10 Best Electric Shavers For Black Men [Must Read]

5 Best Electric Shavers For Black MenBlack men and/or dark skin men, can not use the same electric razor as everyone else if they want a smooth and trouble-free shaving experience.

Shaving black skin presents a challenge. Black men tend to have significantly thicker and fuller hair than most men. For that reason, the best electric shaver for black men is an advanced foil shaver. This type of shaver has a faster and more powerful motor.

A Powerful motor means less pressure on the skin which leaves you with a clean shave in less time, with less irritation. Let’s review the 10 best electric shavers for black men.

Best Electric Shavers For Black Men

1. Braun Series 9 9290cc – Best Overall

This is the most popular Braun product line among black men. Maybe because of the premium feature it offers. It comes with a shaving unit, a premium travel case, a cleaning and charging base, a cleaning solution, and a charging cable.

More than that, it’s additionally equipped with 5 different shaving features. The OptiFoil cutters are responsible for cutting the facial hair in one go. For a detailed review of the 9290


  • Has an ActiveGuard that ensures the shaver cuts as close to the skin as possible. 
  • The shaver is waterproof, therefore making it convenient for both wet and dry shaving. 
  • It also has an LED screen below the power button. The screen notifies the user when the remaining minutes left for use is only 9 minutes.
  • The clean and charge base dries the shaver after cleaning it with the alcohol-based solution.

What We Liked 

  • Easy to Hold
  • Comfortable to use.

What We Didn’t

  • Relatively expensive
  • Needs manual cleaning


Electric Shaver for Black Men’s Head

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2. Braun Series 7 790cc

This is probably the most used and well know today. It is equipped with the shaving unit, the cleaning and charging base, a travel pouch, the cleaning solution, and a charger. The clean and charge base can maintain the 790cc when not in use. The blades are disinfected by alcohol-based solutions.


  • Equipped with 2 OptiFoil blades and 1 Activelift trimmer. The multidirectional head that can move in 8 different directions makes it easy to reach all parts of the face.
  • An Autosensing technology which adjusts the power of the razor and helps cut the thicker hair strands and stubbles.
  • It is waterproof to allow both wet and dry shaving.
  •  The LCD indicator is there to show the status of the battery.

What We Like 

  • Gives a close shave
  • Ensures hair is removed in just one stroke
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable for all beard types

What We Dislike 

  • Not suitable for wet-shaving
  • Replacement supplies are expensive

3. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver

The Wahl black man shaver is widely used because of their shavers and trimmers. This brand is specifically made for black men and you should therefore not be worried if you have curly hair .The package comes only with the shaver unit and the charging cord

What We Like About It 

  • It offers close shave without leaving any bumps;
  • Has a powerful motor, making it easy to use on the whole head
  • Keeps power for several days

What We Dislike 

  • It lacks power settings
  • Is not waterproof. 
  • It can’t be used on all skins.

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4. Panasonic ES-LV95-S ARC5

It is a brand that is not known to most people. However, it is as of high quality just as the others. The package has a shaving unit, a cleaning and charging base, a travel case, a plastic head protector for the shaving unit a cable for charging, and a cleaning solution.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S ARC5

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  • It is fixed with a unique 5 different cutting edges on its head. The blades are fixed at 30 degrees to enable it to explore almost all the faces.
  • The device has an inbuilt sensor that is responsible for adjusting the power flow. 
  • There is also a pop-up trimmer that helps those who want to trim their sideburns and stable before shaving. 

What We Liked 

  • Has a fast charge and fast shave
  • Is 100% waterproof
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritations
  • Quite easy to clean- manually or with the cleaning base

The Cons 

  • The razors this machine uses could, however, be stained and turn dull if no proper maintenance is administered. 
  • It is also quite expensive and would not be recommended for those who have less to spend.


5. Phillips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

The Phillips sensotouch gyro flex- ideal electric shaver for black males is arguably the most advanced electric shaver. The packaging comes with a shaving unit, the cleaning and charging base, the smart click brush, a trimmer, the cleaning solution, and a power cable.


  • The shaver has an LCD screen that shows the level of power battery.
  • Apart from displaying the battery level, the LCD is also able to indicate blade health levels and travel lock indicator.
  • The cleaning and charging base uses an alcohol-based solution to sterilize the blades and keep them stubble-free.

What We Liked

  • Has a Smart Clean Pro shaver cleaning system that does the aftershave grooming.
  • Does not take long to charge
  • Has a fine build that ensures firm grip while shaving

What We Didn’t Like 

  • The machine is relatively expensive 
  • The blades might not be suitable for some types of hair.

