair length selector and slide it to choose your preferred trimming length settings. In this regard, you will be able to choose among three different hair length settings, ranging between 0.11 inches and 0.35 inches.   

The precision trimmer with the eyebrow comb attached should be moved in the direction of hair growth. Once you are done, rinse both attachments thoroughly under warm tap water, shake the excess water out and allow them to dry. 

Exfoliation Glove 

The Philips Bikini Perfect trimmer comes with a single exfoliation glove. The glove may be used to gently exfoliate the skin after shaving and trimming. It is designed to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface gently and efficiently. 

This leaves the skin looking softer and more radiant. 

Illuminating Tweezers 

These are offered as part of the beauty bonus package. The Tweezers will help you illuminate the bikini line and get a better view of the area you are working on. This way, it will be easier for you to identify and remove any hairs you may have left. 

Final Verdict 

Shape, trim, or remove hair from your bikini line with the versatile and efficient Philips Bikini Perfect trimmer. This product comes with an assortment of super-precise grooming tools to help ladies maintain a flawless bikini line. 

The six attachments will address all your hair-grooming needs, from the eyebrows down to the toes. For enhanced flexibility, the precision and eyebrow Combs feature adjustable height settings. The trimmer boasts of a hypoallergenic foil that facilitates a super-close shave and minimizes skin irritation. 

A fully charged battery can power this trimmer for up to 60 minutes. As if that is not enough, the manufacturer offers beauty bonuses with each purchase. These make the Philips Bikini Perfect trimmer worth every penny. 

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