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Philips Norelco 4100 AquaTecThe Philips Norelco Wet and Dry 4100 Cordless Shaver with AquaTec is an electric, rechargeable razor. It is  part of Philips Norelco “PowerTouch” line of budget shavers.

This shaver is known for performing better than any other shavers in its price category.  This shaver also competes well with shavers that are much more expensive.

The best thing  about the 4100, even among this “PowerTouch” line, is that it is fully waterproof. Being Waterproof helps with making it safe for use in the shower and at the sink, as well as with the use of gels, creams and lotions.

Even more impressively, the price increase for adding these features is marginal the Norelco 4100 with AquaTec hovers right around the $60 price range. This price makes it more affordable than most other shavers. 

Additional Benefits of Norelco 4100

The Norelco 4100 provides a close and comfortable shave, with little chance of irritation or razor burn.

It will work particularly well with men who like to keep clean shaven as a general rule, although with daily use, the shave it provides may not be as close as some individuals would desire.

It does not always do well with very short stubble, probably due to the Super Lift and Cut Technology; hairs must be at least long enough to lift where this technology is concerned.

The Norelco 4100 is also notably good for men who keep a clean-shaven head, because the DualPrecision shaving head glides easily over those unique shapes and planes.

Helping to maintain a smooth and clean shaven scalp for those folks who prefer that look.

Specification  Norelco 4100

In other words, despite boasting a “Super Lift & Cut Action’ Technology, it is less effective at cutting longer hairs.

Though it does have a noticeably improved capability to do so when compared with earlier, similar Norelco models that use the same technology.  

Although the Norelco “PowerTouch” line of shavers is their budget line, and thus widely considered inferior to most newer cordless and rechargeable shaver options.

  Technology: AquaTec technology makes the 4100 . fully waterproof, safe for shower, gels/creams/etc

Battery life (when fully charged): 50 minutes . (one shave for QuickCharge option)

Blade type: triple rotary blade head
Wet/dry use: yes
Charge time: 1 hour (3 minute QuickCharge option)
Cleaning Unit: Shave head pops open,  you rinse it & use included brush to clean
Ergonomics: lightweight, feels natural to hold, secure rubberized grip.
Accessories: protective cap, cleaning. brush, charging cord

Norelco’s PowerTouch

The Norelco 4100 with AquaTec really stepped up game considerably.

As I already mentioned, it is fully waterproof and has superior charging capabilities, but it’s even aesthetically superior:

more attractive and sleek than earlier models, it features a black, silver and cerulean-blue color scheme on the front of the unit, and a solid matte black reverse side, where the pop-up trimmer lives.

It is also known for being very lightweight and easy to handle and maneuver, while still feeling as if it is made with a reasonably high quality set of materials and design.

The front of the shaver also features the LED display and ON/OFF switch, which is covered by that black rubberized material.

Which does doubly duty by providing that no-slip grip, and protecting the LED display switch from water damage when used wet, with shaving products or inside the shower.

It also eliminates another pesky problem common among shavers, budget and luxury-priced alike: accidentally switching the unit off while trying to reposition your hand during active shaving operation. That is actually a pretty huge deal!

  • Amazing value for the price.
  • Lightweight unit is easily maneuvered while shaving, and the shape of the unit provides a natural-feeling and comfortable fit.
  • Has PopUp Precision trimmer at the back of the unit.
  • Waterproof and great for in-shower use.
  • Can also use with shaving gels, creams and lotions.
  • LED display and on/off switch are both protected by a rubber overlay.
  • 3 Shaving Heads are low-friction and rounded, which reduces irritation, and they flex easily to follow the unique contours of your face, providing better surface contact and a cleaner shave on tough areas like the jawline and neck (and head, for some).
  • Features “Super Lift & Cut Technology”, which purports to lend comfort to your close shave.
  • One hour of charging produces 50 minutes of cordless use.
  • Small, light, and very portable. No charging dock makes it ideal for traveling.
  • 3 Minute QuickCharge option provides enough power for one full shave.
  • Comes with a protective cap to keep shaver unit safe from damage.
  • Cleaning brush included.
  • Easy, pop-open cleaning access.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • 45-day Norelco Money Back Guarantee.
  • Also backed by a full 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Replacement heads for the Norelco 4100 only cost about $20-$25, and they do not need to be replaced very often.
  • The Norelco 4100 with AquaTec sometimes does not trim every hair the first time. Some users have reported frequently needing to make an extra pass or two in order to obtain the complete, close shave they desire.
  • The motor is not as powerful as other shavers’ motors. This can sometimes cause issues surrounding the 4100’s lower efficiency and rate of speed. However, most consumers seem satisfied with these aspects of the Norelco 4100.
  • Cannot be used while plugged into charging cable. However, this is a standard safety feature for shavers that can be used in the shower.
  • No travel case or pouch included.

Price and Value for Money

Philips Norelco 4100 AquaTec
The Philips Norelco 4100 is a rechargeable Wet and Dry Electric Shaver that is priced, very reasonably, in the $60 range.
The shaver heads, which seldom need replaced, will only set you back about $25 y  you do need to purchase them.

This shaver is a triumph of Norelco’s budget “PowerTouch” line, as it is the first of its kind that is actually fully waterproof.

And even solves that pesky problem (common even with the high-end cordless electric shavers) of an awkwardly placed ON/OFF switch that is far too easy to accidentally switch off while in the middle of shaving.

The craftsmanship and design of the actual, physical product is basic but attractive, lightweight and appealing to the eye.

Its functionalityis dependable, versatile, and completely, totally, absolutely one hundred percent worth its modest $60 price tag.

This is the newest shaver in the innovative PowerTouch budget line of shavers produced by Philips Norelco.

This manufactured and designed by a company already well-known for producing dependable, quality, reasonably-priced electric rechargeable cordless Wet and Dry shavers and trimmers.

As far as I am concerned, the Norelco 4100 Electric Shaver with AquaTec is the deepest notch on their budget belt to date.

The fact that one hour of charging produces fifty minutes of continuous shaver use, which is nearly identical to the charge stats of electric cordless shavers costing twice as much as the Norelco 4100, is another fact worth mentioning.

So is the 3 Minute Quick charge option, because I can think of at least two of those pricey, high-end shavers that need an additional, extra two minutes to complete an identical quick charge process.


The Philips Norelco 4100 is lightweight and comfortable to hold and to navigate, with rubberized grips to reduce the chance of dropping while using wet, with gels, creams and lotions, or in the shower.

That same rubberized material conveniently covers the ON/OFF button, eliminating the common problem of it being inadvertently tripped on a frequent basis (i.e. while in the middle of a shave).


Truthfully, the Philips Norelco 4100 does not really include many accessories, which is not a huge deal-breaker, or anything.

However, a travel case or pouch would have been nice, but I am sure these decisions are all essential to keeping the Norelco 4100 so reasonably priced.

  • Protective cap
  • Charging cord
  • Cleaning brush


The Philips Norelco 4100 AquaTech Wet/Dry Electric Cordless Waterproof Rechargeable Shaver is an effective, worthy shaving tool for the face and head.

It represents a terrific value for acomparably low price, and has elevated Norelco’s PowerTouch line of budget shavers to an exalted level, and it deserves such status.

With its waterproof, in-shower capabilities, the fact that it can be used with shave gels, creams and lotions, and its simple, utilitarian design and moes of operation.

it would certainly make a great gift for shaving beginners, or even just those who are new to the world of wet/dry electric cordless rechargeable razors.


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