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6. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 – Best Electric Shaver For Black Men

Braun’s 790cc electric shaver offers Intelligent Sonic technology. In regular terms, that basically means that it gives the motor more power for the times you need it.

The power automatically increases when going over areas that are thicker. This is exactly what’s needed for the dense hair. The 790cc comes with ActiveLift technology, which lifts flat hairs. This shaver does not shave as closely as others, but with the ActiveLift technology, it doesn’t have to.

Ingrown Hairs Issue

Getting too close of a shave is what opens the opportunity for ingrown hairs. Luckily, black men can get away with a little bit more hair on their face, unlike lighter-skinned men. This shaver gives you a closeness of .5 mm. With this feature, less irritation is caused. This electric shaver is 100% waterproof, allowing you the opportunity to wash it under the faucet or take it into the shower with you. It also comes with a cleaning and charging station, making that step of your routine very easy as well.

Overall, the benefits of this shaver outweigh the downfalls. It may not be the perfect electric shaver for all skin types, it is a great choice for black men. With a powerful motor, it is a bit louder than other models, but with that noise comes more power. I am sure if power is what you need, a little noise won’t be too big of a deal. Size does matter, but not in all aspects of life. This shaver is bulkier than most. It is impossible to fit that many of the top-of-the-line features into a small package.


  • Intelligent Sonic Technology
  • ActiveLift Technology
  • .5 mm closeness shave
  • Completely waterproof
  • Cleaning and Charging station


  • Not suited for all skin types
  • Noisy operation levels
  • Bulkier than other electric shavers

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7.Panasonic Arc5 / ES-LV65-S – Best Electric Razor For Sensitive Dark Skin

Panasonic’s Arc5 comes with a linear motor. It also comes with a 5 blade shaving arrangement that is dialed into perfection at a 30-degree angle.

The angle is what gives you a closer shave. For most of the razors or even electric shavers that are meant for black skin, the ingrown hairs are tackled heavily through the blade angle. While these hairs may grow inside the skin, a minutely right razor angle shaves off the beard without really getting ‘into the skin’.

This is one reason to look at the razor angle very closely when choosing. The linear motor in the Arc5 is the most powerful by Panasonic as of yet. The power gets through thick dense hair. With smart technology, the shaver’s power automatically increases when needed. It also adjusts to the contours your face, such as your neck, chin, and jaw line.


  • Multiflex Pivot Action Time
  • 70,000 cutting action every minute
  • Precision pop-up trimmer
  • Gives a very close shave
  • Arc5 sensor for even closer shaves


  • A little loose compared to other models
  • Not any better than a rotary shaver

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8. Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA93-K

Panasonic comes in back to back. Arc4 is another great option. The Arc4 comes with two motors and four heads, guaranteeing a very close shave. Like it’s brother, the Arc5, the Arc4 blades cut at a 30-degree angle, giving you the perfect cut.

The blades in this model are known to last through many uses over long periods of time. This is what gets it into the top five! After cutting black men’s beards, many electric shavers don’t hold up.

This guy does. The pivoting head is another great feature. It also plays into the close cut shave. The Arc4 has a cutting action that lifts the hair before it cuts it. This prevents the razor from being too heavy on the skin. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent ingrown hairs.


  • Award-winning multi-flex technology
  • Delivers 14,000 cuts per minute
  • Four well-placed blades
  • Charging and cleaning station included
  • Pop-up trimmer included


  • Some manual razors do better
  • Not as close of a shave as expected
  • Heats up very quickly


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The Challenges of Foil Shavers 

The number of blades is something to consider when looking for the right shaver. The more the better when it comes to those.

Battery life for foil shavers is getting better and better with each new model. With up to 20 shaves between charges, you are not restricted with the task of plugging in to charge after each use.

Buyers Guide: What To Look For Exactly 

Some men would comfortably shave with a Bic razor and never be worried about the skin irritations. This is not the case for all men, however. For most black men, there must be undivided attention on care and quality when purchasing and using the electric razors.

Must Cut Flat Lying & Curly Hair

While a razor that gives a fast shave is top priority in any man’s list, it should never be an end to the suitable features. The blade must be sharp enough to ensure a close shave or cut. The sharpness of the device makes it easy to cut the flat-lying and curly hair.

A usual shaver is only able to cut the hair at a certain angle. The result is that it leaves such hair sharp and prone to penetrating back into the skin. It, therefore, increases the risk of having ingrown hair which causes irritation and other skin complications.

Men with sensitive skin usually have to wait longer to heal from the shave. It is therefore advisable to shop for a shaver that will capture and cut low lying hair.

