The Bevel Trimmer vs. Andis Trimmer

Comparison is born out of the desire to know what trimmer best fits one’s need to get that perfect desired look. Hence, the comparison between these two great and popular trimmers, the Bevel Trimmer and Andis, to give you a better knowledge of which to purchase. Having the right grooming partner is as important as the grooming itself.

Both trimmers can be zero-gapped, which means they both can cut very close to your skin. The two trimmers can perfectly achieve a very smooth and clean line around your necklines, moustache, and beard. However, while the bevel trimmer can be used as cordless thanks to the rechargeable batteries in the trimmer, the Andis is corded. 

The two trimmer’s performance helped them gain their fame among the male folks and worldwide. They are sort after Professional barbers as well as home users due to their power and precision. Keep reading this article to find out more about these two world-class trimmers, reviews, and their advantages and disadvantages.

The Bevel Trimmer and Andis Trimmer

Bevel Trimmer vs. Andis Trimmer

Though two famous producers made these trimmers, they both have a major area of similarities and differences. Also, with their performance, one can easily say they have their area of specialization when trimming hair. Below is a comparative table of the Bevel Trimmer and Andis Trimmer

Comparative Table

FeaturesBevel TrimmerAndis Trimmer
Type of BladeZero-gap bladeT-blade can also be zero gapped
Body featuresCylindrical bevel bodySquare body
Cleaning and maintenanceCan be clean with waterRegular brushing and oiling
Weight27 ounces11.2 ounces
Hidden hookYesNo
Power sourceCorded and cordlessCorded
PricePlease check price on AmazonPlease check price on Amazon


Bevel Trimmer Review

Bevel Trimmer vs. Andis Trimmer

When you talk power, design, and precision, then you are talking about the Bevel trimmer. This high-quality and world-class shaver will win you over from any other trimmer you have ever used at first use. The adorable and unique grey and black casing of the bevel trimmer is love at first sight.

Major Features of The Bevel Trimmer

  • Professional and elegant trimmer
  • Comfort & control
  • Cordless and rechargeable trimmer
  • Perfect gift for the male folk
  • Very easy to clean and maintain

The Bevel Trimmer is 6.5″ inches in height with dimensions 3.5″ x 3.9″ x 8.2 inches and weighs 27 ounces (1.7 pounds). Along with your Bevel trimmer are an instructional manual, blade oil, a small cleaning brush, and a storage bag. The blade oil is to be applied to the blade to keep them in good working condition while the brush is for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

The Carbon steel blades repel oil and dirt accumulation that can cause skin irritation. Simply wipe your trimmer blade with a damp fabric or a brush for better cleaning. Ensure the trimmer is firmly held at the base to stay in place while cleaning. After a long usage and you observe your blade is dull, simply replace your blade instead of replacing your entire trimmer.

An additional tool such as a screwdriver is not needed for the adjustments of your trimmer’s sharpness. Simply adjust the sharpness of your trimmer with the Bevel Dial for a clean, perfect, and smooth shave. With the bevel trimmer, you have no worries about ingrown hairs, bumps, and skin irritations.

With the Bevel trimmer, you have consistent power even when there is a power outage. The trimmer is rechargeable and can be used with or without a cord with 5 hours battery life. Also, the battery doesn’t take forever to be fully recharged and ready for the next cordless use.

The elegant Bevel custom-faceted body design makes for a soft touch but firm grip giving you total control and all-around non-slip handling. It is interesting to note that The Bevel Beard Trimmer makes for a perfect gift for the male folks around you. Whenever you are wondering what to give your partner, dad, son, or colleague at work, The Bevel trimmer pass for the best option.

You don’t have to leave your trimmer out for dust to invade, store them in the storage bag that comes with the kit. There are other products from the producer of the bevel trimmer to give you a wonderful grooming experience. With the Bevel trimmer, just as the CEO said, you are shaving with confidence.

Pros of The Bevel Trimmer

  • Trimmer is rechargeable, comes with a lithium-ion battery
  • Five hours shaving time
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used as cordless or with the cord

Cons of The Bevel Trimmer

  • It can only be used as a dry shaver
  • Relatively noisy

The Andis Trimmer Review

Bevel Trimmer vs. Andis Trimmer

The Andis is a household name when it comes to the world of men with ranges of haircutting machines for professional use. This high-quality and famous hair and bread trimmer is trusted by both home users and barbers worldwide. With the Andis trimmer as your grooming partner, you will be saving the extra salon budget coin.

Major Features Of The Andis Trimmer

  • T-Blade that cut close to the skin
  • Quiet-running and Powerful motor
  • Suitable for all types of hair

This Andis trimmer has an elongated body with a light grey plastic and contoured casing making for an easy grip. The trimmer weighs 11.2 ounces and 1.75 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches in dimension, making it a lightweight shaver.  The Trimmer is designed for dry shaving and shaping your facial hair with accurately.

Barbers prefer the T-blade of this trimmer because it allows them to cut perfect and smooth outlines, fades, and make designs with precision. The carbon steel blades can cut close to your skin, giving you that clean and smooth desired trim. The trimmer is built for dry shaving, but they are no fear of bumps or irritation with the close cutting ability.

