3 Best Wahl Electric Shavers of 2020 | Reviews & Buyers’ Guide

Are you looking for an electric shaver? Maybe you heard that Wahl shavers are very durable? In any case, in this Wahl shaver review, we will identify the best Wahl shavers. Based on our research, the top Wahl Electric shavers are compact, rechargeable, powerful, and affordable.

Wahl shavers are powerful and able to cut through thick and coarse beards, which makes them a great choice if you have thick or hard-to-cut hair. Their ‘secret sauce’ is the way the razor blades are covered. Wahl uses a very thin foil, with the thickness of aluminum foil, to cover the razor blades. This creates an unbelievably close shave, but also requires great attention towards care and maintenance.

Best Wahl Electric Shavers

Best Wahl Shavers

1.The Wahl Bump-Free  Shaver – Wahl Rechargeable Cordless Shaver

The Wahl Bump-Free Rechargeable Shaver is designed to deliver a close, smooth shave whether or not you use water or shaving cream.The reason it can deliver such a precise shave is that it features hypoallergenic foils made of high-grade titanium that prevent razor bumps and skin irritation for a seamless shaving experience.

One of the best features of this shaver is the pop-up trimmer built into the design. This integrated element allows users to trim around the ears, chin, neck, and nose with precision.

Rubber Grip 

The handheld shaver features ergonomically designed rubber grips that allow for easy handling and maneuvering while shaving.The Wahl Bump-Free Rechargeable Shaver comes packaged with a variety of parts, so it’s important to open carefully and keep away from small children.

Complete with the shaver comes a beard brush, a cleaning brush, a high-end foil guard, a storage pouch, and a universal charger. Unfortunately, you will need to provide your own battery as it is not included with your purchase. Made in the U.S.A., this shaver is easy-to-handle and affordable. The durable design and patented titanium foil head give you a close and comfortable shave. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Wahl Bump-Free Rechargeable Shaver.

Bump Free -  Best Wahl Electric Shaver

What We Liked 

  • Long Life: The fully charged battery can be used for up to 60 minutes.
  • Smooth, Bump-Free Shave: The patented titanium foil head shaves through various beard sizes efficiently without leaving behind painful bumps or razor burn.
  • Ultimate Comfort and Maneuverability: The Bump-Free model is designed to fit comfortably into the users’ hand, and the small size allows for the best mobility.

What We Dislike 

  • Long Charge Time: While the battery lasts for 60 minutes, getting to a full charge can take up to 120 minutes.
  • Heavyweight Design: This shaver weights in at 14.4 ounces, which makes it on the heavier side of the electric shaver industry.

This shaver is an affordable option that offers a high-performance shave. The hypoallergenic foils generate a close shave on all types of skin, even dry or sensitive skin. The simple, efficient design makes it easy to use and practical for anyone’s bathroom.

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2. The Wahl Life Proof Shave –  Foil Wahl Shockproof Shaver

Make a statement with the bright yellow and black Wahl LifeProof Shave™ Rechargeable Shaver. This shaver is shockproof and waterproof for ultimate durability and comes complete with grooves along the side so users can hold and maneuver with ease.

This rubber grip is ergonomically designed to fit into your hand comfortably even when you are in the shower. This shaver is foil-style and features two dual floating heads with a bi-directional long hair cutter bar to deliver a close shave every time.

This electric shaver is designed to be waterproof and can withstand up to three feet of water for 30 minutes. This makes cleaning this shaver a breeze, as you can simply run it underwater to get those stubborn hairs off. The Wahl LifeProof Shave™ Rechargeable Shaver also features a pop-up trimmer that is made from stainless steel.

One Charge – Long Shaving Time 

This integrated feature allows you to touch up your mustache, beard, neck, and nose with precision.
One charge delivers up to 90 minutes of shaving time, and this razor features a one-minute quick charge option that delivers up to five minutes of shaving time if you forgot to charge your razor.

The advanced lithium-ion battery won’t run out when the razor isn’t in use, so you can be assured that your razor will be ready when you pick it up in the morning. This razor has several benefits and drawbacks, here are some to help you make an educated buying decision.

What We Liked 

  • Long Life: A fully charged battery delivers up to 90 minutes of shaving time.
  • Versatility: This shaver is designed for use in wet or dry environments.
  • Ergonomic Structure: Soft pads and deep grooves allow for comfort and maneuverability.
  • Easy Maintenance: Wet and dry design means you can clean by rinsing this shaver to get all the stubborn hairs out.

What We Dislike

  • Heavyweight Design: This shaver comes in at over one pound, becoming very heavy for lengthy shaving sessions.
  • No Battery Meter: Without a battery meter, you cannot know exactly how much time is left on your charge.
  • So the shaver could die in the middle of a shave.

The biggest differentiator for this electric shaver is the fact that it is waterproof and shockproof. This makes it the perfect travel shaver to bring along on those camping or hiking trips or just to use on the road in your hotel shower.

There is a travel lock on the front, so you don’t have to worry about your shaver accidentally turning on in your suitcase. In the box with the shaver, you will receive a charger, a travel pouch, and a styling guide and this razor come with a 5-year warranty! This model can’t be beaten when it comes to durability and versatility.