Must-Have A Fast Motor And Sharp Blade

You probably have had the experience of having to deal with the pulling and tagging during a shaving session. Not quite a comfortable spectacle. The unease is brought about by the dull blades and motor that are relatively substandard. Some of the best face shaver for black men should be of high quality to provide fast and smooth shaves.

Quality razor requires little pressure applied to it during operation. It should also never get hot while shaving. Whichever makes you go for, just remember the dull blades won’t efficiently cut hairs. You may need to aid the blade with some strokes which might expose you to the risk of having irritation and razor burn.

A quality shaver will provide fast and smooth shaves that will need little to no pressure applied and won’t get hot during operation. Also, changing the blades and foils regularly is a must, especially for men with sensitive skin.

 Consider a Razor That Doesn’t Shave Very Close

Electric Shaver for Black Men’s HeadIt is advisable, most of the time, to go for an electric shaver that will get deep into the underlying and curly hair.

For men with no worries of developing ingrown hairs, this type of shaver is highly recommended. You don’t have to worry about the razor bumps.

There is an exception, however. Most black men are likely to develop ingrown hair aftershave. It would, therefore, aggravate matters for them if they went ahead and used electric shavers that cuts hair at close range. A close shave makes the hair dig back into the skin, thus becoming ingrown.

Buying a razor that does not shave extremely close id therefore recommended.

Tips To Enhance Shaving For Black Men

shaving for black menShaving for black can be quite a challenge. Black men have naturally curly hair and sensitive skin.

The curly hair tends to grow back into the skin causing bumps and irritations. You could prevent all these by learning some of the best shaving tips and procedures.


Begin by administering a warm shower to help the skin pores open and allow the hair to fully bulge from the skin. Use a men’s face wash to get rid of any dirt that can clog the blade.

Next, use a men’s face scrub to soften the grown hair. Finally, scrub the whole shave area to ensure your hair rises as high as it can.

During shave

Use a natural men’s shaving cream that can create a protective layer of lubricant between the blade and the skin. This is to reduce the level of abrasiveness.

Shave with the grain and avoid pilling the skin tight. Pulling the skin leads to the growth of ingrown hairs that cause irritation.


You should never end your shaving without using an aftershave. It helps calm and soothes the skin. Further, it serves as an antiseptic that prevents bacteria from causing inflammation under the skin. Ensure you use the aftershave immediately after the shave. You can then later administer it once a day for three days after shaving.

Which is Better For Black Men – Wet or Dry Shaving?

Electric shavers have been here for a while now. Almost 90 years since the first electric shaver was put into use and we have never decided which is better between wet and dry shaving. It cannot, however, be outrightly said that one is preferred over the other. Both of them have distinctive advantages and work differently according to one’s skin type.

What’s Dry Shaving?

  • Dry shaving means that no water and other associated products such as soap and cream are used.
  • During dry shaving, an electric shaver that is specifically made to cut the hairs just above the skin is used. No lubricant or water is used in the process.

What is Wet Shaving 

Wet shaving is the exact opposite of dry shaving. Water, shaving soap and cream are all required in the process. Most wet shaving involves the use of pre-shave creams and aftershaves.

The Comparision – Wet Vs. Dry 

Wet shaving produces a closer shave than dry shaving. The problem is when the hair starts to grow back. The sharp points irritate the underneath skin. The razor blade is always in close contact with the skin. The hoarse contact leads to dryness and irritation.

Dry shaving doesn’t involve close shaving. In some men, this helps reduce irritation because of the minimum or less abrasion. This is not true for all men though. Some claim without using lubricants and water, they are bound to experience more irritation with dry shaving.

Which is better – Dry or Wet?

There is honestly no ideal answer to this. It will depend on the advantages and the effects each has on your skin. If you experience irritation with wet shaving, try out dry shaving instead. Likewise, if you prefer a closer shave, wet shaving might do it for you.

There is Quite a Variety to Choose From

Shaving can, however, be a nightmare for black men if the right shaver is overlooked. Black men have skin that is sensitive to razor burn and the dreaded razor bumps. Their beards are also deemed to be curlier and stiffer which exposes them to a higher risk of ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

Having understood the problems associated with shaving, we can now delve into the finer details of what to look for in a razor. Before you swipe your card, what is it you need to look out for?

Additional Consideration

The pivoting head is another feature that is pretty universal in foil shavers. It allows you to shave the contours of your face with no hassle. Personalization is a common feature in the foil shaving industry. With this feature, you are able to set and save your specifications, making each shave quick and easy. Razor burn, also known as razor bumps, is a common problem. Men of all ethnicities suffer from razor burn.

