Remington Bikini Trimmers Reviewed [Mom Approved]

The Remington bikini trimmer is designed to perfectly shape and trim your bikini line with little effort. It works very well for simple trims and touch-ups. Ladies, this trimmer comes with a variety of options, but the kit is the highest recommendation as it comes with additional tools you might find useful.

The kit includes additional attachments like a foil shaver, exfoliator, and even an adjustable head for various lengths. We are specifically reviewing the bikini trimmer, but it was prevalent to point out that there are options available at a reasonable price point.

Trimming your bikini line can be so challenging. You have to worry about skin irritation, even trimming, and getting the job done just right. As women, we have high expectations as to what a bikini trimmer should be able to accomplish. There is no need to settle for less than the best. So is the Remington Bikini Trimmer the best? Let’s find out.

1. Remington BKT-1000 Trim & Shape Bikini Trimmer

Key Features

  • Battery powered with AA batteries
  • Available in a kit with multiple attachments
  • Ergonomic design for easy and simple use
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Provides a clean, close trim

Battery Life

This bikini trimmer is powered by AA batteries. The battery that comes with the trimmer does not last very long. It is a cheap battery that only lasts for the first couple of uses.

However, if you purchase name-brand or even rechargeable batteries you will see a much-improved battery life overall. They hold much more reasonably. We still recommend that you be sure to have backup batteries on hand as they could give out anytime with no real warning.

The battery life is the downside to this trimmer. It would be much improved if the trimmer were rechargeable. With that said, this is a manageable issue that you can handle and simply prepare for. Rechargeable batteries really do work as a great option as well.

2.Remington WPG4020US Smooth & Silky Bikini Kit

You can purchase this bikini trimmer just as it is – a bikini trimmer. However, it is well worth the additional investment to simply upgrade to the full kit. It does not cost that much more and the kit better prepares you for whatever type of trimming you need to take care of.

The kit includes an angled foil shaver, a rotating exfoliator, and a guide that can be adjusted to work with various lengths. Each of these pieces attached to the head just as the trimmer piece. They are easily interchangeable and they increase the versatility of this tool.

If you truly want the best results, go with the kit. It’s a much better option and the exfoliator and angled foil shaver are the perfect addition to work with your bikini line.


3.The Remington WPG4030C Ultimate Body and Bikini Grooming Kit

This tool is optimally designed so that you can hold it comfortably while you are taking care of business. The head is angled allowing you to reach without any awkward or challenging maneuvers. It glides gently and smoothly.

It’s comfortable to hold while also being sleek and simple. There are no complicated operations, it’s literally just the slide of a button. The attachments pop on and off with ease.

Some trimmers can be slippery or can just fall right out of your grasp because you can’t get a good grip on them, but that is not an issue with this trimmer. The curved head combined with the perfectly shaped handle make this grip-friendly.

Wet or Dry

Remington bikini trimmer reviewThis shaver can be used either wet or dry. However, we noticed that the best method of use was to dampen with a damp cloth or even a spray bottle and use it dry.

If you use the trimmer in the shower, you should not be in the direct line of the shower spray as that seemed to affect how well it truly worked and how close the trim was.

Additionally, if you use it dry be very careful and be sure to moisturize the area when you are done. Trimming or shaving dry is more likely to leave you with irritated skin razor burn symptoms after the fact. However, if you moisturize when you are finished, that seems to help tremendously.

The BEST results come when you trim or shave slightly wet, but not in the direct line of shower spray. Is that too complicated for great results?

Clean & Close Trim

All things considered, this trimmer ultimately does what it needs to do and provides a close trim that will leave you satisfied. The trim is smooth and the trimming head is gentle on your skin. You should have minimal issues with irritated skin if you use as recommended. The trimmer does its job and gives a clean trim with minimal effort.

We will point out that at times you may need to go over an area more than once for the best results, but this is not the normal for the entire trimming process. We’ve covered many features of the Remington bikini trimmer, let’s talk pros and cons.


  • Affordable trimmer with kit available
  • Includes a 2-year limited warranty
  • Friendly trimmer that can be used wet or dry and is gentle on sensitive areas
  • Works great for touch-ups or more detailed trimming processes
  • Friendly, ergonomic design for comfortable use every time


  • The battery life could certainly be better. Recommend keeping extra batteries on hand or using batteries that are rechargeable.
  • While the trimming produces great results, it also seems easy to nick or cut yourself with this tool.
  • Quality of the trimmer is inconsistent, with common manufacturer related defects. These defects are often covered by the warranty.
  • Trimmer is narrow and does not cover large surface areas.


Remington bikini trimmerWhile the Remington bikini trimmer overall seems to be a great affordable option, it also appears to be inconsistent in quality. Reviews are quite mixed. Most of the negative reviews relate back to manufacturer defects that make the product seam cheaply made.

Overall, this is a great bikini trimmer that we would highly recommend. If you try this product and find that you get one with defects, be sure to take advantage of the manufacturer warranty. Additionally, be sure to be prepared with extra batteries on hand. While the trimmer performs, it seems like it quickly sucks the battery life and they go out much more quickly than you would typically expect.

We recommend the Remington bikini trimmer if you want a simple and affordable trimmer option that performs well and provides a clean and close trim without irritating your skin.

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