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3. The Wahl Smart Shave – Dual Floating Shaver

This Wahl electric Shaver features dual floating shaver heads with a bi-directional long hair cutter bar to cut all hair types in as few passes as possible.This shaver, just like the Wahl LifeProof Shave™ Rechargeable Shaver, can be used in wet or dry conditions.

This shaver features Wahl’s Speedflex foils that feature symmetrical and asymmetrical foil patterns that lift and cut hairs. No matter which direction they lay on the skin for a quick and comfortable shave.

Stainless Steel Pop-up Trimmer 

The pop-up trimmer made from stainless steel is made to touch up any hard to reach areas on your face like around the nose, ears, and neck for a flawless shave. The ergonomic rubber grips have deep grooves that allow your hands to grip and maneuver with ease. 

With the advanced lithium-ion battery, this shaver can last up to 90 minutes before its next charge.What sets this model apart is it comes with a battery meter, so you always know how much time you have remaining on your charge.This electric shaver also has a quick charge feature. So you can get five minutes of shaving time with just one minute of charging in case you forgot to plug it in the night before.

The Wahl Guarantee 

You can count on this shaver delivering a close, comfortable shave. In fact, Wahl guarantees that this shaver will give you a faster, closer, more comfortable shave. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance of this shaver, you can return it for a refund.

This shaver also comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can continue to count on the performance and durability of your Smart Shave™ Rechargeable Shaver. Here are the top benefits and drawbacks of this Wahl electric shaver.

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  • Long Life: A fully charged battery delivers up to 90 minutes of shaving time.
  • Versatility: This shaver is designed for use in wet or dry environments.
  • Battery Meter: You always know how much time you have left on the charge.
  • Easy Maintenance: Wet and dry design means you can clean by rinsing this shaver to get all the stubborn hairs out.



  • Heavyweight Design: This shaver comes in at over one pound, becoming very heavy for lengthy shaving sessions.
  • Sensitive Skin Beware: This shaver is not great for people who have extremely sensitive skin.


cleaning philips 3100In the box with the shaver, you will receive a charger, a travel pouch, and a styling guide and this razor comes with a 5-year warranty! this model offers advanced technology and features that are hard to find in the at-home shaving category. 

Wahl has other electric shavers with varying features, but each one is designed to offer a close, comfortable shave and fit into your hand with ease. No matter the size of your beard or coarseness of your hair, Wahl has an electric shaver that can work for you.  While these shavers might be heavy, they are also durable, and many models can withstand a fall in the shower or rough handling during travel.

Why Get A Wahl Electric Shaver? 

.In the world of electric shavers, many brands are similar, with small feature-based and performance differences that separate them. Wahl has been around since 1919, offering both professional and at-home grooming options to meet the changing needs of men across the country. For more information about the brand scroll to the bottom.

Sensitive Design

The foil can bend and tear quite easily, so these electric shavers need to be handled delicately. Because of the sensitive design, these shavers can be a bit bothersome to clean. When it comes time to clean the shaver, you will need to tap the excess hair out and manually brush away hair that sticks to the shaver.

Several Wahl shavers come fully integrated with pop-up trimmers that help deliver an even more precise shave with the ability to trim those tiny hairs around your mouth, nose, ears, and neck. These pop-up trimmers are easy to use and keep you looking fresh and clean for days.

 Rechargeable Units 

While Wahl offers several different models, we’re going to review three electric shavers here.  The Wahl Bump-Free Rechargeable Foil Shaver, the Wahl LifeProof Shave™ Rechargeable Shaver, and the Wahl Smart Shave™ Rechargeable Shaver.

Each shaver is rechargeable, giving you the freedom to shave no matter where you are in your home or while traveling. This complete review should give you a better idea of what shaver is right for you. This comprehensive review is designed only to inform you, so you can make an educated buying decision when it comes to choosing an electric shaver.

About The Brand 

Proudly made in the U.S.A., Wahl has been honing and modifying their products to continuously evolve and innovate in the global grooming market. Wahl offers hair clippers, beard trimmers, shavers and even grooming products for pets.

When it comes to electric shavers, Wahl is a great brand at an affordable price. In fact, Wahl is well known for use among both professionals and home users. While Wahl has a small selection of electric shavers, they are designed for durability and performance.

The rechargeable models offer a lengthy shaving time between charges, so you can shave away from your charger. The wet and dry models allow you to get a clean, comfortable shave in any condition and are great for use in the shower.

Each shaver is designed for convenience and maneuverability, with rubber grips that allow these razors to fit into your hand comfortably. There are many features that make Wahl shavers a great choice for your home, but each model varies slightly in style and design. If you are wondering what electric shaver is right for you, read our complete breakdown of Wahl electric shavers.

Wahl Offers Professional Grade Shavers 

These professional-grade shavers are versatile, and the rechargeable models offer long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging your shaver every night. Several models come with a warranty, so be sure to check the website for specific warranty information before your purchase.

Some even feature a guarantee, so you can return your Wahl electric shaver for a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the shave you receive. Models may vary, so check the website for complete details.

Wahl electric shavers can meet the demands of your life and deliver a seamless shaving experience, so you can continue to maintain your beard, mustache or clean face day after day. The affordability of these adaptable and multifaceted devices makes them a great addition to your bathroom.

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