The main reason black men get razor burn is because of course curly hair. They are more likely to become ingrown than fine straight hair. A razor bump forms when a hair that has been cut off too close to the skin curls and begins facing downwards. It actually starts growing back into the skin. Curly hair is 50 times more likely to become ingrown than straight hair.

The Solution To Curly Hair

electric razors for black menAs hairs curl back into the skin they cause irritation and inflammation. This is made worse by continuing to shave after razor bumps have appeared. The body produces collagen to repair the skin. This leads to keloid scarring, where the collagen spreads to healthy skin, leaving a noticeable scar.

Keloid scars can be very noticeable on black skin. The number one tip to reduce razor bumps is to stop shaving. Obviously, not all men are willing to give up the clean-shaven look and grow a beard. Avoiding shaving too close to the skin is the next best option.

Always shave in the direction of the hair growth, never against it, is another precaution to take. Using warm water to wet the skin softens the hairs and opens the pores. The combination of choosing the right electric shaver and following these simple steps can make for a perfect shave. Luckily, there are some electric shavers on the market that are designed to help prevent ingrown hairs and leave you with a smooth face.


Best Beard Trimmers For Black Men

9.Braun Series 9 9090cc – 

Braun also makes the top five list with another model. The Series 9 is considered the best all-in-one shaver for black skin. With the touch of a single button, you can clean it, charge it, and select the type of cleaning you’d like for it. You wake up the next day with a practically new shaver.

With an eye-catching cleaning station, you get an extremely hygienic product, much more so than simply rinsing in water. The cleaning station offers a 5 system alcohol cleaning dock. The issues faced during black skin shaving are also partly due to inefficient cleaning.

It is always imperative to clean the shaver dry and then sterilize it well to make sure it doesn’t infect your skin with bacteria. We will say here that the alcohol-based cleaning system works really well here. While cleaning, the blades are lubricated allowing for comfortable passes over your skin. Less irritation makes for much happier skin!



  • Ideal for shaving black skin
  • Alcohol based cleaning dock
  • Blades lubricate with each cleaning and charging session
  • Intel program selection for every session



  • Considerably expensive
  • Tends to miss fine hair

Overall, this is a great shaver. it leaves it towards the bottom end of the top five shavers, simply because not everyone is willing to invest that much money into an electric shaver. If you’re one of those that are willing, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

10.Panasonic Arc4 ES8243A

Panasonic brings up the tail end with another Arc4 model. This Arc4 is the most affordable out of all the other Panasonics listed, and also out of any of the other models listed. That is quite a difference compared to the number four shaver that we just discussed! Let’s see if it lacks any of the shaving capabilities. This fan favorite offers a quick shave. It is also capable of wet and dry shaving.

With stainless steel and ultra-thin multi-fit foil, you are guaranteed a very close shave. The linear motor gives you 13,000 cuts per minute. This is just 1,000 cuts less than the previously mentioned Arc4 model. With a fancy LED screen, you are notified of the condition of each blade.



  • Wet and dry technology
  • 13,000 cuts per minute
  • 10 stage LED
  • Power peaks at all battery levels
  • Great on black skin



  • Blade performance slightly off
  • Occasional problematic power button
  • Does not shave well below

Best Foil ShaversOverall, this is a budget-friendly electric shaver that specializes in black skin. This would be a great entry level shaver for young male faces.

Now that we’ve gone over prevention and proper shavers, let’s take a look at some shaving essentials that can help prevent irritation even more.

When fighting ingrown hairs, especially on black skin, it is very important that you get other shaving tools firmly in place. Equipment includes shaving cream, shaving brush, and the aftershave as well.

Remington Black Men Shaver’s

Electric Shaver for Black Men’s Head

If you are using a shaving brush, make sure the ends are not hard on the skin. This actually takes care of a lot of the problems.

Something else worth noting: There is no need to deal with ingrown hairs with added force. As already touched base on, this will only add more strain to the skin and leave you with lesser options.

If you have all the other things in the right place, you will just need to glide the shaver down your skin and boom – ingrown hair no more.

I hope this article helps gives you some insight as to what is needed and why when it comes to shaving black skin. There are electric shavers out there to do the job well.

With some basic preparing, education, sanitation, and aftercare, you will have the perfect skin and shave! Happy shopping!

The Choice is Yours

Technology is coming up with the best electric shaver for black men’s head every other day. What is more intriguing and interesting however is their determination to put users’ health and comfort above anything else.

Whatever machine you decide to shop for, ensure it suits your skin and hair demands.

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