The trimmer features a high-speed and high-quality magnetic motor that is quite-running and powerful. You can cut through all kinds of hair with speed and precision thanks to this adorable trimmer. The trimmer’s heavy-duty cord is 8 feet long, allowing for plenty of workspaces.

You don’t have to worry about battery life, as all you need to do is plug your trimmer into a power socket, and you are good to go. After use, simply hang up your trimmer in your cupboard with the hanger loop right at the bottom of your trimmer. Not suitable for water; hence, it is recommended not to be used in the shower or placed under a running tap.

Looking for the ideal trimmer for trimming your moustache, beards, and edging around your neck and ears, the Andis got you on this. Included in the kit of the trimmer are attachment combs perfect for the maintenance of your beard. The combs help to get a balanced shape and precise cut. Also included in the list is a tube of oil to keep the blades lubricated and working at an optimal level.

Pros of The Andis Trimmer

  • Ideal for sensitive skin. Cut close and clean with no irritations
  • Quiet-running and Powerful motor
  • Very sharp and strong cutting blades.
  • Best for precision work, fading and trimming necks,
  • Suitable for normal-dry shaving.

Cons of The Andis Trimmer

  • The blade gets hot after prolonged usage. A cooling spray is recommended
  • For dry shave only.
  • 120v supply only

Major Similarities Between the Bevel and the Andis Trimmer

Sturdy Blades

Both trimmers are equipped with very strong carbon steel blades that help you cut though the hair perfectly. The blades of the trimmers can be easily maintained by applying the oil that came with the trimmer in the kit. The Blades are formulated to last for an extended period and can be easily replaced when they feel dull.

Dry Shaving

Both trimmers are designed and suitable for dry shaving and not used under the shower or the skin. They work through dry hair with ease giving you that desired look.

Simple Adjustable Mode

Both trimmers are very simple to operate and easily adjustable. Both trimmers can be adjusted in various ways without the use of an external too. In comparison, the Bevel trimmer blades can be adjusted with the bevel dial to get the perfect cut. On the other hand, the Andis can be adjusted right there on the body of the trimmer for smooth trimming.

Powerful and Consistent Motor

Both trimmers are built with a powerful high-speed motor that lets you cut through the roughest hair with ease. The Andis is renowned for its magnetic motor, while Bevel comes with one of the best motors you can find around. Each motor provided the right amount of energy to drive your trimmer effectively during your grooming time.

Single-Speed Trimmers

Both The Bevel and Andis are single-speed trimmers with no multiple speeds settings. Both trimmers don’t have the slow or fast options as they keep working after powered on.

Smooth Movement

Both trimmers move smoothly and easily along your face and not in any way rough. The powerful and high-speed motors featured in both trimmers allow for an accurate and precise cut throughout your grooming time. The single-speed setting of the trimmers will not allow for blades slowing down or pulling your hair. But trimmers are suitable for all types of hair, especially coarse and curly hairs.

Major Differences Between the Bevel and The Andis Trimmer

Unique Body Designs

The bodies of both trimmers are unique but slightly different. The Bevel body features a round cylindrical surface, while the Andis is a bit of a square in shape. However, they both have the same grooved designs for steady and easy-grip when in use.

Different Power Sources

The Andis trimmer features an 8 Feet heavy-duty power cord, while the Bevel Trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery. However, the Bevel also comes with a code so that you can use it as codeless or as corded. The cord of the Andis is long enough for a comfortable workspace, and the trimmer is lightweight. The unique cordless design of the Bevel makes for perfect handling.


While the Bevel can stay relatively cool throughout the use, the Andis tends to get heated up easily. While you spend money on cooling spray for Andis, you are good to go with the Bevel trimmer. Also, the vibration generated from the motor of the Andis is quite on the high side compared to the Bevel. Nonetheless, the Andis motor is very quiet while the Bevel is relatively loud.

Specific Target for Each Trimmer.

Although they are both great trimmers, they were both made to meet different specific targets. The focus of the Bevel is majorly on facial hair; however, the trimmer can also be used to trim some parts of the head. The Andis, however, is made majorly for the head and around the ears, necklines, and sideburns. Having this specific target in mind will help a great deal in choosing a grooming partner to trim your hair.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Both Trimmers

Cleaning and maintaining The Bevel Trimmer is very easy. The blades can’t withstand dirt and oils, but they can be easily wiped off with a damp fabric or brush. The adaptable body also makes cleaning out the inside components very easy, allowing the motor to keep functioning properly.

The blades of both trimmers need to oil regularly to enable optimal performance and durability. However, the Andis trimmer requires more frequent oiling and brushing of the blades. To get your trimmer to perform at its best, you should read the user manual on maintaining your trimmer’s best.


Choosing between two professional trimmers can be quite challenging for a barber as well as a home user. But as earlier mentioned, the choice of any of both trimmers will depend on the desired result you want to get after grooming. Nevertheless, the Andis Trimmer standout among both trimmer to give you the perfect and close-cutting styles you desire.


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